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 I am an experienced, driven project engineer and architect with a history of working well under pressure and delivering challenging projects on time and within budget. Strong interpersonal and rapport building skills coupled with a natural results-oriented mentality make me an ideal choice for projects where contention between stakeholders may be problematic. I am organized, fastidious and a strong verbal and written communicator, especially with regards to technical writing where I have enjoyed nearly a decade of published written work as a technology analyst, journalist and architect.

I am an experienced project leader, having successfully implemented many long term, budgetarily constrained and mission critical projects with a 100% successful delivery on time and within budget. I am extremely well versed in vendor management, competitive negotiations, legal contract review and overall project management methodology and technique. I am seeking a challenging position where my proven skills may be utilized to best effect. 


Oct 2009Present

Lead Consultant / Technical Analyst

McTigue Analytics, LLC
  • Planned and implemented a total strategic realignment of McTigue Analytics, successfully entering the SMB technology solutions arena in less than six weeks while maintaining analytical and print revenue streams. 
  • Created meaningful partnerships with top vendors, synergistically driving customer value while firmly meeting first-year revenue goals. 
  • Closed over $120,000 in new business in 2014 singlehandedly.
  • Aggressively managed client projects, vendors and agreements to meet and exceed customer expectations. 
  • Significantly refined already solid project management skills through aggressive customer/vendor relationship management, taking charge of complex new implementation projects and driving vendor success. 
Dec 2009Oct 2013

IT Manager

Carwild Corporation
  • Successfully devised, planned and implemented a total enterprise resource planning replacement system serving over five hundred employees in two countries on time and within budget. 
  • Utilized proven communications and rapport building skills to satisfy director level stakeholders and successfully resolve conflicts. 
  • Strategically sourced high-quality hardware, consulting and labor resources at enormous savings through creative high level architecural design as well as careful management of vendor change orders. 
  • Negotiated and installed SLA protected MPLS circuits at one third of quoted cost by utilizing forceful negotiation and creatively spanning multiple company backbones to establish reliable optical communicationsfrom New London, CT to the Dominican Republic where manufacturing facilities were located.
  • Implemented the project on time and in budget despite the timetable being pushed forward six months by executive management. S
  • Successfully orchestrated a bilingual training  program to run concurrently with implementation to educate workers on over fifty new labor tracking terminals. 
  • Implemented a fully virtualized, Mitel IP telephony system concurrently with the ERP project. 
  • Successfully completed numerous other projects including XenServer 5.5 to VMware vSPhere 5 total infrastructure migration, exchange and Active Directory migration to Windows server system 2012/exchange 2013. Devised automated failure responses for ERP systems using Systems Center Orchestrator. 
  • Tested failover to Phoenix Nap cloud storage variously using using both Veaam and Zerto driven by Microsoft Systems Center Orchestrator. 
Mar 2006Dec 2009

Sr. Virtualization & Systems Engineer

New England Systems
  • Collaborated with customer stakeholders and internal sales resources to deliver cutting-edge technical pre-sales, design and implementation services for diverse organizations in government, private sector and non-profit.
  • Successfully virtualized thousands of physical servers on ESX 2.0 before Microsoft supported Active Directory or Exchange in virtual environments. 
  • Successfully designed and implemented a twenty node, managed Juniper wide area network topology including intrusion detection and deep packet inspection as well as centralized logging of IDS data via Juniper Netscreen Security Manager, Snort, RHEL and Sawmill custom reporting. 
  • Successfully designed, planned and implemented a CJIS / FIPS compliance initiative, addressing all major compliance issues present at a large municipal police organization; defended the organization successfully against audit by the FBI. 
  • Utilized Synchronous and Asynchronous replication techniques, VMware Site Recovery Manager, Microsoft System Center Orchestrator and ESX ranger to implement warm site disaster recovery programs includisve of crucial documentation and regular testing procedures. 
  • Drew on proven analytical and strategic skills to drive project success and customer satisfaction, acquiring new skills as needed to meet project requirements.
  • Earned a reputation as the "engineer of last resort" as a result of consistently resolving high-pressure, unplanned crisis situations for clients without failure. 
Mar 2003Dec 2009

