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Hubert Chen

Software Development Engineer


Accomplished and focused professional with demonstrated experience in varies complex semiconductor equipment and high temperature acid processes for manufacturing wafer products. Recognized for professionalism, positive mental attitude, commitment to excellence, and demonstrated ability to communicate and working with senior management, associates, and customers. Able to lead multiple projects or installs and meet deadlines under pressure. Self-motivated and able to work independently or in a team. Excellent interpersonal skills, able to communicate and collaborate effectively with co-workers at all levels. Adept in computer applications including Mathematical Analysis Software: JMP, C, C++, C#, WPF, Java SE, R, natual language processing, Creo, and Ansys

Work experience

April 2017Present

Software Development Engineer


• Modified NetBios into TCP/IP communication protocol between machines written in C and C# 
• Familiar with XML and JSON serialization 
• Research, plan and design real-time embedded software systems using C 
• Experienced in serial communication 
• Fluent in C and C# languages 
• Familiar with inter-process communication and .Net remoting
• Familiar with object oriented programming concepts
• Familiar with host interface and SECS/GEM standards
• Experienced in working in multidisciplinary team
• Experienced in software and hardware system integration
• Experience in writing technical document 


Sep 2014April 2017

Product Engineer

  • Lead install team of five engineers/technicians to install complex equipment and troubleshoot hardware and software issues under pressure
  • Excellent in meeting equipment install milestones on daily bases and meeting equipment startup qualifications
  • Excellent in resolve complex production issues by using JMP and DOE to find most likely cause of defects. 
  • Wrote standard operating procedures, failure analysis reports, equipment specifications, interlock analysis sheets, Tier I, II, III training materials, and checkout procedures
    • Key Achievement: Saved company over 1500 hours of machine down time yearly on all equipment on-site by implementing accurate calibration GUI applications written in C#
    • Excellent ability to convert engineering principles and mathematical models into effective designs
    • Actively attended customer's meeting to gather issues, data, and inputs for headquarter to analyze 
    • Extended experience in negotiating with customers and working with sales to help commission our equipment on time
    • Strong ability in understanding new engineering designs/new concepts in the field to apply field upgrades
    • Extended experience in communicating with customer's safety group about new design changes and safety impacts
    • Performed factory/on-site equipment checkout with both DI water and chemicals
    • Performed reliability testing on valves, pumps, and heaters against SEMI standard, customer's requirement, and competitor's benchmark
    • Excellent in conducting system level testing and troubleshooting on new software, mechanical components, and electrical components
      • Key Achievement: Saved company travel budget by half per install by shortening install time from 2 months to 1 month
      • Key Achievement: Solved over 230 issues and alarms on equipment. 
      • Re-engineered a 1980's communication protocol to use TCP protocol in both C and C#
      Jun 2013Sep 2014

      Systems Design Engineer II

      TEL FSI
      • Managed projects and meetings to work out project requirements and milestones with multi-discipline engineers
      • Designed complex interrelated control systems to meet temperature, hydration, concentration, and flow requirements while optimizing signal stability and minimizing system response time
      • Designed complex chemistry mixture system to meet etching performance while maintaining near constant concentration during refill state to minimize equipment down time due to chemical not ready
      • Designed software and hardware interlocks according to SEMI-S2 requirements
      • Organized electrical, software, hardware, chemical, and quality engineers to recognize design or quality flaws
      • Created various maintenance procedures and GUI using Java SE, C#, and WPF for bypassing safety systems, replacing parts, and re-calibrate sensors
        • Modified various workflows on production floor to meet ISO standards to produce high quality tools
        • Written detailed engineering instruction documents according to SEMI standards for various upgrade kits for field upgrade
        • Performed various root cause analysis and partitions to diagnose particle issues on wafers
        • Reviewed and corrected various design changes and process changes on new tool
        • Developed test procedures for a variety of electrical components such chemical monitors, RTD, pressure transducers, low-pass filters to determine tolerance, accuracy, and quality of the part
        May 2012Apr 2013

        FE Engineer II

        • Brainstormed design concepts for Caterpillar, John Deere, Loram, Arctic Cat, and Altec on frame structures
        • Worked with Arctic Cat in redesigning front suspension to increase its overall life cycle
        • Familiar in vibration analysis, modal analysis, high cycle fatigue, and low cycle fatigue on engine parts
        • Expert in repairing poorly translated geometry in DesignModeler and optimize model for accurate results
        • Expert in selecting different configuration to represent bolted joint connection based on situation and environment
        • Specialist in using Ansys Workbench and DesignModeler and mentored other engineers in obtaining accurate results
        Mar 2011May 2012

        Design and Test Engineer I

        • Analyzed data using standard spreadsheet with embedded formula to select optimal hydraulic pumps and motors
        • Designed and integrated hydraulic systems for six soil compactors
        • Worked with Sauer Danfoss & Rexroth to customize hydraulic pumps and motors on shaft sizing and flushing orifice sizing
        • Analyzed and cataloged testing results for future product improvements
        • Simulated ground stiffness by modeling spring-damper system in Matlab Simulink to better simulate compacting dynamics
        • Developed both linear model of hydraulic cylinder using Matlab Simulink for PID calculation
        • Designed experiment setups for hydraulic systems using SOMAT eDAQ
        • Performed thermal-hydraulic calculations to predict heat rejection on prototype Tier 4 engines
        • Actively interfaced with structural engineers and electrical engineers to optimize cooling performance and reduce weights
        • Wrote multiple reports and submitted to US, Italy, and German government for review
        May 2008Dec 2009

        Engineering Intern

        • Developed C++ codes to make Matlab read real-time USB signal
        • Designed numerous PID, Feedforward, Internal Model ,and Force feedback controllers
        • Modified the hydraulic circuits of the backhoe to make it more efficient using pump, motors, piston, and valves
        • Tested hydraulic energy recovery system, hybrid system, electro-hydraulic hybrid system, and hydraulic steering system
        • Troubleshot and resolved issues related to control system performance
        • Proficient in using data acquisition instrumentations to collect data
        • Implemented a force feedback device to control the backhoe
        • Constructed complex Simulink block diagrams for experiments


        Sep 2017Dec 2019

        Master's degree in Computer Science

        University of Illinois at Springfield
        Sep 2014May 2016

        Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering

        Iowa State University
        Sep 2005Dec 2009

        Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

        University of Minnesota Twin Cities


        Dan Lynch

        Customer Support Manager


        Ashesh Saraf

        Quality Manager


        Harm Dunlap

        Senior Electrical Engineer


        Dan Nguyen

        Field Support Engineer



        May 2018Present

        Six Sigma Black Belt

        American Society of Quality (ASQ)
        Sep 2015Present

        Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (E.I.T., MN)



        Fluent in English

        Fluent in Chinese – Mandarin and Taiwanese