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Soft skill summary

Super fast learner, diverse background, hands-on in everything i do or come into contact with. Independent, good solo and team player, excel at solving problems under pressure. If i have to choose one thing i do best, it's EXECUTING

Work experience


Jun 2015Present

Analytics Specialist

At Moburst (a mobile media advertising company) I designed internal data-processing web apps for our media managers, designed and maintained our data warehouse, integrate API data sources, created optimization and prediction tools for internal use, and created internal + external customer dashboards in BI systems. so roughly 1/4 IT integrations and sanity, 1/4 DBA, 1/4 Analysis and Data Science, 1/4 BI and visualizations, and 1/4 product manager. yes, that's 5/4, i'm efficient :). Microsoft certified in data science

Director - Product and Analytics

iChoose Applications LTD. is a mobile app developer specializing in POTS/App convergence. We have developed several patent-pending technology apps and SDKs. Over a span of 2 years we built 3 products, abandoned one (Roaming app - Travee), sold one (a 2-step authentication SDK) to a US based company (several M$ worth), and then focused on iChoose, an Android app (available on the Israeli Google Play). iChoose is an innovative, patent pending service, and users were raving about it (the average rating over the last  of development 6 months was 4.9). I'm proud to call it my own as it was my brainchild.

One of the core competencies we developed was deep analytics, running at each point in time approximately ~100 A/B tests on different features, sources, cohorts, carriers etc, and combining rich media campaign data with extensive internal usage metrics.  

In addition, i was in charge of most non-R&D issues in the company (marketing, product design, UI/UX etc. )

Unfortunately, after several months of intense development and marketing efforts, we found that the technical difficulties integrating to telephony and mobile telephony networks were making expanding out of Israel impossible. We could not create a consistent user experience due to very specific telephony network quirks, and the company shut down.  

Sportvu (a STATS LLC subsidiery)

Jan 2009May 2012

Finance and Operations Manager

SportVU is a fully owned subsidiary of STATS LLC (US firm). I was in charge of all operation, commercial and finance issues including delivery, customer success, QA, pilots, on site training, as well as financial reporting, procurement, manufacturing and administrative issues. SportVu won bids of some of the most demanding customers in the world in the field of Sports Broadcasting and Sports Statistics (EUFA Champions league, the NBA, broadcasters such as Russia's NTV and more). I left when the US HQ had decided to close overseas operations and concentrate all SportVU affairs in HQ in Chicago. 

Shiron Satellite Communications (Now Elbit Systems)

Sep 2005Dec 2008

ERP/CRM/BI project manager

Came on board after the company had cut over 50% of payroll following a disastrous couple of years. The company needed to streamline operations, procurement, manufacturing and delivery in order to keep up with customers with less than 50% of the work force. I implemented ERP, CRM and BI systems which played a major role in the ability of the company to come out of the stone age in terms of IT - and over the next two years more than quadruple sales with ZERO payroll increase in the financial and operations departments, eventually attracting the attention of Elbit Systems which fully acquired the company in 2008. It was a tremendously difficult, frustrating-at-times company-wide "rise from the ashes" success story of which i'm very proud to have been a key part of. 

Ectel, Callup, Exent


Sales and marketing at several companies (mainly in Asia) - Ectel, Callup, Exent

Corporate and telecom sales and account management in technology firms



Business Intelligence

vast hands on experience with vanilla and custom BI systems. 

Mobile Analytics

built extensive analytics hands on (mainly in MS Power BI and BIME), used a bunch of mobile analytics platforms (Appsflier, Flurry, GA, FB), AB tests etc. 


Designing and maintaining sql database (mainly Postgres, some sql server)

Data Science

Building machine learning models and applications in R and AzureML

R & Machine Learning

Most common machine learning algorithms using R

Mobile Applications

Design, plan, build, test and market app from idea to commercial, utilizing in house developers and outsourced assets.


Microsoft Academy


Data Science

Harriot Watt



cum laude

Tel Aviv University


BA in Economics and Business

for recommendations, can talk to:

Moburst: Ithai Eldan, VP Media, +972 54-454-0645

iChoose: Elad Barkan, Founder and CTO - +972-54-5204123

SportVu: Hanoch Rahimi, Head of R&D - +972-524734804

Shimon Katzubes, CEO - +972523674575

Shiron Satellite Communications - Ofer Weizer, CFO: 052-6008800

Stuff i like to do

Snowboard, wakeboard, TacFit, and travel. Oh and constantly learn stuff (on MOOCs, on youtube, read like crazy, whatever).