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It is with great excitement that I submit my application for the position of Operations Coordinator – London. As you will see from the attached resume, I bring with me: well-developed communication skills; a natural ability to work with data; superior organizational skills and ability to problem solve; and, an underlying passion for technology and Uber.

Sharp, highly-organized, attentive to detail – In my previous two roles, accuracy and organization were crucial. In order to provide meaningful analysis to clients, the numbers and messaging in reports had to be accurate, and with multiple projects on the go I had to stay highly-organized. Through excellent Microsoft Excel skills and ability to stay organized, I was able to maintain a high standard of work which surpassed clients’ needs.

Personable, strong communication skills – Throughout my life, being personable has come easy me and this trait has seemingly carried over to my professional life. One of my previous roles involved travelling around Canada to conduct face-to-face interviews with CEO’s and CFO’s in order to collect information for a quarterly business survey. For interviews to yield the right type of information, I had to be clear with my communications while remaining personable. In communicating the results of the survey to stakeholders, through briefing notes and publications, I was required to write clearly and concisely in order to convey the correct messaging.

Passion for technology and Uber – How we came to live in such a technologically advanced society is a question was the motivation for a degree in economics. Following university, while the choice to work at an intentionally bland government organization such as the Bank of Canada may not seem like the ideal locale for a young mind interested in technology, issues such as ‘currency as a technology’ as well as getting first-hand accounts of how business leaders view technology turned out to be an invaluable experience.

Uber is a technology company that stands out as one of the most influential technology companies of.. [the past decade] and a company that … going forward . By unlocking the full potential of capital (cars) and labour (drivers) that would otherwise go unused, Uber has been successful in changing the transportation industry in … many different cities. The prospect of helping to spread a technology I believe in, and for a company I have followed and admire for some time[1] [fills me with energy]

[1] Got uber in … when it first came to Vancouver, Canada