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Work History

Jan 1976Present

Independent Contractor / BMI Songwriter / AFTRA

Ish Ledesma

Companies I have produced recordings for:

Geffen Records

Warner Brothers Records

CBS Records

Island Records

EMI Records

Sony Music


Warner Music Latina

Atlantic Records

Relativity Records

T.K. Records

Network Marketing Companies I have produced promotional videos and audio for:

Brian McClure ( Ambit Energy's #1 income Earner for the past 5 years )


Ambit Energy

Energy 526





BMI Writer

The Pose Method of Running by Nicolas Romanov.

Regarded by some as the premiere running instructional video.

Starring The United States Olympic Triathlon Team, Nicolas Romanov, and others.

Featured in Runner's World and Running magazines. Endorsed by The United States Triathlon Team.

My involvement:  Producer, Director, Cameraman, Editor, Musical Source and Narrator.

I have been working in the music industry, video production industry and Network Marketing Media and Event Production for the past 38 years as an independent contractor. 


Jan 1971Present

Record Production

Music recording / Video Production

My education has come from "Hands On" experience which started at T.K. Records in Miami, FL and continued on through all the recording studios I worked at as a recording artist, record producer and sound engineer. 


T.K. Studios (Miami)

Criteria (Miami)

Audio Vision (Miami)

Record Plant (New York, Los Angeles)

Lion's Share (Los Angeles)

New River (Ft. Lauderdale)

Greene Street Recording (New York)

And countless others.

My video education again has come from "Hands On" field experience when I began working for Exired S.A. in Mexico City as the event producer / director in 1992. I have continued to produce videos, events and media for the same owner since then, to date.


Screen and Commercial Writing.

I have written 3 musicals, 2 movie scripts and various demo commercials. I do not want to post these here but would rather be contacted and requested for the material because of it's original nature. I will be happy to provide copies of the scripts along with the demo CD's and DVD's that accompany them.

English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Field Skills

30 years experience as a sound engineer/designer, producer and recording artist. Recipient of over 20 RIAA Gold and Platinum Awards in the music recording field. 20 years experience as head event sound engineer/designer, producer/director for live industrial events ranging from 2,500 to 70,000 in attendance. Sound Design for Ambit Training Center, Dallas ,TX. Exited Training Center, Miami, Fl. Audio Vision Studios, Miami, FL. Estadio Universitario, Mexico City, Luna Park Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over 60 Convention Centers Shows around the U.S. In Sound Design, set up and teardown.  Exired, Empexis, Life Power, Hotsystem, Ambit Energy. 1993-present. Lighting design/director Sound design/engineer Responsible for seeking and securing venues Contracting all companies for stage sound, lighting and video equipment Set designer Contracting all live entertainment   Sound equipment experience   MCI, SSL, Trident, Sony, Eventide, Lexicon, Yamaha, M-Audio All midi based keyboards, sequencers, samplers and computers. Pro Tools, Logic.   Video and film   Final Cut, Media 100 and Avid All digicams  


