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Giovanni Lorenzi

Export sales worldwide Manager

Key Account Export Manager with 40 years of experience. 

Work Experiences


Export Sales Worlwide Manager


Leading Italian Worldwide Group in design, development and supply of global solutions and integrated systems for the off-road vehicle market, with a consolidated turnover of over 200 mil € and plants located all over the world.

Main activities:

  • Throughout the supervision of 25 Sales Managers, we aim to find new markets through customized OEM solutions and consolidation of existing customers; 
  • Constant growth of the sales network in order to achieve annual Budget targets; 
  • Care of EVERY aspect of after-sales aspects and a excellence service through continuous contact with customers; 
  • Development of marketing strategies with total commercial-technical support to the customer; 
  • Continuous training and coaching of new human resources.

Significant Results:

  • Since 1998 my work has made possible to quadruplicate the export turnover of the division. 
  • I reached brilliantly EVERY year targets of budget. 
  • It was entrusted to the management and growth of a worldwide team.
  • I directly take care of main customers in countries around the world.

Export Sales Manger

KENTAUR AG - Lützelflüh (Switzerland)

Multinational company in the food industry for breakfast cereals based in the canton of Berna, with a total turnover of approximately 110 million CHF and plants located in many European countries and the United States.

Main activities:

  • Costant research of new customers due to a wide range of product consumer oriented  in total synergy with R&D department. 
  • Full export commercial office management as well as foreign branches in the world and specialized agents in order to increase sales and market penetration in the reference Food Market. 
  • Development of medium-long marketing term plans and business lines. 

Significant results:

  • Full integration and management of an international team from the beginning; 
  • The company's turnover increased from 65 million to 110 million CHF in eight years; 
  • Years later, my work is still a source of revenue.

Export Sales Manager

Gema Spa

GEMA SPA Export Manager for the group that operated in three types of diversified products:

  1. Food packaging
  2. Food grains
  3. Insulation for building

Main activities:

  • Search of new customers abroad through constant research in synergy with the  production capabilities and Sales Management. 
  • Full export commercial office management, the industry specialist agents with the aim to increase sales by a selection of distributors. 
  • Long term development of marketing strategies. 
  • For two of the three export divisions were created sales networks starting from zero. 

Significant Results:

  • High company ranking in the European markets of insulating material  sector.
  • Though my work, the export turnover turned from 2 to 7.5 mil euro (4 to 15 billion lire).

Export Sales Manager

Iris Spa

World leader in the production of glazed ceramic and glazed porcelain stoneware for floor and wall coverings intended for residential, commercial and industrial targets.

Main activities:

  • Creation and management of a network of exclusive agents;
  • Introduction of products in the most important specialized European stores in high-end ceramics;
  • export commercial office management, specialized agents follow up in order to increase sales and visibility of the design to architecture and furniture studios.

Significant results:
Despite a poor economic situation of those years suffered by the entire building industry, a network of exclusive agents was created. The turnover had grown very satisfactorily compared with the company's objectives.


Export Sales Manager Assistant

Vivi spa

Company specialized in the production of children's bicycles and undisputed leader in the industry in Italy and abroad. 

Main activities:

  • directional customer management in German countries and European subsidiaries; 
  • operational management of the division and agents with the aim to increase sales by a deeper penetration among distributors;
  • Long term development of marketing strategies.

Significant results:
In addition to the operational management of daily office activities, i have acquired knowledge and commercial skills needed to fulfill the role of export area manager.



Diploma of hotel operator

Villa Alba - Gardone Riviera

During the hotelerie school i learned the basic finance notions and i could study and practice languages such as German, English and French.


Business Plan e customer Portfolio
  • Deep knowledge of the customer network.
  • Identificaton of potential customers and business partner.
  • Drafting of offers and further business negotiations inside and outside the company.
  • Knowledge of worldwide automotive and off-highway markets.
  • Knowledge of legal and burocratic aspects of international sales: bookeeping and iternationals contracts, norms and custom procedures.
  • Development of marketing plans , new markets and launchment of new products.
  • ENGLISH AND FRENCH: Mothertong
  • ITALIAN: Mothertong
  • GERMAN: Fluent both written and spoken
  • SPANISH: Professional
Courses and certifications
  • 1988 – Windows course at  Asfor Milan
  • 1989 – Excel course at Asfor Milan 
  • 1990 – Dbase Course at Asfor Milano 
  • 1991 – 2 Courses at ADACI Milano:
  1. Advanced course of Materials Management;
  2. Cost analysis e business psychology 
  • 2000 – Microsoft Access course at Softpeople Milan
  • 2004 – Microsoft Powerpoint course at San Clemente Institute (Brescia)
It skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft office and e-mail sytems used during my career.
  • Excellent knowledge of Company Management Systems as SAP - X1 - AS400. 

Nowadays i have the complete supervision of 25 export sales managers.

Team building

Used to the real teamworking in big and small companies. 

Throughout my career i have been training and led to autonomy more than 50 sales managers.

biographical profile

Born in Canada on 27.12.1959 from italian parents, I began my elementary school in Toronto at a catholic school. My family moved to the United States for business reasons, my elementary school continued untill reaching the 6° degree.

In 1972, at the age of 13, my family decided to move back definitively to Italy at Pontevico in the Brescia provence.

In 1974 I got my middle school degree in Pontevico.

In 1976 I finished my high school in Gardone Riviera.

After attending my Army duty in the Air Force as truck driver, i married my wife Bolentini Barbara and we had a son, Davide who is now 25 years old. 

I am very active in my community and was a blood giver up to some years ago and i enjoy reading thriller books. 


I am used to work and lead teams inside companies that are challanging the future.

I have a indipendent personality, very motivated and ambitious.  I plan my objectives and organize my resources at short and long term, both using sales networks or internal human resources. I am able to create sales organisations and to turn them into leading and successful  growth.

From 1984 to present, more than 60% of my working time has been spent abroad.