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Certified SLI Coach & Path1

One on One Coach: Leadership Development

Church Coach: Church Planting & Revitalization


Dr. Iosmar Alvarez, a native of Cuba, came to the United States in 2001. God began to work in his life in supernatural ways as he began to serve as a local pastor in the Kentucky Conference in 2002. A veterinarian by profession, he is passionately serving God by planting worshiping congregations and making disciples. Over the past 10 years, he has planted several Hispanic churches in Kentucky for God's Kingdom.

Pastor Iosmar Alvarez’s educational theological journey began with graduating from Garrett Theological Seminary in 2010 with a Course Studies Program. In December 2011, he finished his Master in Divinity from United Theological Seminary, Dayton Ohio. In addition, he earned another Master's degree in Christian Leadership in 2012 from Lindsey Wilson College and won the Harry Denman Evangelism Award in 2013. Dr. Alvarez is a prolific author on leadership development and church growth with 5 books written on those subjects. He is also the Founder & CEO of Disciple 21 Church Planting Network, which is a National Multicultural Network with the goal of planting 2500 churches by 2034.

Rev. Dr. Alvarez is a certified coach for SLI & Path1, which are nationally recognized UMC agencies for church planting, development, and transformation. Pastor Alvarez graduated with a Doctoral Ministry degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in May 20, 2017. He is also the Executive Director of the Disciple 21 Church Planting Network and a keynote speaker for nationally recognized networks such as New Room and Fresh Expression USA.

Former District Superintendent of the Lexington District of the Kentucky Annual Conference, Dr. Alvarez had the honor to train leaders on how to plant churches and develop church cultures and processes to make disciples. Dr. Alvarez is the founder of Fuente De Avivamiento/Spring of Revival with 400+ members and 100 home churches. Dr. Alvarez is now a large church pastor at St John UMC in Prospect, KY. All of these wonderful ministry experiences would not be possible without the support of his wife, Zulayne Alvarez, and their daughter, Sulam, who support and help him carry the vision to future generations.

Biographical Statement:

Work experience


Senior Pastor

St John UMC, Prospect KY

Organizational Leadership and System Structures for St John to Become a Disciple-Making Church.

2017to Date

Founder Dr. Alvarez

Disciple 21 Church Planting Network


I. Ministry Leadership

a. Serves as the spiritual leader and founder of Disciple 21 Church Planting Network.

b.Takes an active role with staff, volunteers, and donors in encouraging, training,pastoring, sharing vision and providing spiritual direction.

c. Gives overall direction, encouragement, vision and leadership to all the initiatives of D21.

d. Responsible to the Boards for the quality of the Foundation’s ministry, fulfillment of its calling, fiscal performance and overall integrity in keeping with the Mission Statement.

e. Serves as liaison to the Board, working closely in strategic planning, conducting Board business and communicating with the board.

f. Provides leadership in fundraising for annual operational needs, capital needs and special projects. Directs Development Team activities.

g. Regularly monitors the financial condition of the organization, including insurance and risk matters.

h. Represents Disciple 21 and SLI in national and international events.

i. Explores creative ways to ensure that D21 stays on the cutting edge of meeting society’s needs.

II. Supervision

a. Provide leadership and perform all associated supervisory duties to staff, including sub-contractors.

b. Coordinate work scheduling with the initiative leaders to ensure goals are met.

c. Maintain effective employee relations and assist in the development and retention of a highly motivated, well-trained volunteer and paid staff.

d. Lead in the hiring and training of new employees.

III. General Administration

a. Develop, apply, and evaluate policies and procedures for D21, including those related to financial matters.

b. Lead in setting, evaluating and measuring initiative goals and action plans, including those related to fundraising.

c. Provide general administrative direction to the various initiatives to maximize efficiency and the quality of work, providing a consistently high level of service to each initiative constituent.

d. Implement and maintain procedures to ensure that D21 is in compliance with all laws and regulations regarding the corporation, including timely evaluation and reporting processes for grant funding.

e. Maintain communication with the Board of Directors on the operations of D21 and of all important factors influencing them.

f. Attend Board meetings and report on assigned areas of responsibility.

