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Creative and innovative software engineer with experience in the medical device, social media, e-commerce and global navigation industries. Experience leading and managing highly technical and remote teams to solve challenging problems and provide quality products in heavily regulated environments. Experience implementing manufacturing and distribution processes for software products.


  • Expert: Firebase, Android, Java, Node.js, Javascript, Kotlin, Linux, C++, OpenGL/ES, Git, Image Processing, Visualization
  • Proficient in: HTML, GLSL, Gradle, Ant, XML, SQL, Qt, Boost
  • Familiar with: Flutter, Ruby, ITK/VTK, Windows, MATLAB, GPGPU, OpenCV, C#, JavaScript, Python


  • DevOps, Agile Development, Scrum, KanBan, Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Cross Platform Development, Hardware Abstraction, Localization, Optimization
  • Design Patterns, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Multi-Threading, UML

Work experience


Principal and Consultant

BlueYeti Software
  • Organizational bootstrapping for technology startups
  • Proof of concept projects and rapid prototyping
  • Custom mobile Android development in Java, Flutter and Kotlin
  • Serverless Node.js backend development utilizing cloud function architectures such as Firebase and AWS

Head of Engineering

  • Recruited remote development team responsible for mobile applications, backend infrastructure, and web development
  • Coordinated and managed resources for remote teams in the United States, India, Nigeriaand Canada
  • Conducted technical due diligence for potential business partnerships and collaboration opportunities
  • Developed mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • Developed serverless cloud backend in Node.js 
  • Architected analytics platform for capturing user sentiment and providing real time feedback to business partners
  • Designed horizontally scalable backend platform while optimizing the operational cost of the Staance platform

Software Engineering Manager

Trimble Navigation
  • Direct manager for 5-10 full time employees and contractors
  • Software liaison to hardware manufacturing teams in Taiwan
  • Coordinated and managed resources for remote teams in India, New Zealand, Spain, and California
  • Created custom Android (AOSP) firmware installations for proprietary systems
  • Developed and built a proprietary software distribution system for mobile automation displays
  • Created a Developer Network program to allow partner companies and external programmers to develop and deploy products for our proprietary agricultural automation platform
  • Technical lead for a team of ~30 engineers and contractors
  • Developed and launched the TMX product line as a proprietary Android device capable of agricultural vehicle automation
  • Developed and launched the Mobile MMX product line into the EU market as a low cost entry system
  • Designed software architecture for next generation products replacing legacy systems
  • Created and managed development schedules and resources
  • Hired and built a development team in Colorado capable of Android firmware development
  • Developed a high performance mobile rendering engine for mapping and navigation

Lead Software Engineer

Medtronic Navigation
  • Technical lead for a group of ~25 engineers, participating on a team focused on system architecture and technical mentoring
  • Technical lead for the imaging team focused on image processing and visualization
  • Developed advanced visualization features including digitally reconstructed radiographs (DRR), virtual endoscopy, volumetric contouring, and volumetric deformation
  • Developed algorithms for brain segmentation, image registration, and shape rasterization
  • Developed dynamic cutting plane algorithm that allows the overlay of image segmentation contours over ultrasound imagery

Software Engineer

Medtronic Navigation
  • Designed and developed hardware accelerated rendering engine for 2D/3D applications
  • Exploited 3D texturing hardware to perform reconstruction of volumetric datasets
  • Employed methods for image segmentation, direct volume rendering, shaded surface display, image compression, and large data management
  • Designed and developed a surgical application for the implantation of artificial discs
  • Attended international trade shows to exhibit new products
  • Improved software products through observation of live surgeries
  • Developed image guided surgery applications for spinal fusion utilizing fluoroscopic imaging
  • Prototyped imageless guidance application for pedicle screw alignment and rod placement



Math & Computer Science - Post Graduate

Colorado School of Mines
  • Digital signal processing including morphology and compression
  • Computational geometry with a focus on optimization and data structures

Math & Computer Science - Bachelor of Science

Colorado School of Mines
  • Colorado School of Mines Dean’s List
  • Emphasis on computer graphics theory, 3D modeling, and constructive geometry
  • Research project using potential field theory to model electromagnetic fields
  • Studied calculus, statistics, differential equations, and linear algebra
  • Additional engineering coursework in electromagnetic physics and electrical circuits

Patents & Presentations

Multi-Configuration Tracking Array

  • Patent: 11708152
  • Utilized a multi-faceted array of reflective spheres / powered lights to allow an infrared camera to determine the unique assembly of surgical devices being tracked

Electromagnetic Instrument Identification

  • Patent: 11708159
  • Exploited the unique electromagnetic signature of different surgical devices to detect when they were being utilized in the surgical field

Volumetric Contour Visualization – MDT S&T Conference

  • Developed a novel method for allowing surgeons to study internal cranial structures and pathologies without obscuring their view with anatomical surface data
  • Technique used local image gradients in CT scans to highlight prominent surfaces

Build System Deployment – MDT SW/FW Conference

  • Presented lessons learned during the deployment of a build system leveraging BJAM

GPU Hardware Abstraction – MDT SW/FW Conference

  • Presented a unique approach to achieving cross-platform graphics performance


Trimble Technical Innovation Award

  • Conceived of a project and led the team to develop a secure license delivery system utilizing QR codes

Medtronic Navigation Technical Excellence Award

  • Prototyped an image segmentation algorithm that enabled a virtual endoscopy solution for surgical planning

ATO Fraternity National Philanthropy Award (Vice President / Philanthropy Chair)

  • Enacted numerous initiatives to increase community participation within our chapter
  • Started an elementary school tutoring program with an inner city school in Denver
  • Encouraged chapter members to volunteer as youth sports coaches