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Jason Kringen

Software Engineer / Web Developer


Experienced Software Engineer / Web Developer well versed in a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies.

Work History


Software Engineer

Sonifi Solutions, Inc.

Architected and developed interactive applications that offer services to the hospitatility industry such as Video On Demand, room service, folio review, checkout, etc. All of these applications were intefaced with on a TV/Set Top Box or mobile device. The various applications were developed utilizing Flash for legacy systems, Haxe, JavaScript, AngularJS, TypeScript, and Java.

Designed software build systems using 3rd party technologies like Gulp, Webpack, etc. Also designed some custom build systems using Python & various Python libraries.

To support the interactive applications, I also worked on multiple back-end services/applications such as daemons, scripts running via cron, shell scripts, SQL database design (MySQL & Postgresql), Redis databases, RESTful APIs, etc.

Setup multiple Continuous Integration systems running Jenkins/Build Bot for runnning unit tests on projects as soon as code is updated in the repository, creating builds after successful unit testing, and other various tasks.

Worked on a project where I designed & co-developed a streaming media platform to deliver adaptive streaming video on demand content to the hospitality industry. For this project, I designed an automated content encoding workflow system meant to automate the processing & encoding of video files using Python, RabbitMQ, and various Python libraries. I also architected & developed the client side application which was written in AngularJS & TypeScript.


CEO, Software Engineer / Web Developer

JMK Development, LLC

I created JMK Development, LLC to pursue other projects & clients aside from my Pearson work at the time. I created a variety of websites and web applications. Over the history of this company I worked heavily with Actionscript (2.0 and 3.0), PHP, ASP, Python, SQL databases, Flash Remoting technology, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, RED5, Javascript, and Java. I also worked quite heavily on a project to create the first Flash Actionscript API for R.E.T.S MLS systems. It was designed and completed with the purpose to allow Flash applications to communicate directly with any MLS real estate servers in the states. Varying projects also required me to setup & manage various web servers including Windows IIS and Linux/Unix Apache stacks. As part of business I also hosted some client websites myself and was responsible for managing multiple servers running Plesk to manage domains & websites.


Software Engineer / Technical Lead Manager

Pearson Digital Learning

Worked as a lead developer and/or technical lead manager on multiple E-Learing SCORM compliant educational software. We developed educational software designed to run on the desktop and over the web. We used Actionscript (2.0 and 3.0) to develop the actual courseware applications with Java and SQL databases to support the backend. All content was also fully SCORM compliant and designed to run on any SCORM compliant management system. On one of my later projects, I was the lead technical manager responsible for designing & implementing central logic of the application as well as managing a team of 4 developers located in Salt Lake City, whose responsibility was to develop the template content that the courseware system would interact with.


Web Developer, IT, Sales

Trustee Services of Arizona

Worked as a Sales Manager & also general IT person. As a Sales Manager I was responsible for coordinating over 200+ daily sales of foreclosure auctions all over the state of Arizona by telephone & email. I utilized a custom application that I wrote for the company to track & monitor sales. As their IT person I saw to the maintenance of their network, computer software & hardware issues, and also was responsible for the programming & maintenance of their various websites. The websites were designed with Actionscript, ASP, and MySQL databases.