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I love talking to people and I know exactly how to communicate properly with them, from the homeless person, to the government representative. With a really extroverted personality and a curious mind, I'm genuinely interested in making human beings around me feel well.

I will be extremely kind with clients and I'm also aware of world politics and business. I easily engage in a conversation with specific clients if I see it might be profitable for your business.

My ID Card has Portugal written on it but I'm a world citizen. I love to learn more about other cultures, countries and people.

You won't regret hiring me ! :)

Relevant Work History



Communication Assistant

Communication Assistant Skills European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, Brussels Foreign Languages Horizon 2020, 2030 Energy Strategy, Heat Strategy, RES-D, EED and EPBD Consultations; Newsletters, Press Releases and Briefing Services; Press Liaison, Event Management; CMS(WordPress, Joomla, Typo3); English C1(IELTS-British Council); Membership; Writing, proofreading and translating(mostly from German B2(Goethe Zertifikat-Goethe- German) specialised media articles.

Proficiency Test-Confucius Institut.



French B2(DELF-DALF)-Translator/Proofreader Spanish B2; African Law Library Mandarin A1 (HSK Level 1 Chinese Translating legal documents, English and French to Portuguese(and vice-versa).

Proficiency Test-Confucius Institut.


Workshop Presenter

Giving a Workshop on deconstructing means of bias and fact checking on media partisanship. Highly organised

Youth Association for a Greater European Railway


Participant/Project developer Performing effectively in a deadline environment Europe, Paris Accepting feedback and taking criticism Good listener and team player

Youth Time International Movement, Hamburg European Railway



Journalist Thinking outside the box Enthusiastic critical thinker

Corporate Management Unit


Communication Assistant

Communication Assistant at Natural born communicator and great

European Railway



networker Agency, Lille Area Brainstorming Communication Strategies with Head of Unit and Experience dealing with difficult Managers at Corporate Management and Evaluation Unit; Summaries personalities and minutes of meetings including Calls for Tender and Stakeholders Quick decision maker and strategic Focus Group meetings; Following EU decision making processes on planner Transport, developments on 4th Railway Package and Shift 2 Rail, among others. Confident and persuasive in public speaking

European Railway


Editor-In-Chief and Team Leader

Editor-In-Chief and Team Leader

MS Office; CMS Joomla, WordPress


Marketing Assistant

Communication and Marketing Assistant Typo3; HTML and CSS; InDesign

Serra, Lda


Aires da, Portugal Premiere; Photoshop; Prezi.. Customer Liaison. Independent Coursework- Attended Conferences

Young European Leadership



Brussels Digital and Technology Revolution Panel at the Young European Council OSIRIS Final Conference, Bibliotèque 2014. Solvay, Brussels,-Journalist TTIP and Digital Rights organised by

World Programme


Communication Trainee

Coolpolitics, Rio de Janeiro EDRi, Brussels, The labor reform in Portugal and Reporting on Brazilian's social instability before and after the World Spain, Lisbon, September 2014 Cup. Lokaalmondiaal's Beyond Your. Europe and the challenges of the XXI Jun 2014- Communication Trainee



University of Lisbon


Law School of Lisbon


law degree

School of Lisbon




Languages Skills
  • ENGLISH - IELTS British Council C1 - Currently C2
  • GERMAN - Goethe-Institut Zertifikat B2 - Currently C1
  • FRENCH - DELF-DALF B2 - Currently C1
  • SPANISH - B2
  • PORTUGUESE - Native
Soft & Social Skills
  • Taking criticism really well and loving NEW and difficult challenge
  • Highly organised (Excellent Office Manager)
  • Strategic planner, good listener and amazing team player
  • Experience dealing with difficult personalities

Other Experiences

  • Ballet *1991 - 1997*
  • Private Piano Lessons *1996 - 2000*
  • Hip Hop Dance Classes *2005 - 2007*
  • University Choir (University of Lisbon) *2010 - 2013*