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An accomplished technical-communication manager, strategist, technical writer, and editor with significant international experience.

Currently located in the Boston, MA metropolitan area; open to relocation.

Summary of Skills

  • Constructs strategies for technical-content development targeting multinational and multichannel distribution.
  • Analyzes program requirements and challenges to develop schedules and budgets in hard-deadline environments.
  • Innovates new programs to exploit technical-marketing opportunities and respond to company's evolving needs.
  • Develops and implements strategies for technical-marketing collateral reuse across disparate media and geographies.
  • Produces information-rich electronic-media programs that minimize server loading and user-bandwidth requirements.
  • Adapts readily to new technologies, applications, and market requirements.
  • Uses strong interview skills to bring topic experts to audiences with minimal engagement time.
  • Casts complex technical topics to make accessible to audiences with various backgrounds and interests.

Work experience


Founding Director, Technical-Communication and Training Services

JAS Technical Media

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Set strategic direction and goals for JAS's technical-communication and training services.
  • Created novel services for technical-marketing collateral-development, training, and analysis.
  • Trained team members and managed service delivery.
  • Managed workflow to ensure compliance to schedules and budgets.
  • Trained clients' technical, marketing, and marcom staffs to improve companies' technical-communication practices.
  • Edited technical manuscripts for English-language distribution and for foreign-language translation.
  • Designed and built JAS's digital-media production suite.
  • Consulted for clients to improve programmatically internal writing standards and conformance to technical-communication best practices.
  • Ghost wrote trade-press articles for senior engineering, marketing, management, and executive staffs.
  • Moderated and presented at conference events.
  • Generated original editorial for trade-press publishers in North America, Asia, and Europe including EDN (North America, Asia, Japan, Europe, and web editions), ECN (Asia and China editions), EPN (Europe),, and and
  • See column samples and case studies for specific sample projects.

Director of Technical Information

International Rectifier

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Directed global Contributed Editorial Program,increasing worldwide trade-press captured page rate by 23% while available page inventories fell 18%.
  • Managed editorial-support services, mentored authors, and drove projects to meet publishing schedules.
  • Developed technical-communication strategies for key products in advance of their announcement.
  • Worked with product-line staff to create multimedia customer-training programs.
  • Wrote and presented training workshops for global marcom staffs to enhance understanding of technical topics and improve technical content of press releases and briefing materials.
  • Moderated and presented at conference events.
  • Developed style guide for manuscripts and narratives as part of a technical-communication best-practices initiative.
  • Created templates for application notes, trade-press articles, and professional-journal papers to reduce manuscript formatting workload and maintain consistent document appearance.
  • Ghost wrote articles and presentations for CoB, CEO, division VPs, and several marketing and engineering staff.

Technical Editor

EDN Magazine, Reed Business Information

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Generated editorial content covering all analog, mixed-signal, photonic, and energy-management ICs, technologies, and applications operating from DC to 80 GHz. Responsible for editorial relationships with companies operating in the corresponding sectors including seven of the magazine's top-ten advertisers.
  • Shifted analog, mixed-signal, photonic, and energy-management editorial focus from new-product review to tutorial, roughly quadrupling click-throughs and substantially increasing useful lifetimes of resulting content.
  • Covered a market base of 249 technology companies and 31 industry trade associations and standards organizations.
  • Built and operated EDN's Bench-Press Lab for hands-on lab-based articles.
  • Developed and presented a short training program to teach technical marketers to engage more effectively with the trade press. Presented, by invitation, to Analog Devices, Fairchild Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated Products, National Semiconductor, On Semiconductor, Silicon Laboratories, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments. Served as guest lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering.
  • Moderated and presented at conference events and webcasts.
  • See article samples

Senior Engineer

Analog Devices

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Led a troubleshooting and yield-enhancement team during the commissioning of a new MEMS (microelectromechanical system) semiconductor fab.
  • Mentored test-and-trim engineers in circuit design, software development, IC and circuit-board layout, and error budgeting to meet Test-and-Trim Best Practices, ISO9000 and QS9000 requirements.
  • Consulted for MEMS Product Development Teams in areas of design/trim interactions, DFM (Design for Manufacture), and DFT (Design for Test).
  • Designed isolated signal conditioners for industrial measurements. First modular conditioners to break the $100/channel price barrier. Improved ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection to 4x over best competitors.
  • Represented product-line at trade shows and collected new application and competitive intelligence.
  • Served as technical lead for a VOC (Voice of the Customer) Europe on-site survey team for Industrial Products group.

Other Work Experience
  • Studio and on-location video and audio recording (producer, director, technical director, camera operator, recording- and audio-engineer roles)
  • Media production and post production
  • voice overs
  • script writing

Sample Bylined Articles

Statistics & Case Studies

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Minor in Technical Writing

Professional Affiliations

Current Affiliations

  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, ECN Magazine
  • Member, IEEE Communications Society
  • Member, IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
  • Member, IEEE Power Electronics Society
  • Member, IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society
  • Member, North Shore Technology Council

Past Affiliations

  • Member, Power Systems Manufacturers Association
  • Member, Program Committee, APEC
  • Audio Engineering Society

Past Community Leadership

  • Board of Directors, Cambridge Madrigal Singers
  • Mentor, Future Scientists and Engineers of America
  • Board of Directors, League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling
  • Delegate, Governor's Conference on Libraries and Information Services, State of Rhode Island


Concept mapper for project design and management, brainstorming, software development, teaching, and tracking. Information mapping for heterogeneous and non-linear information structures.
Adobe Flash
Image construction and animation for multimedia production
Adobe Distiller
PDF generator
Design Science MathType
Typeset mathematical expressions for use in print, web, and multimedia
Operating Systems - Unix & Linux
Operating Systems - OS-X
Operating Systems - Windows
Sonar Producer digital-audio production suite
Audio processing, mixing, and editing.
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Voice-to-text transcription.
Paint Shop Pro (similar to Photoshop)
Image cropping, size conversion, format conversion, color correction, brightness & contrast correction, minor retouching
Adobe Acrobat Professional
Document assembly, document markup.
Professional audio, video, and still-image production tools
Numerous items of dedicated hardware and associated software.
Electronic image capture, format conversion.
Video capture, segment assembly, audio layback, video encoding.
MS Office Suite
MS Word: Template and style-library creation, collaborative document development.   MS Excel: Data tracking and calculation, project schedule and budget development, work-load analysis, model and simulation construction, graphics generation for print, web, and multimedia.   MS PowerPoint: Presentation development, graphics generation for print, web, and multimedia.   MS Equation Editor: Typeset mathematical expressions for use in print, web, and multimedia