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Ambitious electrical engineer with a deep interest in the development and optimization of RF analog hardware designs (PCB designs), as well as implementation and maintenance of electronic products in companies with high level of user contact. My enthusiasm for my work means that I have an eagerness and interest to constantly learn new things and improve myself. My objective as a person is to always to be punctual and quality conscious, i.e. deliver/complete my projects in due time, and with good results. Therefore, I am the type who never says no to a good challenge, and I always try to follow the project all the way to the end.

Work experience

Aug 2013Jun 2014

Internship- IT optimization and implementation at a Danish supply company


My Master thesis collaboration with NIRAS A/S focused on the implementation challenges and product optimization (regarding interface, functionality and structure) of their IT customer management system DRIVE, at a Danish supply company. In the project I used interviews, observations and workshops with customers as a mean to collect data on workflow, management and organizational structures. The data were then translated into an optimization of DRIVE, and an improvement in the IT implementation process. The project culminated in a consulting report to NIRAS A/S, which contained specific strategic solutions for future improvements.

Jan 2011Mar 2012

Internship- Dimensioning and construction of a multifunctional FM Transmitter

Future Technology

My Bachelor project gave me the possibility of both a theoretical and practical immersion in the development of a radio transmitter. The project was from start carefully mapped, and all phases of the project where defined .This gave me a chance to go in depth in all corners of the project, and to solve the challenges that arose along the way. The starting point in connecting RF theory and RF design in practice resulted in a good and constructive evaluation/discussion at the exam. The project was rated the grade (A).

The project gave me experience with:

  • High Speed Electronics
  • Design af RF curcuits
  • Antenna design
  • Development of schematics and PCBs in OrCad Pspice/CADint
  • Testing of RF circuits using Network Analyzers and Frequency Analyzers
  • Detailed circuit calculations
  • Experience with Project management tools (Gantt charts, Risk assessment etc.)


Sep 2012Jun 2014

Master of Science in Technoanthropology

Aalborg University in Copenhagen

The education in the field of Technoanthropology has given me an insight into user-centric designs, product development processes and the optimization of technical products in the technology sector. Additionally, I gained an understanding of the relationship between organizations and their use of technical products.

Feb 2008Mar 2012

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications

Copenhagen University College of Engineering

My education as an electrical engineer has given me skills in the development and testing of digital/analog circuits using CAD tools. Additionally, I have gained insight in simulation and data processing in MATLAB/Simulink, control theory and hardware programming in C/C++.

IT skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • C/C++
  • VHDL
  • CADint
  • OrCAD Pspice
  • Maple
  • Matlab/Simulink

Language skills

Danish, English, Arabic                                                Fluent written & spoken

German, Swedish, Norwegian                                    Knowledge

Drivers Licence

Driver Licence (B)


References available upon request.