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Haolin Jiang


Jan 2014May 2016

Master of Financial Engineering

University of Southern California

(Expected to graduate in May. 2016) Received strong training in financial engineering that uses tools from finance, economics, engineering, applied mathematics, and statistics to address problems such as derivative securities valuation, strategic planning, dynamic investment strategies, and risk management.

Sep 2009Jun 2013

Bachelor of Finance

Wuhan University

Learned economics in Wuhan University for four years. During that period, I took courses in multiple fields, like accounting, economics, finance, and insurance. That provided me with a good understanding of finance.

Internship expierence

Oct 2013Dec 2013

Intern in C++ development group

YGSoft Co., Ltd

 I studied C++ during the internship and participated in the development of an accounting document system.

Mar 2013Apr 2013

Intern in SME sales office

China Minsheng Bank

Internship in a small medium enterprise sales office in Minsheng Bank. Helped client managers collect and analyze their data.


Using Financial tools

I can use multiple financial tools, like options, swap and future, to price a financial product or innovate a new one. I have solid training in credit default model which is based on KMV model, and a deep understanding of statistic arbitrage as well. My paper, New methods in statistical arbitraging with CSI300, won the best prize of graduation thesis, given by the education center in Hubei.


Able to use statistical analysis with Excel, Eviews, Matlab and R. Good at contributing optimal investing portfolio with excel and correlation analysis for thousands stocks in statistical arbitrage with excel. Can use Eviews and R to do regression analysis and blocking experiment design. Well trained in programming with Matlab.

Object-Oriented Programming

Programming languages: Java and C++ in programming. Experienced in developing programs with Java. Good at doing implementation, and using data structure. Well trained in  writing mathematical methods. Know how to use Java in math and use it in contributing stochastic process simulation.

Basic Theory

After learning mathematics, finance and economics for years, I'm competent to make economic analysis, security analysis, and data analysis.


Oct 2013Dec 2013

Third prize in thesis competition in university students' Economic Forum

Education Center in Hubei Province in China

My thesis,  Statistic arbitrage opportunities in stock index future arbitrage methods, won the third prize in the competition.

Apr 2013Jun 2013

Outstanding Graduate thesis

Education Center in Hubei Province in China

My graduate paper, new methods in statistical arbitraging with CSI300, won the Outstanding Graduate thesis.

Other skills

Good Presentation Skill:  

I have excellent presentation skill that enabled me to hold my own talk-show in my university. The interesting topic and my excellent skill attracted thousands of fans. I performed 3 years in a row after the premiere.

Management Ability:

I joined Content Practice Center, a student association in Wuhan University, as an advertising technician in 2009. My colleagues and I worked together to hold the Content National Case Analyzing Competition.

In 2012, I established Enactus branch in Wuhan University with my friends. Enactus is a global association which aims at initiating business ideas to help those enterprises in need.  As a founder of the branch, I set up rules and regulations for our team. The association now is still working well and is now one of the most influential associations in Wuhan University.