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Marketing Associate.

  • Consumer Insight. 
  • Develop and Lead teams into executing Marketing Plans. 
  • Steward of the brand.

Poised and articulate professional with exceptional skills in supporting global leadership teams in the development and implementation marketing strategies to capture new markets and increase profitability. Adept at communicating across diverse international audiences and collaborating cross-functionally to achieve corporate objectives. Creative and innovative thinker with strengths in aiding in the delivery of marketing communications and development of content for sales/marketing collateral.

Work History


Brand Specialist

It Works! Marketing Global
  • Manage and enhance a company's brand or reputation in the public's eye.
  • Coordinate objectives with marketing, creative, and advertising departments.
  • Ensure brand consistency.
  • Develop and enrich customer service experience.
  • Drive profitable sales, brand growth and loyalty for a number of business areas.
  • Analyze and support both category and cluster marketing plans to align with brand strategy and achieve annual operating plan goals.
  • Develop accountability structure for stakeholders.
  • Develop and execute brand management plans.
  • Create and enhance agency and partner relationships.
  • Leverage customer insight data to refine brand management.
  • Identify brand-building areas.
  • Ensure brand communication for areas of responsibility are consistent with the company and brand positioning.
  • Develop and implement media planning, buying, and innovation strategies.
  • Coordinate and manage content management and information sharing among departments, divisions and external customers and divisions.
  • Provide design and direction for collateral, web, product packaging, and other visual communications media for the company.
  • Help promote uniformity and consistency of brand.
  • Assist in development and refinement of uniform graphic standards and visual brand strategies.
01-201710-2017 / Contractor

Marketing Manager

Wholesale Building Products, LLC
  • Managed all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department.
  • Developed the B2B and/or B2C marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives.
  • Determine appropriate marketing campaigns for sales activities.
  • Oversaw the company’s marketing budget, track and support revenue reports with the direction of the Sales Manager.
  • Planned and implementing B2B and/or B2C promotional campaigns.
  • Managed and improve lead generation campaigns, ensured that accounts are set up correctly in CRM, and measured results.
  • Overall responsible for brand management and corporate identity thought-out all departments and faces of marketing.
  • Prepared online and printed marketing campaigns to be use through-out the company.
  • Monitor and report on effectiveness, and best practices of marketing.
  • Created a wide range of literature materials, while working with design agencies, and assisting with new product launches.
  • Maintained internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions were kept informed of marketing objectives.
  • Analyzed potential strategic partner relationships for company marketing.
04-201601-2017 / Contractor

Marketing Manager

EXN Nutrition
  • Managed and coordinated all marketing, advertising, promotional staff and activities.
  • Conducted research to determine market requirements for new and existing products.
  •  Analysis of customer research, current market conditions and competitor information.
  • Developed and implemented marketing plans and projects for new and existing products.
  • Expanded, developed and maintained marketing and social media platforms.
  • Built and maintained a strong rapport with industry vendors and clients.
  • Managed the productivity of the marketing plans and projects.
  • Monitored, reviewed and reported on all marketing activity and results.
  • Determined and managed the marketing budget.
  • Recruited, trained, and managed a promotional team, providing them with the tools to develop marketing strategies.
  • Managed a team of Brand Ambassadors, and executed cross promotional programs with Influencers in the South Florida Community.

Field Marketing Coordinator

H&R Block
  • Worked with District Managers to identify and prioritize opportunities in the districts.
  • Supervised, assisted and evaluated office leaders in the development and execution of office-level local marketing plans that address the strengths and opportunities of the office staff and retail trade area.
  • Lead local marketing event/street team tactics that offered a high opportunity for growth in the District (e.g. Latino Blitz, client segment targeting, under-performing or hidden office).
  • Ensured offices meet tax season office –appearance– standards.
  • Ensured consistency and compliance with brand management guidelines at the district and office level.
  • Researched community organizations and businesses for partnership opportunities (e.g. Non-for-profit Referral Program and Local Employer Solution).
  • Designed, produced and distributed compliant topical tax support collateral needed to execute local marketing tactics and programs.
  • Increased marketing acumen at the office level.

Event Marketing Coordinator

Swarm Events Agency
  • Assisted in the creation of signage, circulars, mock-ups, e-mail campaigns, online promotion, etc.
  • Cooperated with manager to developed advertising campaigns and assist him on daily advertising activities.
  • Supervised the distribution of marketing materials with fulfillment of marketing offers.
  • Provided support for social media.
  • Gathered and analyzed insights from different digital sources, such as Facebook, Google analytics and ticketing sites throughout every event in order to create strategies to gain and retain customers.
  • Collaborated with production team at events to ensure brand integrity and sponsorship fulfillment. 
  • Organized the preparation and delivery of training materials; along with developing and maintaining staffs' and volunteers' database.
  • Managed all aspects of staffing, recruitment, supervision, training, time logging and payment.
  • Supervised and coordinated with events' contractors and/or vendors.
  • Performed analysis of marketing and sales data to enhance tickets sales. 
  • Analyzed competitor's marketing and sales materials through primary and secondary research.
  • Prepared presentations for events sales pitch purposes to gain sponsors and/or vendors.