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Proven talent for delivering results that save executives money through innovative approaches. Industry leaders from diverse sectors hire me to grow their business in role this company needs. I have been successful because of an unmatched ability to adapt to new situations, garner knowledge, gain multifaceted experience in diverse sectors, and deliver on time and under budget.


Green Dot Games


CEO & Chairman

When someone gets sick, graduates college, or goes on maternity or paternity leave, they often return to a market unable to find room for out-of-date or inexperienced talent lost during this leave. Green Dot Games sought to solve this problem by offering individuals a chance to prove themselves while working on a real project. Game design was selected because it marries myriad fields from artwork to accounting. Green Dot Games“ staff” is comprised of over 200 volunteers globally, bringing unique perspectives leading to incredible game concepts. Being mostly volunteers, Green Dot Games contributors know the meaning of hard work and loyalty and work only for that letter of recommendation.

  • Oversaw full complement of 200 full and part time volunteers.
  • Established full business plan and assisted in incorporating business.
  • Handled complete hiring processes for VP positions and HR.
  • Delicately and personally managed removal of unproductive contributors.
  • Provided complete oversight for“ Forest Heart,” Green Dot Games' first creation.




ANEVRY will solve any problem for any person or any business. Utilizing an extreme vetting process, ANEVRY develops a network of the best service providers in a plethora of fields. Customers regardless of size, budget, or industry are considered clients and work with ANEVRY to form a bond of trust while ANEVRY manages their entire project. ANEVRY aims long-term via partnerships, often turning providers into employees, and clients into providers. Unique strategies are ANEVRY's signature.

  • Employs unique business strategies growing revenue 250% in 3 years.
  • Concentrates on direct customer relations' experience.
  • Transforms difficult phone leads to sales conversions.
  • Fosters exceptional rapport with clients, employees, and partners,.

IT Consult

A fast growing healthcare technology company that develops valuable software applications and services ensuring all medical practices operate smoothly on both the patient care and business sides.

  • Resolved all issues with computers in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Worked with doctors’ issues in maintaining customers.
  • Collaborated with lead programmers on multiple software developments.
  • Expanded internal management infrastructure and server network.
  • Transitioned from this role with verifiably exceptional customer rapport



Owner & President

Micropod was a privately held Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. Sold to ANEVRY in 2008.

  • Launched business focused on print marketing and website design.
  • Developed strategies for innovative growth.
  • Utilized cutting-edge technologies to retain customers and expand.
  • Hired, trained, and managed a staff of 25 employees.
  • Sold business 2008 to ANEVRY.


  • Constantly produces unique and clever strategies in untapped markets.
  • Started first business at age eight (8).
  • Earned Eagle Scout rank, age fifteen (15).
  • Developed extensive knowledge of hardware and software technologies.
  • Constantly evolving programming skill set through personal goal setting.
  • Yearly rotating education in artificial intelligence, business management, design, education, engineering, finance, psychology, sales, and technology.


HP Life Marketing & Management (25 Courses)

HP LIFE is a global program that helps students, potential entrepreneurs and small business owners establish and grow their businesses by providing online and face-to-face training in IT and business skills.


    • Programming:
      • Java
      • C / C++ / C#
      • PHP / SQL / Javascript
      • HTML 5 & CSS 3
      • Unreal & Unity Game Engine
      • A full list is available upon request.
    • Design: Adobe Creative Suite 6
    • Content Management Systems: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
    • Marketing: Branding, Online, SEO, Social, Traditional
    • Business: Administration, Management, Reform, Startups, Sales
    • Languages: English (native), French (proficient)
    • Leadership:
      • Senior Patrol Leader (age 15-16) 2009 – 2010
      • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster 2010 - 2012
      • Adult Leader, Boy Scouts of America 2012
    • Hobbies: Multimedia creative concept, hiking, skiing, swimming
    • Volunteering: Many community service projects (1,200+ man hours since 2002).


    Michael Toomey - SciTech

    Background experience in helping academic, B2B, electronics, fiberoptic, life science, laser, medical device, optics, plastics, software, tech transfer, telecommunications, test & measurement, venture capital, water treatment and wireless technology clients ranging in size from start-ups to multinational corporations.

    SciTech's right-sourced agency model gives clients the advantage to leverage multiple marketing skills while continuity is maintained and coordinated through one source.

    Telephone: +1(508) 826 - 5900