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James Craddock

Web 3 Communities empower us to serve at our highest level.

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Faith Missionary Baptist Church

As a called Pastor, my influence is transparency while my strengths lie in productivity and progress through system efficiency.  The Lord guides my preaching, teaching and reaching through the gifts, talents and experiences he's given me. He will do the same for you simply by aligning yourself with Him around those you were called to serve in love. 



Marble Media

Using innovative strategies to build Web 3 communities and promote musicians, using governance/ social tokens and NFT's.

June 2020Current

Creator/ Founder

The Jam Room - 501C3 Non-Profit

Non-Profit Record Label; offering services from songwriting all the way through production, mixing, mastering, distribution, and promotion. 

Feb 2015Present

Creator/ Founder

4DStory promotes Web 3 businesses through the power of fictional storytelling, using my own proprietary Personaware™ and Story Integrated Marketing.®


Orchestra & Chorus Concert Coordinator

Okanogan Valley Orchestra & Chorus

Responsible for coordinating all orchestra and chorus concerts, advertising, donor interaction, media development, and on-stage presentations.

Nov 2015Nov 2018

U.S. Owner & Global Client Relations Officer

Key Difference Media (

Key Difference Media is a Content Marketing company with leading strategies and massive manpower to help create an Omniscient presence across the Internet.

With a team of 350 designers, editors and marketers we have the ability to dominate social searches and up to the first 5 pages of Google Search Results,

We repurpose content into branded assets, formatted for each social media channel and appended with a Call To Action, driving warm leads into a sales funnel.

★ Multi-channel marketing with an emphasis on social media, email marketing, copywriting, brand development, graphic design, print marketing, website management, community outreach, event marketing, copywriting, story and content strategy.

Jan 2008Apr 2015

Revenue Strategist | Sales & Marketing

EWF Marketing LLC

•       Managed website development projects
•       Created and pitched campaigns to clients
•       Built and managed campaigns in Infusionsoft
•       Maintained client relationships
•       Create and monitor social media ad campaigns

May 2006Apr 2008

Account Executive

Plaza Home Mortgage

•       Responsible for developing new broker accounts
•       Processed mortgage applications
•       Managed closing process

Oct 2005May 2006

Broker Support Team Manager

Plaza Home Mortgage

Accountable to Operations Manager and Branch Manager for reliability and responsiveness of broker service representatives while developing computer-based tools for maintaining department systems, supporting incentive programs, handling disciplinary problems, hiring and firing representatives, and motivating staff.

Oct 2003Jun 2005

Senior Assortment Strategy Analyst

West Marine

•       Accountable to the Merchandising V.P. for building analysis tools with MS Access and Excel by interfacing with data on an AS400 platform to optimize POG's and analyze existing inventory/ sales objectives.
•       Build custom databases tools for interdepartmental efficiency strategies.
•       Developed POG performance tool and product substitution forecast tool.
•       Develop Category Manager interfaces for business cell interactivity.
•       Develop and maintain attributes database for customer segmentation.
•       Designed industry-first, custom inventory multiples program, designed to maintain inventory levels
•       Logarithmically concurrent with anticipated forecasts.
•       Developed tools to parse underachieving products and systematically redistribute them throughout the chain based on store volume and greatest sales potential.
•       Decreased inventory levels by $50 mil through dog SKU analysis.

Sep 2001Oct 2003

Assistant Category Merchandiser

West Marine

•       Accountable to the buying team for the advertising, marketing, and merchandising of goods in the retail market through a store chain of more than 350 outlets. Responsible for department sales & margin goals.
•       Negotiate marketing packages totaling up to 3 million dollars in sales
•       Compose weekly advertisements for publications including magazines, flyers, and newsletters
•       Support marketing initiatives by assisting in maintaining stock levels and fill-rates at optimal levels
•       Promoted to Assistant Category Manager within 1 year
•       Promoted to Assortment Planning Analyst within 2 years

Sep 1999May 2001

Sales and Operations Manager

Sierra West Electronics

•       Small privately-owned wholesale electronics distributor- Responsible for sales growth by managing employees through motivational promotions, product & sales training.
•       Generated 1.6 million dollars in overall annual sales surpassing a $350,000 sales goal
•       Exceeded average profitability of 3O% with an impressive 42% ' 50% profitability
•       Launched highly effective sales strategy through careful competitive analysis
•       Managed 22 employees: inside/outside sales, customer service, warehouse, purchasing, A/P, HR
•       Developed an incentive program for non-sales employees based on the achievement of shipping goals
•       Ensured adequate inventory, prompt response to quotes, & technical advice to the sales force
•       Integrated multiple departments and cross-trained employees resulting in improved efficiency

Jun 1995Jul 1999

Vice President


- Factory Representative firm with 12 million dollars in annual sales in the electromechanical reed switch & relay industry- Managed  multi-million dollar accounts and developed new territories. Directly represented a dozen vendors with approximately 30-40 accounts each, Managed and trained sales forces for each vendor totaling 150 representatives. Customer base included large clients such as: SOLECTRON, 3COM, HP, TANDEM COMPUTERS, APPLE, CISCO.

