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I am a practical, honest person who is confident in their abilities but is not afraid to ask for help. I like having a bit of fun and dont take life too seriously but I recognise that there are times to take caution and care so that things are done safetly and have quality. I like to think outside the box and push boundries, but taking into consideration to consequences at the same time. 

Growing up in a hardworking Christian home has taught me the value of being trustworthy, reliable, and hard working. I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from putting lots of time and effort into something knowing at the end of it that I couldnt have done better. 
I am 20 years old. I dont take drugs or get drunk, although I enjoy having a few beers after a long day. I am physically fit and able and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Work experience

Cavalier Bremworth Carpets

Nov 2013Feb 2015

Workshop Hand

— Workshop hand Plant maintainence, including fabrication and installation of machines and parts.

Joshua Cymbidium

Feb 2013Dec 2013


Pruned existing crops and assisted in setting up new glasshouses for crops

Jones & co building ltd

Nov 2011Feb 2012


Work experience during summer holidays


Massey University

Feb 2013Nov 2016

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)

Currently completing the third year of study. B average

Pukekohe Christian School

Feb 2008Dec 2012


A level maths, A level physics, AS level Chemistry, AS level Biology, As level English


General Metalwork

I am experienced with a range of different hand and power tools. I can also weld (mainly tig and arc, some mig and oxy/acetylene) and have basic machine skills on a lathe and mill. These skills were developed through hobbies and during my time at Cavalier Bremworth Carpets. 

General Woodwork

Growing up as a builders son and showing an interest in making things, I have learnt to use many different tools and techniques, from semi fine woodwork to basic construction.


 - Gus Sonnoveld, part owner and founder of Joshua Cymbidium / 021404838

 - Chris Young, Head of Engineering

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