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Work experience

Jul 2015Present

Service Manager

Gipson's Tire Pros
  • Improved work production in shop and boosted sales by contacting customers. scheduling appointments speeding up work flow through the shop by assigning work orders to technicians by their experience.
  • Open and closed work orders, inventoried all shop supplies and parts, quoted jobs to customers Handled money and credit card transactions through Tire Gura software.
Feb 2015Jul 2015

MS Companies

MS Companies
  • Train and supervise up to 20 employees in Quality Parts sorting
  • Enter employee time in time system
  • Write evaluations, hire and fire employees
  • Enter data in to data system
  • Call on customers for Quality sorts
  • Employee schedules for work week and start up new sorts
  • Write work instructions in excel and power point, open and close work orders and send data summaries to customers.
Sep 2014Jan 2015

Double Check Supervisor

Hyundai HMMA
  • Supervise 9 employees, train employees in quality checks on all Functioning Electrical and Mechanical parts and all Paint and Body defects on Hyundai Sonata and Elantra Automobiles.Radios, door locks, windows, seats, doors, heating/AC controls, instrument clusters, electrical Switches and mechanical functions such as seat latches, door latches and compartment latches, paint defects Panel alignment and Panel gaps. Dynamic driving checks on test track for vibration, wind noise, tire balance problems. Alignment, wipers, cruise controls checks.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and excel to document quality reports, Attendance reports, time reports, hire and fire employees.
  • Load documents and files in to scanners to scan automobiles and save files to Microsoft excel
Jan 2013Sep 2014


Precision Performance
  • Repair of automobiles, inventory, sales, book keeping, order parts, stock parts.
  • Open and, close work orders, quote invoices, call on customers for service and sales.
  • Use Microsoft Excel and Word for business files and records, make sales fliers.
  • Find parts for classic Automobiles that have obsolete parts, build engines for street and race, rebuild Brakes, front ends, rear-ends, electrical repairs and diagnose computer systems in cars.
  • Use labor guides to look up labor prices for customer's cars, call customers with estimates on repairs and schedule appointments.
  • Rebuild motors using micrometers and calipers to check clearances in rod and main bearings, Crankshaft and rod side clearance, piston to bore clearance and blueprint engines to specifications.
  • Body and paint estimates and quotes for insurance companies for cost of repair and cost to total Estimates, repair and paint vehicles and inspect for quality of repairs.
Jun 2006Feb 2013

Parts Manager

Global Auto Processing Services
  • Assess quality and quantity of all parts needed for processing of all Hyundai vehicles, and insure parts met all Production requirements.
  • Call on part suppliers for part quality and rejected parts, order and inventory parts to guarantee supply of production line, inventory parts and make inventory reports in Hyundai AS-400 computer system
  • Send production verse supply reports
  • Train employees in warehouse operations, inventory and stocking operations
  • Manage 12 employees in production of Owner Manual kits for Hyundai vehicles
  • Ship and receive Parts to multiple Hyundai Ports of operation,
  • Oversee destruction of obsolete parts and supplies.
  • Look up parts for repair of Hyundai automobiles and order parts, return unused parts and obsolete parts to vendors For credit at end of year production
  • Run, open and close work orders for warranty repair on vehicles
  • Use electronic parts catalog, Micro cat electronic parts catalog, apply them to the work orders,
  • Order parts through the Hyundai electronic parts catalog.
Mar 2009Feb 2012

Warranty Clerk

Global Auto Processing Services Global Auto Processing Services
  • Scan cars in to location and inventory in body shop areas.
  • Use Microsoft Office to make Status reports on all cars with work orders open.
  • Look parts up by VIN numbers and order all parts needed for repairs.
  • Use Production reports to track the number of repairs made daily by mechanics.
  • Open work orders in the Vehicle Logistics Execution System.
  • Receive parts to work orders and inventory, issue parts and supplies out to mechanics.
  • Check status of all sold cars and make sure they are repaired on time.
  • Check Quality of all paint and body repairs
  • Schedule automobiles for shipment to customers.
Sep 2000Jun 2006

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Fleet Maintenance Department
  • Perform maintenance and repairs of heavy equipment, mainly but not limited to City garbage and waste disposal trucks.
  • Train co-workers in repair and maintenance.
  • Repairs consisted of installation, troubleshooting and wiring of computerized controlled hydraulic systems.
  • Train co-workers on reading of blueprints and complex wiring diagrams
  • Contact various companies for wiring diagrams and technical assistance for working out problems in new equipment.
  • Assist outside public truck companies in repairing packing systems used in the garbage industry.
Jan 2000Sep 2000


Precision Performance,(Performance Parts parts only)
  • Specialize in building drag racing engines, transmissions and ignition systems.
  • Mock-up engines on Dynosims engine dyno computer software and design camshaft and cylinder heads to optimize horsepower And torque with custom cams that I design and have made to my specifications.
  • Blueprint and assemble engines to my critical specifications.
  • My 1961 Austin Healey pro-drag car runs 5.70 in the 1/8-mile and 8.40 in the ¼; mile at 160 mph with a 350 cubic inch small block Chevy. This car constantly outruns 540 cubic inch big block Chevy's on nitrous. The cars that I build consistently run the fastest in their classes.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Repaired and Maintained

Warrior Tractor Company
  • Repaired and maintained John Deere tractors and industrial equipment.
  • Diagnose and Repair electrical Systems, program computerized engines and transmissions,
  • Rebuilt engines, transmissions, and rear ends, hydraulic pumps


  • Repairs and trouble shooting of electrical problems, tune ups, alignments, brakes, Heating and air conditioning, inventoried parts, ordered parts.
  • Call customers for sales of services and tires .


  • Repaired trucks and automobiles.
  • Trouble shot electrical problems, replaced struts, shocks and mufflers. Also performed 4-point alignments.


Aug 1977May 1980


Sidney Lanier High School
Studied Math, English,  Science and History
Aug 1978May 1980

Retale Sales and Maketing

Montgomery Aera Vocational School
Retail sales:
Set up inventory, displays, manage money, advertise to the 
public and set up business plans.