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Hassan A. Shaer


Work experience

Jan 2009Aug 2013


Hendrick Medical Center, Abilene,Texas

Take care of high acuity patients in a critical care setting

Recover open heart patients 

Jul 2011Aug 2013

Supervisor, PRN

Abilene Regional Hospital, Abilene,Texas

Supervise Staff Operations for a 300 bed hospital

Mar 2007Aug 2013

Supervisor, PRN

Scenic Mountain Medical Center, Big Spring, Texas

Supervise Night Staff Operations for nursing care


Aug 2013Dec 2015

Masters of Science in Nurse Anesthesia

Texas Wesleyan University
Jan 2009Dec 2009

Associates in Registered Nursing

Cisco Junior College
Jan 2007Dec 2007

San Jacinto College

Cisco Junior College
Jan 1999May 2006

Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies

University of Houston-Downtown

Registered Nurse Anesthesia Training

Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen, TX

Clinical Coordinator: Delores Padgitt

Level III Trauma  with 18 operation rooms, 2 cystoscopy suites, including endoscopy and bronochoscopy units.

  •  Responding to emergency situations to provide supervised airway management, basic and advanced life support
  • Airway management with mask, oral and nasal endotracheal tubes, double lumen tubes, LMA, glide-scope, fiberoptic airway placement and assessment
  • Documenting a thorough and complete pre-operative assessment while addressing patient specific concerns
  • Placement of arterial lines, IVs and simulated central venous lines to provide a safe supervised anesthetic
  • Developed and employed a patient specific anesthetic while consulting with an anesthesiologist or CRNA using multiple anesthesia techniques (sedation, local, regional or general)
  • Provided a complete post-operative report to nursing staff while monitoring and intervening during respiratory or hemodynamic compromises upon supervision
  • Performed of 100 spinals for orthopedic, obstetric  and urological care

Neuro-skeletal Rotation, January 2015

  • Spinal cord monitoring, mulit-level spinal surgery, craniotomy, VP shunt, transphenoidal surgery

Cardiovascular Rotation, May 2015

  • CABG on and off pumps, carotid endarterctomy, aortic aneurysm, angioplasty/angiography and stenting, atrial fibrillation ablation

Pediatric Rotation, October 2015

  • Dental rehab, ENT robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery, exploratory laparotomy, intraocular surgery, penile/testicular surgery

Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas Texas

Clinical Coordinator: Vernon McCullough

Level I Trauma Facility with 22 operating rooms, including endoscopic, cardiac, and neurological vascular suites

Obstertric Rotation, August 2015

  • Labor and delivery unit consisted of 24/7 service to complicated and uncomplicated obstetric patients with 7 operating rooms
  • Training included neuraxial anesthesia comprised of combined spinal epidurals, epidurals and spinals
  • Coordinated with CRNA and Anesthesiologist while participating in STAT/ASAP C-section deliveries that included RSI general anesthetics and neuraxial analgesia in the OR
  • Placing and managing laboring epidurals.  Participating in STAT C/S deliveries sporadically
  • Other cases included D&C, tubal ligations, hysterectomies, and high-risk vaginal deliveries

Trauma Rotation, July 2015

  • Carried trauma beeper and OR 24 hour call for Level I Trauma Facility
  • Developed care for emergency operating room patients, managing administration of blood products, and vasopressors to optimize blood pressure
  • Blind nasal intubation,  fiber optic awake intubations, transtracheal blocks and superior laryngeal nerve blocks


Osmotherapy: Questioning the Gold Standard

A literature review to evaluate current research studies comparing the effectiveness of mannitol vs. hypertonic saline on intraoperative brain relaxation during craniotomies.

Finding Solutions for Medication Mishaps in Anesthesia: A Review

A literature review of studies that have focused on measuring the prevelance of medication errors in anesthesia and evidenced based recommendations to reduce these errors. 


Registered Nurse, Texas

Since 2010

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider, Texas

Since 2009

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider, Texas

Since 2009

Basic Life Support Provider, Texas

Since 2007

Volunteer Work

1995 Waco, Texas       Worked with Habitat for Humanity to build low income housing

1994 Monument Valley, Utah        Made repairs to Native American tribal facilites in Navajo Indian Nation