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Building strong customer relationships and providing high-quality solutions is of first importance in all my work endeavors. I strive to work to established best practices in all fields that I am exposed to, allowing for cross-pollination of ideas providing optimal solutions and the discovery of new methods and techniques.  There is always something new to learn and a better way to do things. I, therefore, value the expertise of those who have come before me and always seek to improve myself by learning from their experiences. I work exceptionally well with others but am very self-driven and independent. 


  • Java Programming
  • In-depth FTPC knowledge 
  • Automation Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Electronic Design
  • Software Fault Finding and Troubleshooting
  • Control System Tuning and Optimization
  • Analytical and Adaptable
  • Results and Solutions Orientated
  • Control Logix PLC programming

Work experience



Automation Engineer

The core focus is to support the Fonterra Research and Development Centre with a wide range of capital projects. Fonterra sites in the region are alsos upported as required. The role is focused around assisting and advising siteproject managers on best practice automation solutions, and implementationwhere required.

Core Competencies Include:

  • Project Scoping- Engineering development
  • Project Commissioning
  • User Interface Design
  • Abnormal Breakdown Support



MOM/MES Engineer

As part of its ongoing effort to provide supply chain tracking of infant formula, it is implementing a product authentication solution that focuses on QR code serialization of individual retail units and their aggregation into cases. The role involved architecting and implementing a solution that would integrate into the company's existing MOM system that is based on FTPC. All aspects of the development lifecycle were covered ranging from requirement gathering to QA testing and deployment.

Core competencies include:

  • Implementation of a server-oriented architecture in FTPC
  • Creation of FTPC activity sets using Java interfacing with Rockwell PLC's
  • Creation of a user interface using the Modular Framework extension for FTPC version 10.3
  • Extensive interaction with the business owners to determine market requirements 
  • Java environment configuration for FTPC development using maven
  • SQL Server database design in FTPC
  • Software versioning using Git and Bitbucket
  • Issue tracking and documentation using Jira and Confluence

Frucor Suntory


Automation Engineer

The role was focussed around the extension of the plant's CIP system. It involved writing tools to automate code generation for Control Logix PLC's from graph-set functional diagrams and Java-based OPC clients to update process variables as a batch operation for commisioning. the project also required integrating new screens into the plant's existing Wonderware Archestra and Intouch HMI system. 

Core Competencies include:

  • Java development with Apache POI
  • Java development with OPC
  • Simulation environment configuration
  • Wonderware Archestra/Intouch HMI design
  • Rockwell PLC code generation




Sela is my privately held company under which I do a variety of contracting work. The most recent role was assisting Fonterra a product authentication solution. 

Core competencies include:

  • Managing customer relations
  • Business administration



MOM\MES Technical Deployment Support Asset

The role was focused around assisting Fonterra in the nationwide deployment of the Trace - Batch History solution. It involved implementing the solution on over 25 Fonterra sites and acting as the level one support for all solution related issues. The involvement was spread through the entire process including infrastructure setup, QA testing, deployment, early live support and developing web front ends in Vaadin and Spring-Boot to assist in diagnosing go-live obstacles. 

Core competencies include:

  • In-depth FTPC knowledge
  • Capability to resolve issues with site Operators at all hours in a professional manner
  • Interacting closely with other disciplines and project resources for efficient site deployments
  • Initiative to enhance the solution, and streamline problem-solving diagnostics
  • Strong work ethic and ability to manage focus over long hours
  • Providing advice to project managers and technical leads to make informed decisions

Rockwell Automation


TRACE Java Developer

As part of the Fonterra Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) initiative, Rockwell Automation was contracted to develop and deliver MOM 4.x with Traceability. The primary focus of the TRACE release was around Raw and Bulk Liquid Reception, Processing and Dispatch. The system would integrate with SAP GBT to allow tracking for all processes on each of the Fonterra Global Operation sites. The team was structured around a very agile development cycle, where adapting to rapidly changing specifications was a necessity. The team was focused on, but not limited to, close interaction between Fonterra's Business Analyst, Site Modeling team, and Rockwell’s system architects.

