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Gilbert Ed

Product Management | Own the product lifecycle from initial concept to delivery.


Manage & build award-winning, top-selling SAAS products generating $20M+

Passionate value-driven product management professional with over 13 years of experience in full-stack SDLC, web development, product marketing, product introduction, UI/UX, product road-map, product strategy, and the overall management of a product’s life from conception to fruition. Well versed in determining product specifications, production timelines, and in-depth plans for product development roadmap. An analytical thinker with a track record who works collaboratively to get the job done.

Work History



BERD Consultants


  • Identified pain points in the analytics report delivery and introduced new product feature enhancements to eliminate report errors achieving
    98% accuracy
    . ProviderPay - Zions Bank/McKesson - Healthcare IT (Kroger, Safeway, ACME, Kmart, SEG, Albertsons)
  • Conducted A/B testing to maximize production efficiency and UX. Increased user engagement by 25%. Equiscript - Healthcare IT
  • Completed development and global market launch of cutting-edge SaaS solution for the Distributor Engineering portal, accelerating transaction-processing time from 24 hours to less than 1 minute while meeting compliance codes. TT Electronics - Aerospace & Defense
  • Implemented an Agile ideation plan to streamline development. Saved an overall cost of $600K. – TT Electronics
  • Led the development of a mobile social media app that provides students with the ability to build a LinkedIn focused profile and communities
    as well as interfacing (API) with Google classroom, google apps, MS Dynamics via mobile devices.– bio - Social Media Mobile App
  • Spearheaded the development of a new web product portal and a CRM inquiry system boosting web orders leading customer acquisition to
    3:1 (LTV:CAC) which resulted in more than $350K sales revenue in 2019 - (2018 and previous = 0 revenue). –Apollo Seeds - Ecommerce


  • Ensuring products met or exceeded client expectations. Excelled at gathering feedback and requirements; communicating needed changes to the development team; and overseeing seamless, high-quality rollouts to an on-time and on-budget conclusion.
  • Developing a deep understanding of the business objectives of internal and external stakeholders; evangelized the product vision and built trust
    by maintaining an accurate and achievable roadmap.
  • Implement SABSA Framework Methodologies to ensure SAAS platforms met all cybersecurity safety-net, compliance, and GDPR privacy
    regulations before go live.
  • Gathering intelligence from stakeholders and end-users to define successful storyboards and usable product solutions.
  • Communicating with vendors to negotiate improved pricing, lead times, product quality, and delivery.
  • Engage using the Zachman Framework to communicate the requirements easily to all cross-functional teams and stakeholders, streamline
    processes, and ensure deadlines are met within the allocated budget.
  • Designing and executing A/B testing to drive product development using data and metrics.
  • Developing forecasts, financial objectives and specialized business analysis using Zachman Framework in collaboration with the sales team.
  • Following emerging technology, consumer, and societal trends for prospective product enhancement or expansion.

VP Product Management


Healthcare Information Technology – B2B – B2C


  • Successfully overhauled, planned, and designed a vast line of new products to launch in Q4 2017, 2018, by employing advanced analytical, technical, and product-focused problem-solving skills.
  • Increased rate of return per client by 25% through restructured pricing strategies and value-added subscription services
  • Expanded the BI tools and advanced analytics adoption through creative methods for data mining to support new
  • Established and trained a team of Product Managers to become SMEs of their respective
  • Partnered with Cardinal Health to create solutions for inventory swell retention and backorder management, by introducing enhanced
    algorithms in the drug ordering management logic. Reduced backorder wait-time to less than 24hours.
  • Successfully implemented automated payments gateway to clear checks and balances between clients and partners.
  • Introduced real-time sync and SMART claim match logic increasing RITE-AID claims capture rate by 45%.
  • Led 5 cross-functional teams from product conception through launch. Increased team efficiency by 15%.


  • Interacted with more than 56 in-house IT professionals (Product Managers, Directors, Developers, Project Managers, Business
    Analysts, Infrastructure) and 3 offshore teams working on agile methodologies and biweekly sprints.
  • Defined the products and services road-map 2020, backed by detailed product documentation and data process
  • Implemented the Zachman Framework to develop a deep understanding of the business objectives, evangelized the product storyboard vision, and built trust by maintaining an accurate and achievable roadmap.
  • Designed and managed high-quality UI/UX, user storyboards, system architecture, data mining and development of the various
  • Performed market analysis in counter markets and built tools to visualize BI, KPI, and LTV:CAC ratio analytics, enabling the Research
    and Development of new product features and services.
  • Co-lead and adopted SABSA Framework to ensure products developed met Cybersecurity HIPAA compliance code and remediations.
  • Partnered with the Marketing and Sales department to identify Gartner Magic Quadrant competitive positioning and market the new product features and
  • Maintained constant client communications to explore pain points in the market and areas of platform enhancement.
  • Orchestrated product launch and product marketing.
  • Employed and developed advanced analytical, technical, and product-focused problem-solving skills to develop new products and service such as Split Billing (dual bucket and mixed-use), Cumulus 4.0 (contract pharmacy, Member eligibility, virtual inventory, SYNC EMR Interface-API), Specialty Pharmacy (Cardinal, CVS, in-house), Central Fill, Cash Card (PBM Medimpact and Envision), DIR fees.



