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  • Software Engineer with extensive experience in the full life cycle of software design, including requirements definition, design, prototyping, proof of concept, testing, deployment and maintenance.
  • Detail-oriented fast learner able to pick up new skills, technologies and languages quickly and without training, and willing to take on projects from others that require maintenance.
  • Have acted as both Lead and Manager, and am comfortable whether leading a team or acting as an individual contributor.


Method and system for secure mobile device number lookup and modification

United States 8995992                                               Issued March 31, 2015

Devised and implemented streamlined method to add and remove services from mobile devices

Technical Expertise

Languages Java, Node.JS/ Javascript , Python, C#, C, SQL, NoSQL/Mongo, HTML

Databases Oracle, MySQL, Mongo, Sybase

AWS Technologies Lambda, EC2, S3, Athena

Concepts Agile Development, Unit, Module & System Level Testing, Multiprocess synchronization, Compression

Software Docker, Looker, Datadog, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Jenkins, Selenium, Postman, SoapUI, Maven, GIT, SVN

Work History

Sep 2018Jul 2019

Sr. Test Engineer

  • Integral part of Place Exchange ( Engineering team, developing and testing back-end applications that generate real-time auctions of Out-Of-Home advertising spaces
  • Worked on integrations with Supply-Side and Demand-Side partners onto our platform, including pre-integration deployment and monitoring of simulator for prime outdoor advertiser making displaying ads hosted at a top-level Demand-Side Platform (DSP) in a major NYC location, as we worked towards a multi-million dollar partnership 
  • Deployed Supply-Side Simulator as a Python-based serverless lambda on AWS to start auctions on a scheduled basis in our platform and generate proof-of-play events, for monitoring DSP activity, validating third-party ad server functionality, and to aid in the process of integrating with new partners
  • Developed Demand-Side Simulator, which consisted of a Python-based lambda and a Postman Workspace that included Collections defined with Tests written in Javascript
  • Led integration testing efforts, coordinating with other teams at Intersection, both locally and remotely
  • Used Looker and Datadog for viewing activity in our platform and alerting when specific types of activities fell below defined specified thresholds
May 2018Aug 2018

QE Architect / Consultant

  • Quality Engineering Architect helping to modernize testing methodology within Retirement Technology in Prudential
  • Developed Java-Based BDD Framework so Feature Files can account for complex set of inputs and validation points
  • Worked closely with Product and Development to develop language of Feature Files that will work for each stage of the SDLC and improve both Unit Testing and Functional Automation, leveraging Service-Level Testing written as Soap UI scripts
  • Evangelized Quality throughout the organization, work towards training Quality Assurance Analysts to become Quality Engineers, and ensuring Quality Engineering drives / manages all aspects of Functional and Non-Functional Testing
  • Traveled regularly to Scranton to help spread the transformation from QA to Quality Engineers
Feb 2017Feb 2018

QA Manager

LearnVest / Northwestern Mutual
  • Hands-On Manager leading separate teams locally and remotely to deliver products for both Northwestern Mutual and LearnVest as part of Northwestern Mutual’s technological reinvention
  • Developed dockerized BDD test frameworks in Java and Javascript
  • Tested Northwestern Mutual products used by Insurance Field Representatives to manage their Clients’ and Prospects’ products
  • Tested LearnVest products used by Financial Planners and their customers to manage their money
  • Travelled regularly to the Northwestern Mutual Home Office in Milwaukee to meet with my direct reports, as well as developers, product owners and other stakeholders
  • Learned back-end mainframe systems data was migrating from to the cloud, exercised services and executed queries for data that was being populated on new front-end applications
May 2016Dec 2016

QA Manager / Lead

New York Stock Exchange
  • Hands-On Manager leading separate teams locally and remotely to deliver products for Edge Systems of Stock Exchange
  • Managed teams testing Ticker Plant applications and Web-Based applications to handle accounts for users accessing data feeds
  • Managed team and took part in actively testing applications providing data feeds from different Matching Engines to customers
  • Tested data feeds applications via automated replay/capture tool, modifying tests to include data from new applications
  • Expanded automated testing of data feeds applications for dynamic testing of Post-Trade file creation and core functionality verifying correct handling of FIX messages, failover, production data replay and capacity
  • Participated in activity to improve QA relations with Operations team, and relieve some of the pain points of Operations, working with Dev, SE and Operations teams to reduce number of extraneous Application Alerts by 90%
Feb 2014Apr 2016

VP/Sr. QA Engineer Lead

JP Morgan
  • Lead Global QA team testing application displaying Risk for a Portfolio of Equity Derivatives
  • Lead Engineer of C# SpecFlow framework to automate testing of Derivative Portfolio application
  • Perform batch testing of distributed application calculating Risk for lists of Equity Derivatives, and serving as a data feed for several other applications, including the one for Derivative Portfolios
  • Lead Engineer of Node.JS web application serving as a portal for several different testing efforts
  • Create Test Suites and Sets in ALM, and used them to run QTP scripts remotely to execute Specflow tests.
Jan 2013Jan 2014

Sr. QA Engineer

Thomson Reuters
  • Work as part of Development Team to automate testing of Search capabilities with the Eikon Financial Market Analysis and Trading Platform.
  • Develop Java Cucumber BDD Testing Framework, both for the automated generation of BDD files as well as the running of BDD tests and customized reporting of results.
  • Extend Testing Framework to execute service-level HTTP request/response tests, in addition to Selenium browser testing, keeping several projects’ frameworks in sync.
  • Integrate with Jenkins CI Tool and Maven Repository, developing and running tests in close conjunction with development projects.
  • Debug test runs on Jenkins Linux box to troubleshoot issues when sending commands to phantomjs headless web browser.
  • Extend Java BDD framework, to include the testing of additional Search components within Eikon, for use by QA team in the UK, and to transition their tests from Ruby to Java.

