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Jeffry J. Reyes

In order to explore my special skills and aggregate experience will be utilized to the fullest, leading to a greater contribution to the profit and growth of the company.


  • More than 10 years of working experience in MNC of Wafer Fabrication, Semiconductor, & Assembly/Test manufacturing industry specializing in E-test wafer sort, wafer saw and back grind / Polishing operation.
  • Equipment and Process Associate Engineer Specializing for Wafer saw and Back grind / Polishing process in Global foundries Singapore, process includes full/half wafer sawing (MEMS/CMOS bonded wafers), up to 125um backgrinding & Etest.
    • Setup includes process conversion for half and full dicing.
    • Wheel replacement, wheel dressing, dicing blade replacement, conditioning, chuck and wheel inclination, gauge setup, probecard leakage test, tip cleaning, alignment checking, etc.
  • Support Engineer for Revises and Creates specification for machine Operation and setup procedure after equipment buyoff to production and process evaluation.
  • Creates project in the line equipments & process related that may result to cost savings and reduction of scrap wafers.
  • Pioneer of Wafer probe, Dicing and Back grind Polishing start up team in ATMEL Philippines.
  • Acquired offshore trainings for Equipment Start up (Backgrind / Polishing and Wafer Sort equipment in ATMEL Colorado Springs, USA.)
  • Knowledgeable and capable in operating and set-up of wafer probers, probe tester, back grinding / Polishing machine and dicing saw machine.
  • Responsible on all tools and equipment maintenance troubleshooting such as calibration, tool alignment check, Electro optical [EO] alignment for probers, recipe creation, alignment teaching using special Jig and tools.
  • Hands-on repair on tester pin board using oscilloscope, voltage adjustment and diagnostics.
  • Understand Statistical Process Control (SPC), performed summarization and data gathering thru SPC graph extracting in CIM system.
  • Communicating and coordinating with vendor or contractor for tool modification and projects.
  • Highly efficient in machine Maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and isolation.
  • Effective in using Microsoft office (power point, excel, word and sketch-up drawing tool)
  • Create Activity report on day by day basis on every production abnormal error, routine maintenance as well as major downtime and machine setup.

Work experience

Jan 2011Oct 2015

Associate Engineer Job Level 2

Global Foundries Singapore Incorporated

Work Description:

  • Provide report template in every qualification activity, FMEA, SPC, Weekly process report, monthly accomplishment and engineering process buyoff.
  • Plans and able to directs repair maintenance activities of all related equipment in respective areas of assignment to ensure that handle equipments produces quality products at required capacity level.

Equipments handled:

  • Wafer Sort Probers: TSK probers A-PM-90A,UF200, UF200A, UF200S, UF200SA
  • Wafer Sort Test Equipments: Advantest Model, T5333,T5581P,T6565,T6575,T6372
  • Backgrind Equipments: DISCO Grinder DFG840, DFG841, Okamoto GNX with polisher
  • Tapers: NEL-HR8500 II
  • De-tapers: NEL-HR8500 II
  • Wafer Sawing and Dicing equipments: DFD6361, Disco DTU-151 –Temperature Control Unit, Disco DTU-150 – Temperature Control Unit, Carbolite wafer Oven.

Oct 2005Jan 2011

Equipment Line Technician

ACP Test Company Inc, (ATMEL Philippines)

Work Description:

  • Performs actual maintenance and repair work on equipment handle that requires advance in technical knowledge experience and expertise.

Equipments handled:

    • Wafer Sort Probers: EG Electroglas model 4090u machine prober, EG Electroglas model 2001X
    • Wafer Sort Test Equipments: EPRO INTF, Nextest Maverick and Magnum,
    • Backgrind Equipments: Okamoto VG-502 MKII 8, Strasbaugh 7AF, SRD Semitool wafer washer
    • Tapers: Microcontroller model 408 taper machine, Nitto DR-8304 taper machine, Takatori ATM-1100-C
    • De-tapers: Microcontroller model 408 detaper machine, Nitto HR-8304 de-taper machine, RAD-3000 ADWILL De-taper machine, De-taper NITTO NEL SYSTEM
    • Wafer Sawing and Dicing equipments: Disco DFD651 dicing saw machine, Advance Dicing Technologies, ADT 7000 dicing saw machine, CO2 bubbler, ICOS system HM-200 (handler material) and Wi-2000 (wafer inspection system), Automatic mounter MA-1508N NEL SYSTEM, Manual mounter ADT, Disco DTU-151 –Temperature Control Unit, Disco DTU-150 – Temperature Control Unit, Carbolite Oven
Sep 2004Mar 2005

Maintenance Equipment technician

Alexander Engineering, Inc., Manila, Philippines

Work description:

  • Servicing for various branches of Food & beverage in metro manila philippines such as popeyes chicken, seattle best coffee shop, mcdo, jollibee, starbucks, etc.
  • Performs actual maintenance and repair work on equipment handle that requires advance in technical knowledge experience and expertise.
  • Maintains equipments at their top-most quality by conducting specs-based Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Preventive Maintenance (PM)

 Equipments Handled:

  • Bloodget Oven, HVAC, microwave oven, heavy duty gas stove, Steam equipment, any gas consuming equipment and electrical machinery.
Nov 2003Jul 2004

Maintenance Technician

May Harvest SWIFT Corporation, Bulacan, Philippines

Work description:

  • Performs actual maintenance and repair work on equipment handle that requires advance in technical knowledge experience and expertise.

 Equipments Handled:

  • Steamer equipment, HVAC, boiler tank, pressure tank, conveyor type machine, electrical rotating equipment, air conditioner, freezer type equipment, breaker system.

Maintenance Technician

National Power Corporation

On the job Training


Office Skills:

ABIREX System, AGILE PLM, SPC Database, Wafer fabrication elearning, Citrix remote desktop, Lotus notes, FMEA Web Based, PR System, PLATON/TEAMS/EMARS

Computer Skills:

MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Access, IE/Firefox/safari/chrome, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch up tool, Windows 7/8/10/XP/MAC



Bachelor of Science in Instrumentation and Control Technology of Engineering

Rizal Technological University

Degree in Engineering  and Technology Course



Sacred Heart Academy

Basic to Advance Academics