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Jacob Daniel Smith

Coordinator / Shift Trainer


Sep 2010Present

Associates of Fine Arts

Community College of Rhode Island

Non specialized education in fine art ranging from traditional to digital art, color theory, and design.

Sep 2007Apr 2008

General Education Diploma

A degree representing cumulative knowledge of a high school graduate.

Work experience

Apr 2015Present


  • Responsible for unpacking, processing, and proper handling of product in Homegoods shipments.
  • Maintaining merchandising on the display floor up up to standards and practices.
  • Responsible for maintaining an excellent rapport between consumer and associates
May 2014Sep 2015

Shift Trainer

JDB Dunkin Donuts
  • Overseeing Training of new employees.
  • Required to have extensive knowledge of standards and practices; and knowledge of the computer systems used by all employees
  • Responsible for running afternoon/ night shifts in the manager's stead
  • Assisting in handling incoming shipments via inventory control, and counts



Being present at the job, and free from outside distractions is paramount for me; As well as staying and working as long as necessary to finish the work.


Observing how myself and others work, and helping the team to see holes in performance and how to fill them

Judgment and Decision Making

Adept at evaluation of all the options available with the goal of the best outcome keeping in mind that no choice is without its set backs. 

Personal Interests

In my free time I enjoy playing and designing boardgames, the study & practice of art, reading on the topic of social psychology, and  expanding my knowledge of history be it war, civil, art, or medical.