I am a Singer / Songwriter, Record Producer / Recording Engineer.   Musical genres:   Pop, R&B, Rap, Jazz, Dance and Latin. Instruments:   Guitar, Bass, Keyboards.   Other musical abilities:   Programming and arranging.   These have been my musical groups. Below them you will find a complete list of all the artists I have worked with.  Various videos for most of these artists can be found on YouTube. Ish Ledesma   First big group:   Foxy. “Get Off” & “Hot Number”:  CBS / T.K Records   Foxy had numerous hits on the dance charts prior to becoming a national group featured on American Bandstand.   Foxy toured with The Jackson 5, Rick James, Natalie Cole, & Sister Sledge During their two years with hit records.   Group #2   Oxo: Geffen Records   L.A. based “Boy” group on Geffen Records. Hit “Whirly Girl”   Oxo toured as opening act with Hall & Oates   Group #3   Company B:  Atlantic Records   “Fascinated” & “Full Circle”   I have performed on record with artists ranging from ABBA to Gloria Estefan to Krayzie Bone ( Bone, Thugs & Harmony )   Abba, Gloria Estefan, Apollonia, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Krayzie Bone, Mo Thug Family, Sergio Mendes, New Order, Ronnie Wood, Ringo Starr, Miami Sound Machine, Terry Nunn (Berlin), John Robie, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Puff Daddy, Betty Wright, Timmy Thomas, 2 Live Crew, Fred Schneider (B 52's), The Dazz Band, KC and The Sunshine Band, Rick Finch, Foxy, Company B, Oxo, Blue Modern, Sandy Barber, Louis Martinee, Wizzzard, The Birdwatchers, Blowfly, Michelle Goulet, The Gutter Boys, Gwendolyn, Ilse,  Benny Latimore, Little Beaver, Gwen McCrea, George McCrea, Laurie Miller, Noel, Tiger Moon, Promise Circle, Damian Rivero, Juan Gabriel Turbay, Santa Esmeralda,  305, Junior Walker, Bracaccini, Cali Aleman and many more. With all these artist I played some instrument, sang, composed and  produced recordings.   My groups Foxy and Oxo have been the opening acts for such legendary performers as:   Ray Charles, B.B. King, The Jacksons, Hall & Oates, Kool and The Gang, Rick James, Bill Cosby, Natalie Cole and Manhattan Transfer.   I have written 12 #1 Dance songs,  2 #1 R&B’s, 3 Top Ten Pop’s and numerous R&B and Pop top 20 hits.   #1 Songs Written:   Get Off  (Foxy) #1 R&B Billboard Hot Number ( Foxy) #1 R&B Billboard Get Off Your Ahh And Dance (Foxy) #1 Dance Billboard The Way You Do The Things You Do ( Foxy) #1 Dance Billboard Rrrrrrock (Foxy) #1 R&B Billboard Fascinated (Company B) #1 Dance Billboard (Dance Song of the Year 1988) Full Circle (Company B) #1 Dance Billboard Perfect Lover (Company B) #1 Dance Billboard Out Of Time (Noel) #1 Dance Billboard Since I Fell For You (Apollonia) #1 Dance Billboard All Good (Mo Thug Family) #1 R&B Billboard Be Mine Tonight (Promise Circle) #1 Dance Billboard Something Tells Me (Tiger Moon) #1 Dance Billboard   I have written and produced countless other records that have charted Top Twenty on the Billboard Dance, R&B and Pop Charts.   I have also worked on countless other #1 hit recordings all the way from ABBA's Voulez Vouz  to Krayzie Bone's Thug Mentality albums in the capacity of being hired as guitarist to multi-instrumentalist.   Music on film:   Get Off ( Set It Off) Something Tells Me ( Frantic w Harrison Ford) Get Off (Celtic Pride) Sticky Fingers (Sticky Fingers) Get Off (Rollerbounce) Whirly Girl (Just The Way You Are) Hot Number (Perfect People) Bad Boy (Three Men and a Baby)   Music on Television:   HBO Comedy Specials Late Night With David Letterman Entertainment Tonight E! Freaks And Geeks Alvin and The Chipmunks All My Children As The World Turns VH1 MTV   My own albums as an artist::   Foxy "Foxy" Foxy "Get Off" Foxy "Hot Numbers" Ish "Ish" Foxy "Party Boys" Foxy "Live"   OXO "OXO" Ish "On This Corner"   Company B "Company B" Company B "Gotta Dance"   The Gutter Boys "The Sun Is Going Down Over The Bay"   Ish "Ishology"   Appearances on Television:   American Bandstand Top Of The Pops (UK) Miami Vice (criminal) MTV VH-1 The Merv Griffin Show The Midnight Special The Dinah Shore Show Solid Gold Pop Rocker Dance Fever    

Video editing
I am the Media Creator for Brian McClure Ambit Energy Consultant / I have done work for Ambit Energy, Hotsystem and Energy526. I write, light, shoot, direct, edit and create the musical background for these companies. These are Industrial Videos. The 3 companies are .com's, so you may see any content you wish and countless of video work on the sites.


Various Various

I would prefer to be contacted with a specific request for a reference rather than to post names and numbers because of privacy matters.


To be fulfilled with what I'm doing. To do what I love  to do. To be absolutely passionate about the work that lies ahead. 



Working with creative people. New and old Technology in music, video and film.


I have been a Record Producer / BMI Writer /  AFTRA MEMBER / Recording Artist / Song Writer / Videographer for the past 35 years.

I have currently placed many of my works on iTunes, Amazon, band camp, etc.

All my recordings are available there. I have a large number of new unreleased recordings I've made in the past few years. Please contact me for files. Chances are if you are looking for a specific type of song, I have it or I can come up with one. I am currently working on the development of an animated series for family viewing.



RIAA Gold & Platinum Awards: 27

Various Record Companies

Recordings that have sold millions of copies