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Creating Successful Events, Cultivating New Members, Promoting Organization Value

Strategic Thinker, Excellent Negotiator, Strong Problem Solver, Effective Team Player & Collaborator

“Planning high profile meetings to grow membership and achieve the organization’s mission.”


Work experience

Mar 2013Present

Corporate Meeting Planner/Event Technologist

J. Burton and Associates
  • Planning and management of IT-related service for corporate events.
  • Oversee multiple concurrent projects with multiple clients and vendors.
  • Manage and monitor client expectations and perceptions.
  • Negotiate client contracts and service agreements. Evaluate ROI on a show-by-show basis.
Sep 2012Feb 2013

Business Development Manager

Sacramento Public Library/Tsakapoulos Library Galleria
  • Created business plan for Library Galleria
    • Conducted strategic and market analysis
    • Evaluated staffing and tasking levels and composition
    • Developed business development plan and advertising plan
  • Conducted sales of event space for group business
  • Launched passport services for Central Library


CAREER SUMMARY: ( 1993 – 2012 )
  • Self-managed meeting planner and membership coordinator with over 19 years’ experience creating successful events and providing member support.
  • Member/Partner-focused leader, establishing trust with government and business association members and producing quality meeting events.
  • Involved in every part of the planning process from goal setting to ROI analysis.
  • Organization closing because the Legislature de-authorized CRA’s primary clientele, redevelopment agencies. All staff was laid off.

Meeting Planner & Membership Coordinator

Established standards and protocols as a Meeting Planner and key part of a management team.  Helped CRA become a leading association for California communities through the redevelopment process.

    Meeting Planning / Event Management:

  • Scope: Managed 31 days’ worth of meetings through 9 events per year for up to 1,300 attendees. Educated an average of 2,100 attendees per year. 
  • Budgeting: Implemented of 90% of professional development budget. Developed and administered individual event budgets as large as $500,000; prepared fixed and variable cost estimates; long-range goal and objective planning and scheduling, monitored event expenditures.  Led efforts to reduce on-going event costs and produced significant annual savings by advocating the CRA’s acquisition of association owned and operated audio-visual equipment.
  • Venue Analysis & Operations: Performed site analyses; selected properties based on location, space characteristics, and how they benefit our group, rates, and the goals of each meeting. 
  • Contract Authorship & Negotiation: Wrote and negotiated mutually-protective and beneficial, cost-controlling contracts, while dictating the actions of properties like the Disney Hotel and Convention Center, San Jose Convention Center, and properties like Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott and Crowne Plaza.
  • Vendor & Property Management: Managed and synchronized the efforts of service providers; interacted with suppliers; coordinated on-site event management and security; and oversaw all pre-event detailing such as room setup, staging, catering, and audio/visual.
  • ROI & History: Assessed return on investment and progress toward goals as they relate to program requirements and success. Built event histories to improve future implementation.

Marketing: Membership, Events and Sponsorship

Promoted association membership value and launched marketing strategies to develop new membership, event attendance, and sponsorship for CRA.

  • Membership Marketing and Involvement: Created and executed campaigns to grow and retain membership. Launched membership development programs to promote the value of CRA membership foster retention, and grow CRA to as many as 714 local government agencies and business members
  • Increased attendance, expanded industry support, encouraged media coverage.
  • Brochure Creation: Drafted the text for persuasive/informational brochures to market membership.
  • Grew exhibitorship and sponsorship at the CRA Annual Conference for eight (8) consecutive years.
  • Maintained a 91% retention rate of members.
Feb 2005Aug 2013

Volunteer leadership positions

Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP)


Elected President for 2011 – 12 by the members and trusted to direct the 2nd largest of 32 chapters of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals.

  • Partner with the Board of Directors to develop and implement programs to promote SGMP membership and meet the needs of meeting professionals throughout the Sacramento Valley.
  • Recruit, train and retain committee volunteers. Contribute ideas to and foster enthusiasm amongst volunteers to get them working.
  • Chaired the Communications Committee prior to election as President, and delivered presentations on CMP designation, chapter communications, and other critical SGMP topics.
  • Chair, Editor, and committee member of the Pony Xpress newsletter, winning numerous national newsletter competitions including 1st, 2nd, 3rd place honors from the national organization.
  • Honored as Planner of the Year for 2006-07.
  • Author of multiple meeting profession articles for the Pony Xpress newsletter and Government Connections


Committed to life-long learning with a university degree, certificate courses, and seminars.

CERTIFIED GOVERNMENT MEETING PROFESSIONAL ( CGMP ),  Society of Government Meeting Professionals, 2012

CERTIFIED MEETING PROFESSIONAL ( CMP ), Convention Industry Council, 2006

MEETING PLANNING CERTIFICATE, California State University, Sacramento, 2005

BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE – GOVERNMENT, California State University, Sacramento, 1991