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Executive Summary

Proven success in visionary development and execution over 17 years driving double digit profitability  for top 10 privately held business with multiple locations spanning 200 miles.  Proven ability to manage multiple teams up to 400 employees with complex revenue streams up to 200 million. Business was recognized as one of the top 5 companies in their Industry.  Responsible for all aspects of the business, forecast, P&L, business to business relations, local vendors to Fortune 500 relationships, accounting, HR, sales development, oversight and direction of 1.5 million marketing and merchandising budget.  Direct responsibility for sales and management development of entry level personnel as well  as executives.   High level coaching, CRM database and website experience. Diversified background in Sales Management, Product Development, Asset Management, Manufacturing/Design, and Financial Planning offering new alternatives and out of the box thinking.  Self driven, good sense of humor and unique ability to relate to multiple groups and experience levels.  Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex (sales, human resources, legal, financial) operational issues.  

Analytical, decisive problem solving and significant negotiation and contract experience.  

Executive Performance Benchmarks

Best net profit performance in 29 year history from 2010-2015.  Averaged 33.2% increase over last 5 years.   Increase in profit allowed company  to refinance properties resulting in 2 million cash to founders, and removal of loan guaranties.

Increased inventory turn over last 36 months and reduced average cost per unit from $100,000 to $68,000 resulting in lower cost, better cash flow, and higher turn rates.

Created Consignment Center of generating 11 million in gross profit since its inception 2009.  Gross profit ranged from 250K-400K per month with a capital cost of zero. 

Created and re-developed website and CRM system most recently 2015 which now accounts for 49K unique visitors per month and 38K returning visitors per month.

Work experience


Chief Operating Officer

Poulsbo RV

Ran and oversaw all operational and executive duties of Poulsbo RV, a top 5 nationally recognized recreational vehicle dealer.  Grew company from 3 stores, to its largest size of 8 locations by 2006, 3 through merger and acquisitions.

Developed and executed 1.5 Million dollar marketing budget.  Created concepts, scripts, and directed TV spots.  Increased ROI on Print to 18% from 7%.

Examined,  changed and executed compensation plans for all departments.  Designed the "Value Appreciation Plan" for executives, a non voting stock participation plan.

Established key relationships with National Banks, and the largest Credit Unions in the state for running unique wholesale auction units to maximize resale profit from aged inventories.  

Pioneered relationship with Dealer Socket, a CRM management company.   Re-designed the programing with Dealer Socket for first truly RV CRM management system to the industry.

Led Poulsbo RV to 8 consecutive Top 50 RV Dealers and one Blue Ribbon top 3 in 2010 as voted by industry professionals and manufactures.


Chief Operating Officer/General Manager

Poulsbo RV

Evaluated and provided personal oversight of  8 stores for consistency and customer service.  Primary contact and negotiator for legal, real estate, and all operational issues.  

Acquired  two largest competitors in the state and helped manage transitions of product and processes to new locations.  Served as General Manager with direct responsibility for the largest store responsible for 50% of company net profit.

Designed private label units unique to only Poulsbo RV.  Private label models eventually expanded to 12 and have accounted for over 10 million in profit and thousands of retails since 2004.

Developed PEMTP the Poulsbo Executive Management Training Program.  A multi course of study prerequisite for any employee considering a position of General Manager or VP.


General Manager/Sales Manager

Poulsbo RV

Used financial and business background to implement a stronger corporate structure to what had been a purely sales organization.  

Instituted business procedures and human resources checks where there were none.

Initiated an Inventory plan hiring a full time manager, consolidating control from multiple locations to a single point saving millions. 

Developed and designed their first voice/data network connecting all stores through  T1 tie lines eliminating 90% of long distance saving 28K per month. 

Created their first Web presence with which was managed by my wife from the basement of our home.


Vice President/CFP/Investment Broker/Branch Manager

Bank of America

Worked for Bank America/Seafirst Bank while still attending University of Washington.

Received number one Personal Banker Award for the State out of 900

Managed Industrial Branch of Bank America with 16 employees.  Promoted to AVP and was recognized as youngest Branch Manager in the state.  Took the branch from bottom of 46 branches to top 10 in 18 months.

Was selected for a pilot program as a Business Portfolio Manager.  Managed all aspects of personal and business banking relationships, (accounts, retirement, investing, lending, merchant services, trust, etc.)

Received the CEO award, one of 10 people in the country for bringing Pyramid Brewery's entire relationship to Bank America, a multimillion dollar account.  Promoted to Vice President.

Moved from Retail Banking to the brokerage arm of Bank America, worked as an Investment Specialist until leaving for Poulsbo RV.