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Work experience

LExia Learning Systems, LLC.
August 2021May 2022

Software Engineer (Backend)

  • Mid-level software engineer working primarily on backend API development and data manipulation for myLexia. myLexia is teacher-facing software with data and analytics on student learning progress and in home learning applications.
  • Languages used: PHP, JS, SQL (MySQL), Python, Bash
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Aug 2015June 2021

Systems/Software Engineer V

  • Java development on the OneView data center management solution, JavaScript on frontend, PostgreSQL on database backend.  Trusted as a product-wide database reviewer and as a broad subject specialist.
  • Feature development within an agile scrum team, familiar with Rally, QUIX, Jira, ReviewBoard, and Confluence Wiki for story/defect management.
  • Worked within a Linux environment using Git for version control, and Gerrit for reviewing and checking in new code.
Total Benchmark Solution, LLC
Jan 2015Jul 2015

Software Development Intern

  • Developing in PHP using a framework similar to CakePHP (MVC PHP framework) for web applications providing benchmark comparison analytics for large collections of medical data
  • Testing applications for functionality and efficiency, reviewing and submitting tickets, executing SQL audits to ensure data accuracy


Colorado State University
Aug 2010May 2015

Bachelors of Science - Computer Science

CSU Computer Science coursework focuses heavily on Java and C++ for upper-division classes, as well as some Python for algorithm modeling. Database classes were electives taken so I could achieve necessary knowledge in SQL.



Object-oriented programming in Java, development testing with JUnit Test Framework for high coverage, and Spring/SpringBoot frameworks.


Experience with MySQL alongside of PHP for web application development, as well as PostgreSQL work at HPE.


Object-oriented PHP development using MVC framework similar to CakePHP.  Recent experience with Laravel framework.


Worked in a Javascript front-end environment on HPE OneView, and have used React throughout personal web projects.

Relevant Coursework

Completed: Distributed Systems, Big Data, System Security, Software Development Methods, Networks & the Internet, Algorithms: Theory & Practice, Business Database Systems, Problem Solving with C++, System Architecture and Software, Object-Oriented Programming, Computer Organization, Algorithms & Data Structures, Calculus I & II, Matrices and Linear Equations, Statistics, Introduction to Java Programming.

School Projects

Networks & The Internet

  • DNS Resolver - C++, sending DNS requests for given hostnames to DNS servers via UDP.  All requests were iterated through manually (from root) from DNS Answer sections, and sent new queries to learned servers.  All packets were manually structured and required understanding of RFC 1035 regarding DNS query formatting.  Similar to 'dig'.
  • Anonymous GET - C++, anonymous retrieval of data at a given URL through a chain of servers.  Request for GET is sent through n-servers until querying the web server itself, then the file is transmitted back through the chain to the original requester without making file copies along the way.
  • Client/Server Chat - C++, initial understanding of TCP connections between a server and client with data passing through the network via network data formats.

Distributed Systems

  • Routing Packets Within a Structured Peer-to-Peer Network Overlay - Java, implement routing schemes from a constructed logical overlay of a distributed set of nodes.  A single registry keeps track of all nodes and provides routing tables for messaging nodes.  Tested for millions of packets sent from each node with successful receiving on other nodes.

Big Data

  • Creating N-gram Profile for a Corpus - Java, extracting unigrams and bigrams of words in a large dataset of e-books, computing frequency of each and number of volumes the n-grams are contained in.  Output is then sorted in alphabetical order and by year of publishing.  Implemented using Hadoop, MapReduce (Java), and YARN resource management.


2014 Windward Code Wars Colorado State University - Winner

  • Coding required finding a solution for taxis picking up CEOs at different businesses and taking them to their required destinations.
  • Wrote code in Java (had options of Java, C++, or Python APIs)
  • Wrote the shortest path algorithm that lead our team to victory over 5 other teams at Colorado State University.
  • Nationally ranked approximately 12th place when put up against other schools.

Online Resume

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