IV. Networking

a. Initiates dialogue and cooperative efforts with leaders of other organizations and churches for the purpose of synergy and more effective ministry.

b. Develops partnerships and relationships with the corporate, government, educational, and faith communities.

c. Represents GEM in public relations opportunities and public appearances.

Jan 20022023

Ordained Elder/District Superintendent

Lexington District of the United Methodist Church


Christian ministry is an expression of the mind and mission of Christ by a community of believers that demonstrate a common life of gratitude and devotion, witness and service, celebration and discipleship. I am called as a pastor to be a servant-leader who is appointed to preach and conduct divine worship and perform the duties of a pastor whether the parish is large or small.


My ministry as a local pastor is both a gift and a task. The gift is God’s unmerited grace; the task is unstinting service. God’s gifts are richly diverse for a variety of services; yet all have dignity and worth.

I love ministry and to be use by God in his church, I know I’ve been called to be a pastor more than anything else with the highest education I can get to have the tools I need to give the best to my congregation.


  1. A servant consistently growing in every Christ-like quality
  2. A servant consistently serving others as a witness of His grace
  3. A servant consistently balancing being and doing
  4. A servant consistently walking in integrity in pastoral’s relationship
  5. A servant consistently tithing and offering to my local church


As a pastor shall oversee the total ministry of the local church in its nurturing ministries and in fulfilling its mission of witness and service in the word by:

1-Preaching, teaching, Worship.

2-Pastoral care

3-Equipping and Supervising.


5-Developing leaders through the incubator process

6-Motivate lay leaders to start one incubator in every ministry of the local church


Aug 2014Dec 2017

Doctor in Ministry

Asbury Theological Seminary

Church Planting: The factors that either promote or limit growth in small United Methodist Hispanic churches in 21st Century America.

" Breaking the 50 Barrier in the Hispanic UM churches"


Corse Study

Garret Theological Seminary
Jul 2009May 2012

Master in Christian Leadership

Lindsey Wilson Collage
Sep 1992Jun 1997

Veterinarian Medical Doctor

Havana University


May 2014Present

SLI Coach

Spiritual Leadership Incorporated
Incubator Process: Church revitalization and leadership development. Establishing PROCESSES that produce fruit We are not emphasizing CONTENT or ANSWERS but the PROCESSES for adapting and overcoming. We recognize that often today’s right answers are tomorrow’s mistakes, so we emphasize PROCESSES and QUESTIONS above short term answers and immediate fixes. We are not about giving a fish, but about enabling others to fish. SLI leaders model coaching, not teaching, and like Jesus they instruct more with questions than with lectures. This style of leadership is modeled so that participants can reproduce it. Systems and Strategies Definition of Discover: Activities and functions that help persons discover and be discovered around their calling in Spiritual Leadership. SLI coaches are looking for those who resonate with the process and have the capacities to move to the Develop stage Vital Signs: % growth in number of projects % growth of interest in SLI % growth of investors in SLI Definition of Develop Activities and functions that help Passionate Spiritual Leaders and their Teams to grow spiritually, to grow their capacities, to grow their skills and to risk health in their ministries. Vital Signs: % growth in Coach Training % growth in SLI Teams Definition of Deploy Activities and functions that work to develop generative ministries and partnerships to grow SLI’s abilities to reach its vision. Vital Signs: % growth in number of SLI Certified Coaches % Change in Communities/region -poverty, crime, disciples, etc…
May 2014Present

Certified Path1

Path1 United Methodist Church
Not only will coaches help planters figure out how to tap into their own potential, the right coaches give the planting projects the best shot possible. Path 1 Coaches are uniquely qualified to coach new church start projects. A new church project requires more than a general coach. It requires someone who understands the pitfalls and unique demands of a start up and someone who works well with innovative, out-of-the-box energy so typical of planters. Path 1 Coaches are a special breed of coach because new church starts involve much more than one leader and require bigger toolboxes! Path 1 Coaches specialize in the specific needs and nature of new church starts. Path 1 Coaches partner with new church start planters and other stakeholders to develop churches that are viable, sustainable and well on their way toward multiplying their successful church plants. Path 1 Coaches show certain characteristics and competencies that demonstrate proficiency, applied to more than one new church start. Part coach, part consultant, part facilitator, Path 1 Coaches support stakeholders in setting and achieving realistic benchmarks based upon the vision for the project.