Virtualization and

Advance Computing Solutions - Previously Shoreline Technologies
  • Progressed from a desktop technician to a  systems engineer in less than one year; became an A+, Security+, MCSE+ Security. 
  • Responsible for identifying opportunities, writing proposals and implementing effective small business solutions with minimal oversight. 
  • Extensive Residential experience, Desktop Repair, evolving into serious network engineering and configuration of Managed DSL services and active directory network engineering for public safety projects. 
  • Became VMware certified in 2004, becoming one of the first engineers in the state of Connecticut to lead large server consolidation projects for  both public and private sector clients. Virtualized over 100 servers at New London Public School System without significant issue despite severely antiquated equipment and Microsoft's refusal to support any applications on virtualized platforms at that time. 

Education and Certifications

Jan 2003Present

MCSE + Security 2003 Server System


Remains current for Windows Server System 2003. I have significant experience on all server versions of windows through 2012 R2 but haven't yet recertified to current. 


Quickbooks Online & Enterprise Pro-Advisor

Jan 2003Present

Security+ - A+

Jan 2001Jan 2001

Partial Associates Degree

Southern Connecticut State University

Pre-med Biology

Journalism & Written Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis, Article Writing, Blogging, Content Strategy.

2005 - Present

Extensive journalistic experience as a content developer, technical analyst, white paper author, statistical analyst and voice in the IT community.



VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, Network Virtualization, Qemu, Open Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, Docker

Windows Server System

From SS 2000 through 2012R2 & Exchange 2013. 

Active Directory

Including integration with OpenDirectory, Security design on RODC's and Novell. 

Firewalls, Security Hardening

JunOS, ScreenOS, CiscoIOS, Cisco PIX & ASA, Sonicwall, Palo Alto, Watchguard, Snort, Smoothwall, Software Defined Network Appliances. 

Customer Service

A consulting career requires excellent customer service and communications skills. 

Data Center Design & Implementation

Experience on every framework of datacenter deployment from IBM system Z & I to commodity x86 with software defined storage and networking. 

Technical Writing

Technical analysis, meticulous documentation. 

Compliance & Auditing

Experience with HIPAA, CJIS & FIPS, ISO13485, Sarbanes Oxley. Assisted or directly lead compliance mandates for customers in various public, private and non-profit industries. 

Digital Marketing & Content Strategy

Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Use of Analytics to accurately mesure conversions and adapt market strategy accordingly. 

Linux Server Systems

Centos, Arch, Scientific, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, CoreOS, Mandriva, FreeBSD

Enterprise Systems Deployment

Linux, Windows Server System, Solaris, Novell and integrations between them. 

Social Networking & Marketing

Keyword Analysis, Influencer Strategy, Inbound Strategy, Leading Tools and Strategies to drive Conversion. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Early and continuous involvement with VDI and later View and XenDesktop have kept this skill at peak competency. 

Technical Analysis

Performed detailed, statistically relevant cost benefit comparisons, technical suitability assays and general technical analysis including client facing technology planning. 

Cloud Computing

OpenStack, OpenNebula, Eucalyputs, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Vagrant, Redit, MongoDB, CouchDB, Serf.


Lifetime knowledge of VMware ESX & ESXi. View, Lab Manager, SRM, Horizon, Cloud Suite. The only area of deficit is in network virtualization on the Nicira acquisition and my exams are scheduled. Special expertise in hybrid cloud. 

Disaster Recovery

Planned, Implemented and Tested Geographic hot & warm site failover for several projects throughout my career. Extensively analyzed innovative options for InformationWeek magazine as new options became available. 

Contract Negotiation

Personally trained by an expert civil attorney in the UCC, natural aptitude for law. 

Technical Purchasing

Leverage Competitive Bid Processes to Dramatically reduce the cost of equipment and to pick apart solutions to find lesser costs. 

Inside Sales

Excellent listening skills, propose solutions in response to client compliants with a near 100% close rate. 


