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Professional Association Memberships

Work experience


Credits & bylines include:
  • Video packages for ABC News shows
    • Nightline (covered US invasion of Iraq, 2003), 20/20, and Good Morning, America
  • Western Region public television stations
  • Local KABC-TV show, Eye on L.A. Wrote and produced long-form documentaries for KTLA-TV.
    • Nominated for Local Emmy Award
  • WiReD, Los Angeles Times, Broadcasting & Cable, Winning Campaigns, Los Angeles Business Journal, Silicon Alley, Extra, Extra Convention Show Dailies, Malibu Times and other publications.
    • 2011 San Diego Press Club Award - Best Magazine Article for 4-part series on new technologies in Obama campaign
  • The Hollywood Reporter Special Issues, focusing on the effects of digital technologies on the entertainment and media industries.
  • The Hollywood Reporter television critic for nearly a decade.

Currently:  Developing websites covering new media topics, such as the award-winning Technecolor site, which explores layers of  culture and communication in the U.S. Southwest.  The GlobalMobile site under construction - looking at use of mobile in Paris and Los Angeles, with other countries and cities to be added.



  • The New News, Routledge/Focal Press
  • Media Management: Making, Marketing & Moving Digital Content  (with co-author Lisa Poe-Howfield)
  • Digital Rights Management: Monetizing Content
  • Digital TV over Broadband
    • Recipient of  U.S. National Cable Television Association (NCTA)
      Book of the Year Award
  • Centralization of Broadcast Operations
  • Digital Content Management
  • Advanced Television Systems

Websites, Pages, & Identities


Annenberg School for Communications (USC)

Ph.D., Communication Theory & Research:  I study new media platforms and technologies, producing content to conduct formative and summative evaluation for material on interactive platforms. My dissertation covered the use of interactive delivery of emotionally-sensitive information to cancer patients and their significant others, comparing it to delivery via linear video. I tested the differences between the two delivery modes on patients'/S.O.'s cognitive and affective processing and behavioral intentions.

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