Aug 1992May 1995

Sales Manager


-Private wholesale distributor of electronic components to Silicon-Valley OEMs and turnkey companies
•       Managed field and inside sales representatives to produce top sales results.
•       Performed consistently by booking $125,000 in monthly sales, exceeding the minimum $45,000
•       Focused on large vendor direct orders, 10 times larger than a typical distributor order
•       Transformed a non-existing territory to a highly profitable territory with 100 accounts
•       Established relationships with new and upcoming accounts supplying technology to growth markets
              Promoted to Sales Manager from Field Sales Engineer within a l-year period

Dec 1986Aug 1992

Aviation Electronics Technician


Maintained squadron readiness through the ground maintenance of all electronic systems aboard the P-3 Orion Submarine Hunter Aircraft as well as training with US Navy SEAL's as a candidate of BUDS in Coronado, CA.

Received commendations at squadron level as well as personal and am a veteran of the Gulf War; Operation Desert Storm.


Jan 2009Apr 2012

Bachelor of Arts

Desert Baptist Bible College

Theology degree with an emphasis on Servant Leadership

Apr 2006Feb 2007

General Education

Cabrillo College, Aptos California

General Studies, lots of writing, public speaking and critical thinking courses.  Some business and contract law classes.


Basic Underwater Demolition for SEALS


Team building, stress management, mental control, physical readiness, pain distribution, problem resolution and overcoming obstacles

Apr 1987Mar 1988

USN Applied Electronics & Comm/Nav Certifications

A-School for Basic Electronics / Specializing in Nav Comm

The Navy's "A" School surpasses the equivalence of an associates degree in basic electronics.  Nav Comm school teaches how to troubleshoot navigation and communication systems in military aircraft and vessels. Additional in-squadron computer training equated to a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.

Aug 1981Jun 1985


High School

Oldham County High School in Kentucky

Personality assessments & Transcripts



Conceptual Thinking

Seven Arenas is my model that conceptualizes the human experience into a tangible and useful asset.  I have a documented methodology for materializing these models for any application.

Creative Thinking

I designed a creative thinking model called i6estalt! that allows me to access infinite creative ideas at the drop of a hat.  As documented in my book: i6estalt! Creative Thinking Strategy, found on Amazon at:


As a Data Analyst I utilize a variety of analytical approaches to see trends, patterns and opportunities in the data, combining that with a keen ability to leverage technology to build tools that turn them into profitable potential.

Excellent Time Manager
I am an efficient multi-tasker capable of managing multiple layers of responsibility and expectation.  
Self Motivated
Once I've been tasked with a vision, nothing deters me from obtaining the goal.  Motivation isn't something you muster up, It's something that wears you out.
Sales Closer

I always exceed sales goals through tenacity, great cut stomer service, and personal attention. 

From sales to financial reports, I run a tight ship when it comes to order and neatness in my office.  I can always put my finger on any information within my circle of responsibility.
Emotionally Intelligent
A manager without emotional control is a disaster waiting to happen.  I operate steadily amidst stress, pressure, and deadlines.  
Problem Solver
I accept no excuses for missed deadlines or failed goals, I simply solve any problems opposing my vision for success.  
Confident Communicator
Listening with zeal, empathy, and clarity are the cornerstones of good communication.

Projects I've worked on or built...

The Jam Room This is a nonprofit charity musician incubator that organizes resources and distributes donated funds to empower musicians so they can produce and publish original music.

OVOC Producer - Producer of multiple off-Broadway productions presented at Omak Performing Arts Center. - A unique attribute-based digital resource for live events taking place in the Okanogan Valley, unifying artists and venues.   A website designed to facilitate bartering between local individuals.

4DStory™ - Created a Content Marketing platform built to tell fictional stories across social media for fun and profit. 

PSR News Network International - I was a Staff Reporter and Media Correspondent for an online news organization dedicated to publishing compelling stories about American life, veterans and the military.

Story Integrated Marketing (SIM) This whitepaper presents a marketing strategy I trademarked and successfully deployed as "Story Integrated Marketing®." 

Kinetic Avatars, The 8 Characters In Your Marketing Message This is a link to the sales page for the latest book I've written on story marketing. 

i6estalt! Creative Thinking Strategy  My definitive book on how to stimulate creative idea.

Leit Motif  My book that asserts corporate training could be made so much more impacting and beneficial through the use of some pretty basic fundamentals of storytelling and music.

XL7LX  A performance program built to instruct individuals on how to identify their strengths and craft a daily routine that reinforces balance in their lives. 

Afghanistan On The Bounce This is a full-colored photo journal book I was responsible for laying out and seeing through to production. 

Flippinlures An online fishing calculator tied to a replenishment model that supported a fisherman's ability to input various parameters such as water depth, weather conditions, time of year, etc to determine the most appropriate lure to use in the situation. Demonstrated to West Marine, Lowrance, Garmin and others.

My Photography Here on FineArtAmerica I post and sell my photographic works.

Developed CRM databases and analytical models with MSACCESS for small business & corporate.


My Kids



Guitar & Songwriting

Backpacking & Fishing


Trail Running, Swimming & Weightlifting



BSA Scoutmaster

Boy Scouts of America

As the Scoutmaster of Troop 60, I have grown the Troop from 4 to 20 Scouts and their families, managing all the planning, training, and motivation of each Scout. I also founded the region's first girl troop and their leaders in 2019.

Aug 2012Aug 2012

Brendon Burchard Experts Academy

An immersive one week course in the art of presenting yourself as an Expert to the world through Books, a Web Presence, Seminars and Video.  


First college recipient of Spirit of Christ service award.