Healthcare Information Technology – B2B-B2C – Startup Environment

One of the early 3 pioneers and first 3 employees that started 340Basics startup.

Introduced groundbreaking 340Basics product suite a “Best in Class” winner at 340B Coalition 2015 symposium


  • Designed and managed product SDLC of 340Basics SAAS digital products, leading it to be ranked best in class in 2015.
  • Extended Customer Lifetime Value by managing DevOps implementation and development teams (remote and on-site) using Agile methodologies to execute software enhancements in a timely fashion.
  • Successfully developed, directed product marketing and GTM launch campaigns resulting in over 60% of software services clients coming in through inbound and viral marketing channels, efforts that led to lower our Customer Acquisition Cost “CAC”.
  • Implemented and managed Salesforce, Jira, and Confluence companywide to better streamline cross-functional team management.
  • Hired, mentored, trained, and created processes for department teams to grow the startup environment
  • Developed EMR ODBC interface, reducing patient SAAS sync from 24hrs to Realtime sync (HL7/API/ODBC).


  • Designed 340Basics suite of SAAS pharmacy services, including the UI/UX, development, security, hosting and DB
  • Managed analytics reporting and analyzed data to identify our market positioning and expand our market
  • Managed a team of offshore developers on agile methodologies and biweekly sprints.
  • Identified and researched new features and product services to the existing platform, translating to meaningful storyboard data flows wireframes and documentation to the engineering team.
  • Designed and executed A/B testing to drive product development using data and metrics.
  • Performed QA testing for various implementations and software
  • Collaborated with internal/external stakeholders and healthcare organizations to expand brand awareness in national
  • Prepared reports, decks, and budgets for C-level management, Investors, partners, and business stakeholders.
  • Performed 340B audits for covered healthcare entities to ensure
  • Prepared product press releases and company ads/content for trade-shows, conferences and seminars nationwide (pre/inter/post-strategies).
  • Prepared and responsible for product launch plans and marketing budget, expectations and
  • Provided the company with analytics and market insights using Gartner Magic Quadrant competitive positioning framework, through partnerships, and digital marketing analysis.


IGM Creative Group

Advertising & Digital Marketing Agency – B2B – B2C


  • Expanded the company services offering by establishing an Enterprise SAAS/ERP UI/UX & Mobile App department, which led to a growth of 35% in sales return. Client projects worked on (Pitney Bowes – RWJ Hospital - Tum-E Yummies – GrayHair – NJ 211 – CoreMEdia)
  • Assisted the company with rapid growth through teamwork, strategic client interaction, and development of new service lines and product offerings.
  • Successfully transitioned development teams to Agile and led through hands-on development support, code review, and


  • Regularly met with clients to review project goals, develop marketing and web services strategies, create proposals for future developments and review
    media campaign performance
  • Directed a team of Web/ Mobile developers, UI/UX, SEP/SEM through Agile Methodologies.
  • Identified new opportunities during client
  • Directed all web development, graphic design, and media for web, digital software, and interactive
  • Administered digital ad-campaigns serving through DSP, SSP, PTC, video ads (VPAID, VAST), social media platforms (Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), SEO ads optimization, tracked trends and metrics in various ad-analytics platforms.


Healthy Bites Inc.

National distributor of Major Wholefoods Brands – B2C

  • Successfully established digital media and product marketing strategies that increased product exposure and sales by 38%which repositioned Healthy Bites / CEDARS HUMMUS as the number one hummus brand sold at Whole Foods New York.



VOIP Vendor& Management – B2C


  • Successfully managed and developed a web SAAS portal for VOIP subscribers built on RED HAT + Cisco.
  • Executed a product marketing strategy that increased subscriber rate by 40%.


Marina Inc. Printers

Print House for Major Global Ad Agencies. B2B B2C


  • Introduced efficient production processes that Increased staff production efficiency by 45% leading to an increased monthly revenue
  • Successfully Orchestrated Zain Mobile Telecom Worldwide campaign with Leo Burnett International
  • Managed a team of 20 print professionals for digital and offset print production.
  • Interacted with clients to ensure project health and delivery met their deadline and quality expectations.
  • Clients worked with ( BBDO – M&C Saatchi – JWT – Ogilvy – Dentsu – Grey – Leo Burnett – Pepsi )

PRODUCT Consultant


Car Diagnostic Computers Development House – B2B


  • Developed an enhanced user interfaces UI/UX for diagnostic computers which made Multi-scan peripherals a preferred choice
    through the – Endorsed by BRABUS Mercedes Benz
  • Increased brand awareness by introducing new advertising strategies (web and print) in the automotive diagnostic
  • Responsible for coordinating various motor show Exhibits.
  • Developed, designed, and optimized website and content to boost brand awareness and drive successful marketing strategies and sales through various ads, SEO and SMC