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Work History

Mar 2016present

Android Engineer


+ Involved in Architecting apps using MVP design pattern.

+ Test driven development methodology.

+ Writing and execution of Unit , Instrumented and functional tests using technologies such as

+UI sketching with full material design components

+ Reactive Programming using RXJava

+ Experienced using SugarORM and Realm for Model Layer

+Unit and Instrumented tests using JUnit, Mockito, Robolectric, AndroidTestSupport Library, Espresso .

+ Debug , optimization and bug fixing using tools such as Crashlytics, Hockey app, LeakCanary, Android Monitor Device, Stetho.

+ Participate in projects under agile SCRUM methodology using JIRA tools.

Jul 2014Dec 2015

Mobile Department Leader


+ In charge of Mobile department, especially Android development.

+ Involved on Sketching UI and UX flow for Android apps according to the latest Material Design Patterns.

+ Involved on Sketching website UX flow.

+ Involved on creating multi platform prototypes for future projects using Appcelerator SDK.

+ Analyze of  customer requeriments (Business Logic, Flow, Use cases ) for mobile technologies.

+ Development and upkeep of several web applications built on ASP technologies.

+ Development and upkeep of already existing Android apps , upgrading to new versions, testing and debugging new features.

+ Debugging and Testing on Genymotion emulator.

+ Tracking bugs using Chrashlytics.

+ Integration of Flurry Analytics for event catching and  insights of app performance. 

+Design and Building of RESTful Services powered by WebAPI .NET technologies, 

+Design of Push Notification Servers using .NET MVC and Google Cloud Services.

Environments and Tools: Android Studio, Android Material Support Library and several libraries such as Google Play Services, Retrofit 1.9, Picasso 2.4, Github, Genymotion, Flurry, Chrashlytics, Slack, Trello, Balsamiq Mockups, Visual Studio 2013, .NET Framework 4.5, Appcelerator Studio 4.0

Dec 2011Jun 2014

Mobile Developer

Soluciones Alphaeficiencia

+ Working as part of Alphaeficiencia's Mobile Department.

+ Leading small group of 4 people to split work into pair programming.

+ Build of small RESTful based Web Services powered by Genexus Products to make mobile test requests.

+ Work on Windows Phone SDK and Windows Marketplace Apps for prototypes.

+ Design and development of several mobile prototype apps using Appcelerator Studio / Android SDK.

+ Coordination of a small mobile team on the Microsoft's Wowzapp Hackaton 2012

+ Testing on many Android Emulators

+Analysis of requirements and development of huge government project AGU móvil, Agencia de Gestión Urbana. 

+ Collaboration on development for Expo Petroleos de México app's event carried out on April, 2014

Environments and tools:

Eclipse ADT Android, Titanium Appcelerator, Genexus, Subversion, Git, Visual Studio 2012 with Windows Phone SDK.

May 2011Nov 2011

Scholar Software Developer

Teksar Labs

+ Modifications to the website portal

+Build of some scripts for embeded Linux device called TKme Remote.

+ Involved on the maintenance of First Tkme remote Android app.

+ Implementation of Data Analysis Graphs for web clients using Javascript Frameworks


Linux Fedora, Apache Web server lite version,  ChartJS library, PHP CodeIgniter Framework.


Nov 2015Present

Java Programming: Principles of software Design

Duke University

Coursera Online Course Certification

Jan 2013Jun 2013

Sybase Databases Tunning and performace Analysis

Facultade de Ingeniería, UNAM

Sybase Certification 


Computer Engineer

Facultad de Ingeniería, UNAM

Bachelor's degree,  specialization on Natural Language Processing  Module


Java Programming: Principles of Software Design

Coursera Course Cerficate

This Specialization covers the fundamentals of software development, focusing on a  rigorous problem-solving approaches while still embracing and extending traditional methods of computer science and software engineering.

Algorithms Part I

Coursera Course

This course covers the essential information that every serious programmer needs to know about algorithms and data structures, with emphasis on applications and scientific performance analysis of Java implementations. Part I covers basic iterable data types, sorting, and searching algorithms.


a bit about me

I  really enjoy having debates with people about several topics, I love to hear others thoughts and learn from them, I usually attend to English Language conversation and clubs and tech meetings to talk to new interesting people.

I'm interested on Languages and Music, well music is a kind of language as well. That's why I really love English language, I decided to program computers in different kind of languages, I'm interested on Natural Language Processing, and play music with others is really worth it.

   -Appreciate the time people give you, it's something they won't get back anymore.

                                                                                             welcome to the expanded mind


Active member of HackerGarage Guadalajara ( A place for sharing ideas regarding Technology hot topics, speeches, planning projects.

Currently working on a personal project.

Expanded mind English is a language learning platform that uses videos as a main source of knowledge, and their main features are the following actions:

  1. Videos
  • Just watch English spoken videos
  • Read its subtitles
  • Record users voice to check pronunciation
  • Add videos to favorite list

     2.  Phrases

  • Sort phrases by topic
  • Grab existing phrases from video subtitles to own phrase dictionary
  • Search phrases by word / category / tag