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Gilles RÉANT

Chief Product & Innovation Officer (CPO) @ Lemon Way

  • Paris FR

Work experience

Chief Product & Innovation Officer (CPO)

Lemon Way

In charge of product innovation, product development (including R&D) and customers project management. Managing a team of 12.
Member of the board of directors, shareholder.
Lemon Way, 1st French FinTech with 6 million payment accounts, 2 billion euros processed yearly, 35 million euros raised.

Head of Innovation


Consulting in Innovation + Research and Development in electronic payments
● Launching several mobile money / mobile payment / mobile wallet interbank & instant payment projects in Morocco (3 banks in top 4), $6.5 billions in 5 years
● Development of a Nexo Acquirer + Nexo TMS (Terminal Management System) ISO 20022 Card Payment Exchanges - Acceptor to Acquirer + Terminal Management library: new generation interface of acquiring payments & managing POS (Points of Sale)
● Development of a proof of concept for interbank settlement based on Blockchain

Responsable du département mobile


Head of Mobile Payment Solutions in Casablanca (Morocco)
PowerCARD-Mobile: m-payment / m-banking product sold to various major financial institutions in North Africa (10 M payment cards)
● Presale, participation in answers to RFPs & RFIs
● Presentation of company's Mobile Financial Services (MFS) to leads
● Study of customers’ needs, orientation towards the most adapted solutions
● Various sessions of presentation of the product to electronic payment professionals as well as the press (Cards Africa event, Mobile Monday, African Postal Forum…)
● Follow-up of current projects, management of customer relationship
● Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) certification for MFS product
● Development of a mPOS solution (mobile Point of Sale), Point to Point Encrypted (P2PE) through DUKPT (Derivated Unique Key per Transaction)
● Conception of various innovative projects integrated in the product (R&D), roadmap management
● Validation of product's global architecture
● Management of the development team (12 people), planning management
● Security audit
● White-papers redaction, technology forecasting

Directeur de projets R&D


R&D Project Director in Casablanca (Morocco) for the Mobitrans solution
● managing the solution's architecture
● managing the development team (planning, budget)
● responsible for the solution's security

Chef de projet / Architecte Meepass


head of Meepass solution: mobile identification using 2D barcodes (for ticketing, couponing, loyalty cards, payment, ‪…)
● management of a 9 people developers team (in both Paris & Minsk (Belarus))
● co-invention of the patent "method for accessing a plurality of services by a mobile terminal user, and related secure device" (WO/2010/052378)
● development of the flashcode / mobiletag mobile application (customers: French MNOs Orange / SFR / Bouygues Telecom / ...)
● development of the image recognition engine (native C Win32 + DirectShow)
● R&D Android & Java ME