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Master in Management (Marketing)


The ESA-BUSINESS SCHOOL of Beirut is in partnership with International universities as ESCP Europe, HEC Paris and more. My first year of Master included the theories and practices of management, then, during my second year, I chose to continue with a marketing specialization.


Bachelor in Management

USJ University Saint Joseph

Part of the oldest and most prestigious university in Lebanon, USJ allowed me to receive theoretical education to the general principles of management. Moreover, my years spent in USJ were the one that formed my maturity because it was my first steps as a responsible adult. 


French Baccalaureate

E.F.E Montaigne

This school represents my childhood, it is in this same institution that I grew up the son of the years from kindergarten to the baccalaureate. The environment of this school was quite conducive to an education which allows to have an open mind thanks to the fact that schoolchildren were from several origins, and it allowed me to grow while learning and practicing the principles of tolerance and respect for others.

Work experience

Jul 2015Present

Intern Account Executive, Production

Horizon FCB

I am currently back at Horizon FCB, I found this field very interesting and surprising, and I wanted to gain more experience. 

Mar 2015Jun 2015

Intern Consultant, Research

S2C(Strategic Communication Consultancy)

S2C supports clients in the Middle East and beyond with strategic thinking that helps enhance their communications capabilities. I learned how to designs and executes communications strategies for clients, and how to to help clients clarify, persuade and ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time. 

Jan 2015Feb 2015

Intern Account Executive, Production

Horizon FCB

Horizon FCB is an advertising agency, I was trained there as an Account Executive, acting as a link between clients and the creatives, the production and the Media Agency. Moreover, I learned how to prepare a media planning, and how to create advertising. 

Jun 2014Sep 2014

Market Analyst

Marangoss Woods Industry

Marangoss Woods Industry is based in Africa, in Benin. The company is currently in development and needed details about its competitors and the market. I realized a study describing and analyzing the market and the competitors activities.

Jun 2012Aug 2012

Intern Marketing

Middle East Airlines, Beirut, Lebanon

My internship at the MEA was really interesting, I had the opportunity to discover how the company works, details about the sectors, and I worked in the marketing department learning about pricing strategies.

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Intern Sales Executive

ATC Household, Cotonou, BENIN

This internship was about learning sales methods, customer's relations, and inventory management.



National Martial Arts Champion of Benin

INAMA (Institut National d'Arts Martiaux Academique)

I started training in Taekwondo at the age of 4 years old, at 16 years old I was black belt and I won the National Championship. Martial Arts is my biggest passion and for me, it is not a sport neither a hobby, it is truly a way of life. Later on, I trained in Muay-Thai, Karate, MMA , Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung-fu Wushu, and today, I am specialized in street self-defense Technics.


MASTER THESIS: "Importance of ethics in a marketing communication"

AZADEA Group: We conducted a research and experimental study of customer in-store behavior and merchandising at GAP-Lebanon.

Bel Group: We worked on the creation and animation of workshops that aims to develop trust and cooperation between employees.  

Interests: Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Art (drawing), Traveling, Camping, Diving, Camping.