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Work experience

September 2020Present

Adjunct Instructor

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

I currently offer and teach a graduate certificate program on Learning and Leading with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) along with Dr. Katie Novak for this Ivy League academic institution. This program provides a pathway to elevate and celebrate effective teachers and teaching, helps learners to identify critical drivers to create new and better systems. Educators from all over the world partake in this program as part of implementing and embracing the Innovator's Mindset and UDL in their own organizations.

September 2011Present

Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant and Speaker

George Couros Consulting

Working with schools, districts, businesses, and conferences all over the world, I have helped move people into new and innovative opportunities in different areas.  My work is focused on embracing a new culture and learning to leverage the opportunities that are before us, both in and out of education.  My book, "The Innovator's Mindset" has been embraced by educators, school leaders, and districts all over the world and has provided a great starting point for educators on their journey to become more innovative in their practices.


I have worked with organizations all over North America, while also doing a considerable amount in Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia.  

I have been the keynote for over 500 events, including AASA (The School Superintendents' Association, US), National Association of Secondary School Principals (US), Texas Association of School Administrators, CUE in California, Canadian Association of Principals, Washington Association of School Administrators, as well many other provincial, state, and national events. 

I also currently hold an O1-A Visa for the United States which is for "Individuals with Extraordinary Ability" in their respective fields.

September 2015Present

Author and Publisher

IMPress Books

I have written and published three books, including "The Innovator's Mindset", "Innovate Inside the Box", and "Because of a Teacher" which have sold over 200,000 copies combined and been translated into over 4 different languages.  All of these books have been #1 on at some point in their respective categories.

I am also the co-owner and founder of IMPress Books, which has published over 10 books, including a #1 Amazon Canada Release, "Teachers These Days" by Dr. Jody Carrington and Laurie McIntosh.  Other authors under IMPress Books include Dr. Katie Novak, Dr. Catlin Tucker, Dr. Katie Martin, Sunil Singh, and AJ Juliani, all respected leaders in their specific fields of education.

July 2011June 2016

Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning

Parkland School Division
  • Work with all levels of leadership to help creative innovative learning environments within schools.  This includes, but is not limited to, working with Senior Executive, School Based Leadership, Educational staff, and students.
  • Developed the "Leadership 2.0" series as a way to further innovative leadership within our own school division, as well as give opportunities to others nationally and internationally.
  • Work closely with the Information Technology Department which provides services for all of Parkland School Division (approximately 10,000 students) to incorporate our vision for learning.
  • Creator and leader of the "Learning Leader" project, that has empowered over 100 educators in Parkland School Division on using cloud computing, personal learning networks, and mobile devices to bring innovation to their classroom while also leveraging social media.  These 100+ educators are also empowered to lead their own staff in this initiatives.
  • Facilitating initiatives such as the 184 project, and division portfolio and blogging project.
  • Administrator of Google Apps for Education for the division.
  • Co-facilitator of the “Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results” leadership training for Parkland School Division, based on the work of Stephen Covey.  This is an ongoing role with the school division.
  • Facilitated professional learning opportunities for PSD teachers in the area of technology integration, with an emphasis on effective use of social media to help build professional learning networks.
August 2009June 2011


Forest Green School/Connections for Learning (K-12)
  • Worked to develop strong relationships with students, staff, and parents through a belief in, and focus on, open communication. Created the Forest Green School Website, Forest Green Blog, along with editing and creating both the Forest Green and Connections for Learning Newsletters.
  • Fostered partnerships with the School Council and helped them communicate their school involvement through the use of the school website, along with presenting Cyberbullying and Web 2.0 Technologies, as a way of informing them of emerging trends in education.
  • Shared information with parents and staff regarding school initiatives that are based on current and future school community needs through open communication.  Communication included monthly newsletters and conversational media through the Forest Green School Blog.
  • Collaborated with staff to create extended learning experiences in the area of sports (team and intramurals) and the fine arts.  It is essential that students have an opportunity to succeed in areas outside of the core curriculum.
  • Authored a blog/portfolio site to understand the benefits and implications of this type of learning for our students and staff.  Through this transition, several of our staff have started their own personal blog sites, while every teacher hosts a classroom blog.
  • Designed a Professional Development program that builds upon the strengths of our staff.  This program has been highly successful within our school and has our staff very engaged in their learning. The time for guided conversation has been extremely valuable to ensure that our practice has become transformational for students.
  • Developed in collobaration with the Forest Green School community, a school council after several years of not having one within the school.  This has been an important element of creating a positive and collaborative school culture.
  • Partnered with parents and staff to help create the 2010-2011 Education Plan.  This was a fantastic opportunity for our school to build upon the vision together.
  • Focused on the priority that “Every child is a leader”, as defined by Stephen Covey’s, “The Leader in Me” book and developed ample opportunities for our students to be school leaders.
  • Administered division programs such as the Early Years Alternative Program (EYALT) as well as Balanced Literacy.  These are programs that are used by all of Parkland School Division, yet are run from Forest Green School.
  • Used our school budget to ensure a safe environment and support learning initiatives within our school.
  • Worked with all schools to ensure successful placements for several students with the Connections for Learning program.
  • Facilitated the successful transition of Parkland School Division’s Stony Creek Program from Muir Lake to Forest Green School. This work with the parent and staff community, along with a transition team led by an outside facilitator, ensure the program continued to prosper.
  • Teamed with the Paul Band First Nation community to ensure students from the area have continued success at Forest Green School.  We have also ensured that we have continuously infused FNMI culture into our school sites through our work with Paul Band and our FNMI Liaison.
Aug 2007Jun 2009

