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Teaching Philosophy Statement

During my years as an undergraduate student, I have always enjoyed helping others while in school.  Many times, I would come across students who had a difficult time with research or needing assistance with using the computer.  Classmates would usually turn to me for either advice or may need a helping hand in creating a resume.  My talent for helping and motivating others continued even during my graduate studies.

While obtaining my first MBA degree, my first professor had a tremendous impact in the way I approach my studies.  The professor would use unique visuals and actively participate in fun scenarios which helped me to connect key concepts to real life situations.  This professor truly introduced me to ways of approaching assignments to effective research methods through PowerPoint presentations. It was then; I learned to be a good critical-thinker through role playing scenarios and educational activities.  After completing my first master's degree, I continued substitute teaching and working my own tutoring business. 

My passion for teaching began to grow further, so I decided go get a second master's degree in elementary education.  After taking the first course, my professor's influence from the MBA program sparked a sincere desire in teaching adult learners.  While looking through the school's course catalog, I began searching for a major that would point me in that direction. 

My skills and talents to motivating, tutoring, mentoring, and advising continued to be my strong suit.  However, I lacked the ability in creating a syllabus to lesson plans to creating an instructional plan and much more.  The second degree with emphasis in adult education and training allowed me to strengthen my areas of weakness.  Now, I have the necessary skills I need to become an effective teacher, mentor, advisor, tutor, and facilitator. 

During my spare time, I go and speak with undergraduate students and share with them ways in being successful in college as well as graduate school.  In addition, I have volunteered my time in substituting for a professor to working with students on campus.  I take pleasure in helping students in reaching their goals and becoming effective problem-solvers. 

My aim as an educator is to help as many students as I can to develop the skills and tools needed to be successful in college and in life.  I would employ techniques that deal with different learning styles.  Students, also bring lifelong experiences which can impact the way they retain and apply information. 

Finally, I tend to explore and implement other methods and strategies that will produce an environment conducive to learning. Respecting and understanding the adult learner are powerful tools in producing a successful academic atmosphere.  In turn, the students will find the class there in useful and productive.


While completing my second master's degree, my spare time was spent volunteering at Chicago State University shadowing my undergraduate professor. This wonderful experience enabled me to gain experience in working with adult learners. I have had opportunities in which I filled in the professor's absence. In addition, I have tutored and assisted some of the undergraduate students who needed assistance during their academic studies. Being able to work with adult learners is a strong desire I have and is one of the reasons for completing a degree in this field.  However, I am open to venturing in other fields of interest that can utilize my skills and talents I have gain from previous employers.

Work experience

May 2004Present

Self employed

Jeanine Jenkins Educational Services

*Help students improved their knowledge relating reading, math, and writing

*Taught students effective study skills

*Provided an overall assessment regarding students’ progress

*Incorporated computerized programs to allow students to keep track of areas of strengths and weaknesses

Nov 2009Present


Jeanine Jenkins Desktop Publishing and Educational Services

Provide affordable desktop publishing services for individuals, students, professionals and small businesses.

*Create business cards, greeting cards, letterheads, presentations and much more

*Provide consulting services for clients for document selections

*Utilize all various software in providing a professional and quality product.

*Handle and direct all financial transactions within established company PayPal account

Apr 2009Present

Independent Educator

WiZiQ Education Online

*Create and host live online sessions both public and privately on areas relating to education and desktop publishing

*Work with elementary students through privately paid held session conducted by myself

*Work with potential clients in conducting private business online.

*Provide necessary assessment tools such as test and uploaded documents as needed for public and private use

Nov 2008Feb 2009

Professional Tutor

Huntington Learning Center

*Assessed 2nd and 3rd grade students in order to determine reading levels

*Assisted students independently and as a group with reading literacy improvement

*Administered testing and grading reports of each students final reading progress

*Recorded student reading scores and daily progress

Jun 2006Nov 2008

Professional Tutor

Tutors of America

*Conducted a skill and placement testing prior tutoring needs

*Worked one-on-one with clients in their home in math and reading

*Tutored clients in grades kindergarten through college based on certain subject areas

*Assigned clients with light assignments in strengthening areas of weakness

Jul 2008Aug 2008


Octavio Paz Charter School

*Assessed student knowledge level through test scores

*Instructed and implemented role-modeled strategies help students improve academically

*Incorporated curriculum based instruction into real world concepts to help students learn effectively

*Developed detailed lesson plans and handled final grades of each student.

Jul 2007Jan 2008

Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teachers Unlimited

*Checked in each morning for open assignments in grades K through 12

*Reported to assigned schools that needed classroom coverage during teacher’s absence

*Requested numerous of times by various schools for outstanding classroom management skills

*Highly recommended by teachers as being “efficient and effective” in executing prepared lesson plans

Feb 2004Nov 2007

Substitute Teacher

Raymond Benjamin Elementary School (CPS)

*Appointed by reading coordinator to work with 4th through 8th graders in helping them to get back on grade level through the “Success for All” program

*Assisted homeroom teachers with copy needs

*Covered and provided prep time for teachers that needed time away from their classrooms

*Involved in teacher development workshops to help improve performances in the classroom

Oct 2004Nov 2007

Substitute Teacher/Office Assistant

Crispus Attucks Academy

*Covered K through 8th grades classrooms during an absence or for teacher’s prep time

*Received “Teacher Appreciation Certificate” for outstanding contribution each academic year

*Assisted office staff with various task copying, answering phones, document creation, labels, faxing, data entry, typing, filing, and computer maintenance

*Managed and operated a classroom for two weeks keeping 2nd graders on task while homeroom teacher was away.

Sep 2004Oct 2004

Substitute Teacher

Morton Career Academy (CPS)

*Covered 8th grade classroom by providing assignments based on the school’s curriculum

*Provided lessons covering topics related to language arts and engaging students to do some examples for better clarity

*Implemented reading strategies in helping students to comprehend and understand the main idea

*Handled classroom conflict through various resolution strategies

Sep 1999Jan 2004

Senior Retail Consultant


*Assisted upper management with the hiring process

*Trained and coached new employees

*Managed and ran store operations during the overnight shift

*Verified bank deposits and cashier drawers


Helen Jackson

Abdul Mahdi

Frances Parks

Patrice Howard


Aug 2004Sep 2006

Master's of

Aug 1996Dec 2002

Bachelor's of Science


Teaching Tools & Methods
Syllabus, Lesson Plans, Instructional Plan, Rubrics, Evaluations, Assessments, Grading Reports
Document Creations
Calendars, Labels, Resumes, Letterheads, Flyers, Business Cards, Memos, Newsletters, PowerPoint Presentations, Invoices, Timesheets.
E-Learning Platforms
Online Learning System, Google Docs, WiZiQ, DimDim
Computer Usage
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Data Entry, Internet Research and Document Creations.


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