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I am an ambitious graduate from Queensland University of Technology who majored in international business who also possesses a  proven ability in sales and communication. I have worked in many different fields and am now looking for an opportunity to begin my career with a multinational company in their sales, marketing, importing and exporting, or logistics departments. 

Work experience

Oct 2014Mar 2015

Sales Consultant

99 Bikes Newmarket

As a sales representative my experiences included:

  • Performing under pressure in a highly competitive, commission based environment
  • Working as part of a team, competing against other teams
  • Meeting daily, weekly, and monthly targets
  • A multitude of sales and negotiating tactics
  • Ethics in sales
  • Establishing and maintaining customer relationships
  • (99 bikes specific) all aspects of retail and face to face communication from ordering and receiving stock to finalising sales and maintaining relationships with customers.

During the time I worked at 99 Bikes I had been short listed for a leadership position due to competence in sales and leadership potential. Though 99 bikes had put me in their sights as a future leader, I fundamentally disagreed with their culture of maximising sales and the customers expense and decided to leave so I could find another way to start my career in international business.


House Painter

Roy the Painter

As a house painter I experienced:

  • Working as part of a team
  • Leading teams
  • Finding, taking, and completing contracts independently
  • Initiating and developing customer relationships
  • Marketing, accounting, management, and logistics
  • Performing under pressure and within strict deadlines

Roy the Painter is my father, and working with him was both my first job and the job that has most significantly developed my career. My father would often commit to too many jobs at the one time and I would be required to put together a team or work independently to complete extra jobs within a strict deadline.

I helped my father in all aspects of his business from lodging tax forms to sourcing new clientele. This has had a positive influence on my father’s business, especially since I have been able to apply what I have learned during business degree at QUT directly to an operating business.

Apr 2014Aug 2014

English Language Teacher

Ready English

As an English teacher positions I gained experience with;

  • Managing people (parents, students, and colleges)
  • Working as part of a team
  • Changing and implementing new strategies to increase workplace efficiency
  • Developing more effective education techniques

During my time at Ready English I worked closely with the owner of the school to devise more efficient ways for the school to use to steady stream of transient English teachers floating around Asia. Though I helped structure the way classes were structured and grew to personally know many of the students, I had to leave ready English when my Visa had expired.

Feb 2010Oct 2010

English Teacher

Ischule, English Play Preschool
Ischule is a leading figure in South Korean preschool education and tuition with student ages ranging from 2 to 6 years of age, Ischule has branches throughout all the major cities. Student classes were organized into age groups from 2 to 6 with class sizes ranging between 2-12 children.
Mar 2008Aug 2009

Sales Representative

Telstra Services Australia (ALS) Telco Group

I received several awards while working at TSA for exceeding my targets and out-performing my colleges (available upon request). The biggest change this experience made to me professionally has been to highly polish my communication and sales ability and bolster my professional confidence.


Laboratory Assistant

Australian laboratory Services (ALS)

Working in a laboratory I experienced:

  • Working in a highly regulated and controlled environment
  • Working as part of a team to meet monthly targets (in quantity of samples prepared and tested)
  • Developing and implementing strategies to improve workplace efficiency
  • Organisational Culture

Working for ALS was a unique experience, as ALS places much emphasis on organisational culture, entering ASL was my first experience working for a large international company. I was hired as part of a team which was to use new equipment and it was left to us and our manager to streamline its operation. The techniques we developed were so successful they were implemented across other ALS’s other national locations.



Bachelor's Degree

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Graduate with distinction from QUT majoring in International Business (2014)

Exchange student at Pukyong National University of South Korea (PKNU) majoring in International Business.

University Starting/Finishing date: Semester 1 2011 to Semester 1 2014. University GPA: 5.813