Assistant Principal

Muir Lake Community School (K-9)
  • Worked with all staff at MLCS and promoted an open dialogue to continuously improve our school to best serve students.
  • Modeled and encouraged hard work, risk taking, and commitment to division and school goals.
  • Worked diligently with the staff and principal to implement and promote a model of shared leadership within the school. 
  • Lead administrator for the Stony Creek Program and worked intensively to facilitate a move to a new building within Parkland School Division. Led a transition team to help build and maintain the best program for the students of the Stony Creek program.
  • Facilitated the MLCS Student Council which has a main focus on building relationships within the school community through its activities. 
  • Organized a grade 7-9 fine arts trip to New York that included parents, staff, and students traveling together. 
  • Worked with all school stakeholders to help develop the MLCS Education plan for 2009-2011.
  • Lead facilitator and AISI coordinator in the area of technology integration.  This led to the development of an in-school professional development plan that was very successful in the area of technology integration.
  • Implemented an effective model of teacher supervision for MLCS. 
  • Trained and supported teachers as technology leads in both the early years and middle years settings.
  • Developed and coordinated scheduling for all teachers from K-9, ensuring that course delivery was aligned with the Alberta Education framework.
  • Collaborated with all stakeholders to develop an Options program that best meets the needs of students, while educating them on emerging trends in the future.
  • Developed with the School Council chair a proposal to successfully secure funds for emerging technologies at Muir Lake School.
Aug 2006Jun 2007

Technology Integration Coordinator

Greystone Centennial Middle School (5-9)
  • Collaborated with teachers to successfully integrate technology into core curriculum while developing their own learning in the area of using technology to enhance learning.
  • Worked with students from grade levels 5-9 to successfully implement an advisement program that looked at various societal needs and how they intersect with fostering a positive school environment.
  • Created a technology integration schedule to ensure all students had an opportunity to meet ICT outcomes.
  • Worked successfully in a team teaching environment teaching all core grade 7 subjects.
  • Developed and delivered complementary courses based on student needs and Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Worked with the GCMS School Council to share information with all stakeholders.
  • Instituted several short in-services for staff development dealing with different aspects of technology integration.
  • Delivered an informational session to parents on how to teach students to connect safely with others using the Internet.
Sep 2001Jun 2006

Teacher/Technology Integration Coordinator

Rimbey Junior/Senior High School
  • Technology Integration Coordinator for the school.  Worked with teachers to successfully implement technology in all courses from grade 7-12.
  • AISI Lead from 2004-2006 in the area of technology integration.
  • Team member of the Telus2Learn team for Wolf Creek Schools.  Provided many workshops for staff from all schools within Wolf Creek.
  • Information Processing teacher.
  • Taught courses from grade 7-9 in Mathematics and CTS.
Sep 1999Jun 2001

Teacher/Technology Lead

Sidney Street School
  • Taught grade 4 and 7 for my two years at Sidney Street School.
  • Technology Lead for the school, working with staff and students to successfully integrate technology into the classroom.
  • Provided inservicing on the use of technology for educators in Maple Creek and the surrounding region.


Sep 2005Apr 2007

Master of Education

University of Phoenix
Sep 1999Apr 2001

Bachelor of Science

University of Saskatchewan
Sep 1993Apr 1999

Bachelor of Education

University of Saskatchewan


As we move forward in education, we must ensure that we give students the opportunity to be creative, collaborative, and critical thinkers, while also being able to pursue their passions and interests. As a leader in education, it is essential that I collaborate with all stakeholders to create innovative learning environments that are flexible and give all students and staff opportunities to achieve excellence.  We must create an environment where students are proud of their community and culture, valuing the difference of others, while still creating opportunities to partake and succeed in a global environment.  As a leader, I must role model and help to build a culture of learning, collaboration, and innovation.  Believing that all stakeholders can possess these same qualities, I want to create an environment where we are all learners and leaders.

Quote from Keynote Attendee

"Well that was the best general assembly that I’ve been a part of since joining @prairiespiritsd in 13 years. Thanks to @gcouros and the organizing committee for the great day! I wrote my masters based on his book, so this day really resonated with me!" Lee Coates

Quote from a parent advocate

“...our school principal, George Couros, has such an amazing vision for our school, I am positive that my children will get far more out of their education than I did. They will be engaged in their education, and they will be free to express themselves... they will be creative and know how to collaborate and work as a team. They are being taught to be critical thinkers that make great decisions. Isn’t that what we want for our children, who will one day be leaders in their communities? Let's ensure that they have any tool necessary to help them succeed in life.”

Quote from Keynote Attendee

"Hands down the best speaker I have ever heard in my 20 plus years teaching!!! “Always error on the side of positive!” Thank you @gcouros" Stephanie Bode

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