XenServer 5.5 & 6, XenDesktop 5 & 6, Metaframe XP, Presentation Server Farm Configuration 3 & 4. XenApp when rebranded. 

Marketing Copy

Highly effective bbut not perfect. 

Wide Area Networking

Some deficiencies in BGP and SONET configuration on Cisco equipment but conceptual understanding  allows me to be effective anyway. 

IT Operations

ITIL Foundation Coursework, Service Delivery Maxim and Strong work ethic. 


Well versed in Epicor 9/10, Netsuite, JD Edwards. Successfully implemented E9 nearly solo. 


APIs, Restful, SOAP, JSON

Data Center

Top of Rack, Cooling & Power Design, Security Infrastructure, RBAC. 

Enterprise Networking

Infiniband, Fiber 4, 8. Sas 3, 6. iSCSI 1GBe & 10GBe. 

IT Management

Strong leadership but delegation skills not yet ideal. 

Consensus Building Skills

Team builder, listener, fastidious note taker and strong followup. 

Cold Calling

High appointment rate. 


Successfully prospected over $100,000 in new business with less than $1000 in marketing expenses. 


100% Close Rate (Last 18 Months)

Business Intelligence

TSQL, Crystal Reports, SSRS



Qualifying Opportunities

Strong listening skills, total analysis of client position leads to comprehensive solutions specification and frequent upsells. 


Originally strong on PIX / ASA. A refresher course is in order. 


Originally strong on ScreenOS & NSM. Mostly still present. 

Business Process Analysis

UML modeling competency. ERP implementations are process driven from start to finish. Singularly responsible for modeling and approving every departmental process adopted during E9 implementation. 

Project Management

Lack of formal education, detail oriented, big picture driven, bottom-line aware. PMP credential should correct any remaining deficits. 


Strong leader but difficulties delegating to staff I feel are under qualified. 

Social Media


Keri Canon / Senior Principal Scientist; Safety Pharmacology (CNS) at Pfizer, Inc.

I've had the great pleasure of working with Jasmine over the last two years. Jasmine possesses all the core qualities would one looks for in a high-performing, career-driven individual. Jasmine is innovative, has incredible business acumen and professional awareness, possesses a high degree of functional and technical expertise, and, most importantly, is very change agile which allows her to adapt rapidly to changing situations. I highly recommend Jasmine for any task you may be considering--I'm fully confident that not only will she accomplish your request, she will do so above and beyond your expectations.

Christopher Bylone / Human Resources Professional

I have had the pleasure of working with Jasmine during my time on the Board of outCT. She is was the goto person when it came to setting a path forward for the organization when it came to our technology strategy. I found Jasmine to be a person to throws all her passion into the work she does! Having Jasmine on your team will be the sure fire way that your team will run circles around the teams when it comes to the technical know how!

I am looking forward to the time that I can work with Jasmine again in professional capacity. Until then, I am honored to call her a friend!

Kia Baird / Employment Specialist and Job Developer

Jasmine is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She is an asset to our board of directors and continues to support all of us in our tech needs.

Diance Corona / Sales Professional

I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine at NSI, her knowledge and compassion for getting to the root of customer issues and solving each in a timely and professional manner is impeccable. Her grasp of the IT world, new technologies and the ability to embrace and excel in its ever changing realm are remarkable, she'd be an asset to any team.

David Griffin / IT Manager, Medsorb Dominicana S.A.

Jasmine McTigue, is a great IT Professional, She is very intelligent, hardworking, humanitarian.

Certifications in Process

In Process

  • VMware VCIX-NV (Scheduled, 2016)
  • PMP 
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing
  • Hootsuite Social Media 


  • VMware VCIX-CMA
  • VMware VCIX-DCV 
  • CISA
  • PMP
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Video Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • VMware VCDX-CMA, DCV, NV

Personality and Aptitude Exams

Various personality tests including the MBTI, Cultureworks Motivation Assessment, Rainmakers Sales Aptitude and Gallup Strengths Finder.