  • Interact with QA team in the UK to collaborate on cross-component testing and other projects, working in conjunction with them for common reporting mechanism.
  • Work closely with Developers and Product Managers to come up with the best approach to testing advanced search algorithms.
  • Take part in daily Standup Sessions, and regular Sprint Planning, Demo and Review Meetings.
Apr 2011Jan 2013

Sr. QA Engineer

  • Lead Team of QA Engineers automating testing of iDesk, a Digital Advertising Campaign Management Platform.
  • Design, Develop and Deploy TestNG/Selenium WebDriver Test Harness with Custom-Built centralized Test Management components to execute tests on distributed set of Test Client machines.
  • Develop and deploy Mongo Database to parameterize data for test scripts.
  • Extend Test Harness to work on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.
  • Oversee development of other Test Harness components, including a PHP web interface for creating and managing Test Cases.
  • Improve ease of use of Axe Keyword Management Tool for QA Analysts and Engineers, integrating Axe into Java Test Harness along with Selenium, JDBC components and scripts interacting with Native Operating Systems.
  • Perform Load and Performance testing of API via SoapUI, extending tool w/Groovy scripts and integrating it with UI Test Harness.
  • Work closely with QA Analysts, Developers and Product Departments to ensure automation is providing as much value to the company as possible.
  • Take part in daily Standup Sessions, and regular Sprint Planning, Demo and Review Meetings.
Mar 2010Apr 2011

QA Engineer - Core

  • Develop Test Harness in Java to validate functionality and performance for High-Demand Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Targeting System for Online Advertising Demand-Side Platform (DSP).
  • Develop and run tests to verify complex algorithms to calculate value of ad space and scheduling of ad placement based of selected pacing.
  • Integrate Test Harness with Zephyr Test Case Management Tool via SOAP, and Hudson Continuous Integration Tool with JUnit Tests.
  • Extend Test Harness to execute JavaScript and validate updates created by Media Operations Dept, distributed to Dept. for them to test their updates.
  • Deploy builds in QA and UAT environments for review by QA and Product Management Depts.
  • Work closely with Developers to debug issues and suggest possible root causes and resolutions.
  • Take part in daily Standup Sessions, and regular Sprint Planning, Demo and Review Meetings.
Jun 2009Mar 2010

KForce Consultant

Verizon Wireless
  • Lead projects to verify functionality of WindowsMobile applications.
  • Assist on projects for Blackberry, Android, and BREW devices.
  • Develop process and initiate patent application for device data retrieval and updates.
  • Create and deploy Servlet and Local Client to retrieve and update mobile device data via XML over HTTP.
  • Began porting of device data retrieval/update tool to Google Web Toolkit.
  • Use Android SDK and Eclipse tools to analyze device logs and heap dumps.
Mar 2007Apr 2009

Software Engineer

Antenna Software
  • Design and deploy Java and Javascript components for Server Application extracting, transforming and encrypting Enterprise data from multiple sources and delivering it to multiple wireless device platforms.
  • Design and deploy new C gateway applications and took on task of maintaining those from previous employees.
  • Design and deploy XSLT-based client/server simulator to assist in coding and testing of device applications.
  • Lead project for Oracle validation of mobile application.
  • Create and distribute application design documents.
  • Address bugs reported by QA, forwarding issues to Web Services provider when needed and ensuring issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Train QA in use of software for testing applications.
  • Work closely with web services providers and device application developers in designing transactions.
  • Send application builds to customers and assisted with deployment.
  • Deploy and maintain software from application partners for use by development, QA and Sales Engineers.
  • Take part in meetings at client sites to review requirements and discuss our applications’ capabilities.
  • Assist customers with correcting issues with application partner software.
  • Install server applications and configure databases for development projects.
Nov 2004Mar 2007

Quality Assurance Engineer

Antenna Software
  • Write and execute Functionality, Load and Performance Test Cases to certify application on wireless device, transport of data through gateway, and transformation into data in the customer’s Enterprise database.
  • Take part in requirements reviews and customer testing of applications at client sites, both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Create and configure test environments.
  • Work with rest of QA team to develop and present plan for a smoother and more efficient Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Research and learn use of automated testing tools to improve process for testing of mobile applications.
  • Investigate and follow up with customers on issues they report during and after testing.
Jun 2004Nov 2004

Quality Assurance Consultant

Verizon Wireless
  • Formalize and document testing process to verify that cell phone vendors implement critical applications via Qualcomm’s BREW platform in conformance to industry-wide and Verizon-specific standards.
  • Configure devices for testing, run tests, and retrieve logs from phones across a wide variety of platforms to produce appropriate reports.
  • Assist in the development of Verizon’s Requirements for vendors’ software submissions, and communicate any lack of compliance to these requirements to Verizon, the vendors and Qualcomm.
Mar 2001Jun 2004

QA Analyst

GoAmerica Communications
  • Verify functionality and ease of use of large number of applications across wide variety of mobile platforms.
  • Initiate communication with Marketing and Tech Support departments to keep informed of customer needs and complaints.
  • Work constantly with other departments to develop best solutions for customer needs and complaints, offering alternatives when necessary.
Jul 1999Mar 2001

Technical Support Representative

GoAmerica Communications
  • Assisted customers in use of software, modems and services via telephone and E-Mail.
  • Trained new Technical Support Representatives.
  • Tested and troubleshooted devices to prepare them for shipment to customers and for use at trade shows.
  • Determined future usability of devices returned as defective by customers.



Master of Science

Pace University

Member, Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society

GPA: 3.98