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Hello, my name is Gregor Tätzner. I'm a passionate software developer from Leipzig, Germany and like exploring new technologies. You can talk to me in german or english. I care about web/cloud systems, software architecture and cognitive computing! You can find my skills and experiences down below. Feel free to contact me by email ( any time, if you have any questions or ideas!


German Native
English Good

Work History

Selfemployed Fullstack

Gregor Tätzner
  • Finance data scraping application with Python on AWS Cloud
  • Provisioning with terraform and serverless components (Lambda, Dynamodb, Api Gateway)
  • Robust ETL pipeline with Pandas and OpenAI LLM
  • LLM Finetuning and evaluation of training results

Selfemployed Fullstack

  • Import pipeline for LCA data with graph technologies (Neo4J)
  • Evaluating LLMs for graph queries and product spec generation
  • Document loading with Langchain and Python

Selfemployed Dev Fullstack

Pamyra GmbH
  • Evaluation LLM/ChatGPT/LangChain System for Shipping Agency interaction
  • Work with SML and Embeddings for Chatbot Systems
  • Integration of Langchain platform; Prompt Engineering, Document Loader & Embedding
  • Frontend Angular Development

Selfemployed Mobile Engineering - React Native

Sciendis GmbH
  • Mobile development with React Native
  • Interactive components for wound measurement
  • Performance optimizations, Data Sync and Offline storage

Selfemployed Frontend Engineering - Angular

Siemens Schweiz
  • Angular/VueJs Frontend Development in BuildingX Ecosystem
  • Pixi.js canvas components
  • Graph view with echarts

Selfemployed Software Engineering - Angular/PHP

  • Implementation & optimization of angular application and php laravel services
  • Restructuring of legacy angular stack and migration to library based layout
  • Introduction of automated test system for workflows in app
  • Implementation of serverless functions & consulting for cloud migration

Selfemployed Software Engineering - VueJS/Typescript

PackIt GmbH
  • Architecture & Development of VueJS 2 apps
  • Implementation with Vuex, Typescript, Jest Tests
  • Integration of backend resources & OpenAPI/Swagger client generation

Selfemployed Software Engineering - Angular/Java

Pamyra GmbH
  • Fullstack development of logistics platform with focus on frontend architecture
  • Review and optimization of angular app for customer and business user facing sites
  • Complex configurator for shipping rates
  • Backend: Microservice architecture with kafka and kubernetes

Selfemployed Software Engineering - Angular

Robotron GmbH
  • Development of editor and management apps for realtime computer vision system with angular
  • Image labeling and segmentation with svg and canvas editors
  • Prototyping and data/statistics visualization

Selfemployed Software Engineering - Elixir Fullstack

NetMove GmbH
  • Local advertisement system for various customer groups
    • Web platform based on Elixir/Phoenix, Postgres backend and Python crawling utilities
    • Fullstack development with UI and database design
    • Geodata and Geolocation features with Nominatim (also used by OpenStreetMap)
    • Advanced search and sorting functionality with multiple criteria (Text, Location, Attributes, Time)
    • Performant integration test suite for core functionality

Selfemployed Software Engineering - Angular/Java

Scitotec GmbH
  • Ordering system for large german enterprise customer
    • Frontend development with Angular, Bootstrap 4 and node dependencies
    • Main features: User Management, Multi-Step Order Process, Admin Backend, Data Input with Geolocation
    • Optimized Print Stylesheets with support for legacy browsers (IE10)
    • Extensive UI test suite with Karma

Software Developer - XPAY

IT Sonix Custom Development GmbH
  • Enterprise development of a payment processing and credit card platform (Fintech)
  • Migrating legacy PHP banking frontend to Angular 2 SPA including OAuth based authentication and model-driven REST-Api (Swagger)
  • Main technologies: Angular, Protractor, PHP/Symfony, RabbitMQ, Java/Spring, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Python

Web Developer - Lisa Wörterbuch

Lisa Media GmbH
  • Developing responsive web applications and ranking algorithms for online dictionaries
  • Main technologies: VueJS 1.0, VueRouter, VueResource, PHP/Laravel, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch

Software Developer - AMSL

University of Leipzig
  • Adapting a linked data ERM System to use cases in german libraries
  • Main technologies: PHP/Zend, Javascript/JQuery, OpenLink Virtuoso, SPARQL, RDF

Service Development

Cuculus GmbH
  • Working in C++ and building high performance database applications for smart metering
  • Main technologies: C++, MySQL, Oracle Database, RPM/DEB Packaging, Jenkins, QT, Python Scripting


Master of Science Business Systems

Universität Leipzig
  • Main technologies: Python, Java, SAP

Bachelor of Science Business Systems

Universität Leipzig

Social Networks

Github: Contributions and playground for OSS (




This section includes a more detailed description of my projects. I mentioned only points where I contributed a vital part or worked on my own.

Smart Home/HomeAssistant - Spark: Data analytics in the context of smart home networks 

Pattern Recognition, Data Collection and Querying of sensor data in medium sized smart home networks

XPay: Customizable Prepaid-Creditcard processing platform with multiple large customers

We transformed with a large scrum team a legacy web platform to a modern SPA architecture. I worked together with my team on the front and backend code. In the process we also introduced a Rest-Api as middleware to separate the old core from the new application. Furthermore the entire platform was deployed on AWS in multiple docker containers.

  • Responive Javascript SPA frontend with AngularJS 2
  • Customer dashboard with multiple widgets and OAuth authentication
  • Rest-Api modelled with Swagger, including client sdk generation for AngularJS
  • New Java/Spring middleware with SOAP-Adapters
  • Legacy PHP/Symfony core with SOAP-Api
  • Large MySQL database with customer and transaction data
  • Main technologies: AngularJS, Protractor, PHP/Symfony, RabbitMQ, Java/Spring, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Python

Lisa Wörterbuch: Large vocabulary dictionary for german and english built with VueJS (

I developed together with a data scientist and domain experts an online dictionary. The application has been deployed and maintained on a modern AWS infrastructure by me.

  • Complete responsive Javascript SPA frontend with VueJS
  • Backend implemented with PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch
  • The application included over 10 million translated entries
  • Custom ranking algorithm for Elasticsearch
  • Main technologies: VueJS 1.0, VueRouter, VueResource, PHP/Laravel, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch Social Event App connected to facebook via graph api built with VueJS and PHP

This was a private project by me and a business partner. We developed a social web application for event coordination and evaluated possible business cases.

  • Responsive Javascript SPA frontend with VueJS
  • Password based user management and Facebook Login with PHP/Laravel
  • Independend Python 3 Service for cleaning and loading data from Facebook into PostgreSQL
  • Main technologies: VueJS 1.0, VueRouter, VueResource, Vueify, PHP/Laravel, Python, PostgreSQL Social network for authentic travel experiences

I'm part of a distributed team in germany with the goal to establish a community marketplace for individual travel tours. Currently I'm consulting the team and leading the development efforts on and off.

  • Main technologies: Regular LAMP Stack, Trello, WhatsApp

AMSL Linked Data ERM System: Electronic Resource Management for libraries (

AMSL is an open source ERM system funded by the european union. I was part of a small development team to maintain and extend a legacy application for new use cases. The system was notable for it's quirky architecture including RDF data stores and convoluted frontend code. It made quite for an challenging experience.

  • Main technologies: PHP/Zend, Javascript/JQuery, OpenLink Virtuoso, SPARQL, RDF

Other contributions

Fedora Linux

  • Member of the packaging team for desktop & web applications with RPM and integration of KDE Software into Fedora Linux
  • Including: Owncloud, Unison, Semantik

KDE Desktop Environment

  • Creating a free and user-friendly computing experience based on QT5 and Linux
  • Individual contributor and sponsor for the KDE project with commit access
  • BugTriaging with Bugzilla

Tools & Tech

Elixir, Html 5, CSS 3, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, VueJS, Gulp, Sass/Less, C++, PHP, Python, Bash, Jenkins, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Docker, RPM, AWS, Git, Mercurial, SVN, Google Analytics, OOP, Symfony, Laravel, Facebook Graph API, Responsive Design, Rest, Soap, Linked Data, Semantic Web

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