Core competencies include:

  • Developing solution-specific Java code using Eclipse Mars with a heavy emphasis on FTPC, CPG and ITK API Libraries
  • Interfacing with legacy FTPC PNUTS framework with an understanding of best practices for implementing ongoing code maintenance and enhancement
  • MOM QA Environment Configuration with JBoss, Active MQ, Rockwell PLC and EIG SOS and MS SQL Database
  • Understanding and diagnosing existing application errors and deficiencies and providing solutions to the MOM support team
  • Thorough understanding of MOM PO life cycle and System Architecture

Rockwell Automation


MOM Deployment Support Asset

With the introduction of Jet Coders and GS1 in MOM 3.2.1, Rockwell Automation provided a resource to assist with the MOM deployment and upgrade. The focus of the role was to act as a liaison between Fonterra and Rockwell during the upgrade process to ensure a smooth transition between product versions. The initial contract lasted three months with additional time for diagnostic support and troubleshooting.

Core competencies include:

  • Interacting and relaying feedback between Fonterra MOM and Rockwell
  • Systematic fault finding and solution development
  • Upgrading FTPC MOM Application
  • PNUTS Development
  • Fonterra QA Environment Setup

Dairy Goat Co-operative


Automation Engineer

This role was focused around liaising with site operators and process managers working on new projects and improvements, ongoing maintenance and general site support. The work involved control loop tuning, fault-finding, and diagnostics in plc code, as well as HMI design and updates.

Core competencies include:

  • Rockwell PLC S88 and Legacy Code fault finding and modification
  • Enhancing Site performance through optimizing new and existing control loops
  • Intouch HMI Design and maintenance with knowledge of High-Performance HMI design and best practices
  • Seamless integration with the process control operators and maintenance managers

Boyds Asparagus


Electronic Engineering Consultant

Boyds Asparagus is the largest asparagus packer in the North Island. As part of the ongoing improvement, large-scale upgrades had to be made to existing electromagnet and solenoid drive circuitry for two of Boyds’ asparagus grading machines. The work involved reverse engineering existing hardware, and providing an upgrade path to interface the old drive circuitry with a new WAGO PLC-based control solution.

Core competencies include:

  • Reverse engineering drive circuitry
  • Design and installation
  • Support and Troubleshooting
  • Advising on future maintenance and risk management



HMI Upgrade Support Asset

As part of a nationwide SCADA upgrade Trustpower request a full-time Engineering resource. The project objective was to migrate major Citect HMI versions and diagnose any faults resulting from the upgrade. The migration involved updating and fixing numerous legacy CICODE scripts (VBA derivative) and graphic consolidation to the old and new SCADA standard. 

Core competencies include:

  • Citect SCADA maintenance and development
  • Reverse engineering existing HMI functionality
  • Onsite Support (Kaimai Power Station)

Combined Technologies


Control Systems Engineer

Combined Technologies is an automation contracting company that supplies technical support to both the installation of new process equipment and the servicing and improvement of existing systems. The primary capacity of this role is focused around the support division of the company. The role demands a large amount of flexibility. Work requirements can change on a daily basis, which requires seamless interfacing and integration with new customers and projects. Of key importance, is building and maintaining sound working relationships with long-term customers to retain their ongoing support.


Waikato University


Electronic Engineering

Graduated With First Class Honours,

The final project achieved a successful design and construction of a GPS navigation robot using only 8-bit microcontrollers programmed in embedded C.


Development/ Environment Tools/Techniques

IntelliJ Dev Suite, Spring-Boot, Vaadin, MyBatis, Hibernate,  MS Visual Studio, Eclipse Mars, MPLAB X, Subversion, MS Office, Factory Talk Production Center (FTPC), Wonderware ArchestrA and Intouch, Citect SCADA, Rockwell RS Logix 5000 and 500, Connected Components Workbench, Vaadin, Modular Framework, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Git, Bitbucket, Jira

Operating Systems

Windows 2k8 Server,  Windows XP/7/8.1/10


MS SQL Server, MS Access


Embedded C, C#, Java, PNUTS, CICODE, Rockwell PLC Ladder, Grafset


References can be provided on request