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Goutam Kumar Biswas

Building Secure & Fault Tolerant Domain & Data-Driven Internet & Cloud Native B2C Consumer or B2B SAAS Products for Millions worldwide


  • 20 Years in Consumer Internet Technology & Startups across e-Commerce, FinTech, Supply Chain, Media Tech
  • Held engineering leadership roles at Ola Electric, BluArmor, Ola, & Myntra
  • Built platform to scale from zero to 1M+ users
  • Hands-on experience in building high-performance technology teams & culture across leading brands such as Ola, Myntra, The Hindu, Yahoo, and D. E. Shaw & Co.
  • Strategic Advisor to the CEO on growth initiatives leveraging scalable data and cloud platforms.
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata, First Class in B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering


Big Data: Apache Kafka, Flink, KINESIS, Hadoop, EMR
Big Data: BIQ QUERY, REDSHIFT, DYNAMO DB, Apache Solr, Elastisearch, Cassandra
Big Data: Data Mining
Distributed Systems: Microservices, Serverless, PAAS, Domain-Driven Design, SOA, LAMBDA
Distributed Systems: Enterprise Data Lakes
Machine Learning: Anomaly Detection, Forecasting, Classification
Machine Learning: Data Mining
Robotics and Automation: Computer Vision

Work experience


Head of Consumer Experience Apps

Ola Electric, Bangalore, IN
  • TECH STACK USED: Kotlin, Swift, Firebase, React, Vue, Node, Typescript, Serverless, Lambda, Kinesis, S3, Spring Boot, Microservices, Apache Kafka, Flink, Druid, Airflow
  • Reinventing consumer experience apps across the entire consumer lifecycle 
  • Launched for bookings which grossed more than 1 lac bookings within a day of launch. 
  • Launched iOS and Android Companion Apps which will provide unmatched convenience with never-seen-before features like proximity-based auto-unlock/ lock, navigation, entertainment, and hassle-free scooter maintenance, with auto-diagnostics and real-time telemetry and AI-based predictive maintenance algorithms.

Head of Software Engineering

The BluArmor, Bangalore, IN
  • TECH STACK USED: Kotlin, Swift, Firebase, Node, Typescript, Serverless, Lambda, Kinesis, S3, SageMaker, AWS API Gateway, AWS EventBridge.
  • Built a set of core IPs and a multi-tenant SAAS platform that can be used by two-wheeler OEM's across the globe to build their own brand of smart helmets powered by BluArmor Tech
  • Building a Geo IntelliSense engine that would allow for a connected mobility experience for a group of riders
  • Experimenting with building a hyper-local platform where businesses can reach out to BluArmor riders with real-time deals & offers
  • Built mobile apps that use a proprietary stack built on top of Bluetooth Low Energy to sync states, events, and sensor data from device to mobile and then to the cloud for further processing and analysis
  • Run Predictive Analytics on the real-time streaming data to improve or extend the life of the product
  • Built an Automated QA framework that would allow us to simulate all device operations and automate 95% of the regression tests, and shrink time to run regression by more than 90%

Technical Advisor / Consultant

Early Stage AI Startup
  • TECH STACK USED: NLTK, OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow, Deep Learning, LSTM,, Dialogflow, Firebase, BiqQuery, Machine Learning, Python/Flask
  • Building the software to build skills to automate human tasks like extracting text from images, structured text from documents, image classification, conversational bots like Alexa, Google Assistant.

Director Supply Engineering

Ola, Bangalore, IN
  • TECH STACK USED: Angular.js, Microservices, Java, Spring Boot, Redis, Kafka, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, S3, Spark, Flink, Redshift, API Gateway, WebSockets.
  • Led the transformation & re-architecture of supply inventory systems to ensure 10-100X scalability, increase supply by 3X pan India, and reduce operational overheads by more than 80%.
  • Launched Ola Suvidha, a lightweight mobile application, that will help Ola democratize supply pan India and reduce onboarding time from 6-8 hours to less than 10 minutes.
  • Led the roadmap for transformation of the legacy ERP systems from a monolithic to a microservices architecture using domain-driven design and automated deployment pipeline which will result in 10-100X scalability and 99.99% availability.

AVP Supply Chain Engineering

Myntra, Bangalore, IN
  • TECH STACK USED: React, Redux, Node.js, Microservices, Java, Spring Boot, Redis, RabbitMQ, Rethink DB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, S3, Spark, Redshift, Keras, Tensorflow.
  • Led the strategic product and technology roadmap for re-engineering Myntra's supply chain platform which will reduce inventory wastage, do automated replenishments, and automate inventory management process, which will help Myntra match supply with demand, leading to greater profitability and reducing its inventory cost significantly.
  • Collaborated with data science and data engineering to build a visual search and recommendation engine using Big Data, Deep (Machine) Learning, and search algorithms like k-nearest neighbors, which boosted the CTR on the recommended products by more than 100%.

GM & Technology Head for New Media

The Hindu, Kasturi & Sons Ltd, Chennai, IN
  • TECH STACK USED: Kotlin, Objective-C, Angular.js, Node.js, Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Redis, S3, Kinesis, SQS, SNS, Redshift.
  • Led the strategic roadmap for a technology platform that would enable The Hindu to transform from a pure-play traditional media company to a digital media company.
  • Built from scratch as a scalable B2C marketplace platform for comprehensively matching a real estate buyer to a seller, and drive conversions and sales using efficient customer targeting algorithms.

Engineering Manager

Yahoo, Bangalore, IN
  • TECH STACK USED: Angular.js, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Oozie, Squid, Varnish, Nginx, Solr, Python/Django, WebSockets.
  • Re-engineered Yahoo Homes to a mobile-first cloud architecture from a legacy architecture in less than six months.
  • Executed three strategic technology integration partnerships with leading brands like Zillow, Vantage Media, Home Depot which increased revenue from ~7MM to ~13MM USD in less than two years.

Project Manager

D. E. Shaw & Co, Hyderabad, IN
  • TECH STACK USED: Perl, Python, Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Sybase, SQL Server, Cognos, Salesforce.
  • Built scalable data platforms for data science and quantitative trading models.
  • Built scalable knowledge-based systems by using techniques of data mining, and natural language processing.
  • Helped in strategic growth initiatives and helped scale the technology team from less than 100 employees to more than 1000 employees.



Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Jadavpur University

 Graduated with First Class Honours Distinction


Software Proficiency

  • Languages: Java, Python, Scala, Node.js, Javascript, Angular.js, React, PHP.
  • Databases: My SQL, RDS, Redis, Mongo DB, AWS Dynamo DB.
  • Search Technologies: SOLR, Elasticsearch.
  • Cloud Technologies: AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, S3, IAM, ELB, Redshift, EMR.
  • Big Data Platforms: Apache Kafka, Flink, Druid, Spark, Hadoop, Pig, Hive.
  • NLP: NLTK, Stanford NLP, API.AI, WIT.AI
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, Marathon, AWS Cloudformation, Chef.

Special Skills

  • Proficient in Domain-Driven Design, Micro-services, IAAS/PAAS/SAAS, Cloud First, Mobile First, Highly Scalable, Distributed Internet Consumer Applications.
  • Using Machine Learning and AI to build efficient search and recommendation engines, customer segmentation analytics, fraud/anomaly detection, pattern recognition, etc.