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Scholastic Honors

  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Phi Beta Kappa


  • Board of Directors, Foreign Trade Data Users Group
  • Board of Directors,, LLC
  • Board of Directors, WholeBrain Creativity, Inc.
  • National Association for Business Economics
  • American Economics Association
  • Eastern Economic Association
  • Southern Economic Association
  • Western Economic Association
  • Chief Economist, Food Institute


To better understand John Dunham & Associates (JDA), look no further than American economist Leonard E. Read’s famous 1958 essay I, Pencil. The essay highlights the complex process involved in creating a simple pencil. Comprised of wood, lacquer, a printed label, graphite lead, a bit of metal, and an eraser, millions of people from around the world have a hand in making a pencil.

At JDA, we develop and help tell similar stories about our clients’ industries. We support these stories with economic data. Every industry, company or product has a story to tell. We start with the data, which we obtain from both industry and government sources. Using widely accepted modeling techniques, we take that data and calculate the economic story of an entire industry.

In addition to Economic Modeling and Analysis, the firm also provides the following services:

  • Data Collection
  • Date Visualization
  • Expert Testimony
  • Industry Intelligence
  • Surveying
  • Scoring for Political Candidates' Policies

Case Studies

Client List

Company Brochure

Work experience


Managing Partner and President

John Dunham & Associates
  • Founded John Dunham & Associates, an economic research firm primarily focused on tax and regulatory economics
  • Conduct economic analysis for all three sectors:  public, private and non-profit
  • Create compelling economic stories on industries, companies and organizations using clear and concise language
  • Develop cutting edge and interactive online tools to generate economic talking points, maps, reports, and tables by legislative districts or geographical location

Vice President

American Economics Group, Inc

  • Established New York office for Washington based economics consulting firm
  • Produced dozens of economic studies related to tax policy and public finance, which were used to win litigation related to internet product sales, and to defeat harmful tax legislation in dozens of states
  • Developed on-line forecasting products

Chief Domestic Economist

Philip Morris Management Corp

  • Created economic research operations for the nation’s largest consumer products company, producing more than 150 economic and finance studies annually
  • Developed a tax policy analysis program resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings
  • Performed financial analysis of corporate legal settlements, including the largest in U.S. history

Senior Economic Analysis

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • Created cost/benefit modeling program. Analyzed capital projects valued at $1.25 billion
  • Conducted economic research, including privatization review and economic impact analysis of Port Authority operating divisions

Manager, Information Systems and Research

Philadelphia Regional Port Authority
  • Conducted economic impact studies, cost/benefit analysis, facility analysis, and market assessment studies used in negotiations and affecting $53 million in capital spending
  • Prepared expert statistical and economic research for Port Authority’s testimony before Congress, Federal Maritime Commission, Federal Trade Commission, and other federal and state regulatory agencies

Senior Economist, Statistician, Marketing Representative

CIty of New York
  • Analyzed City’s $32 billion budget. Supervised risk management database and reporting for$300 billion in liability claims
  • Developed and managed leases, contracts, and RFPs for Cocoa Port, New York City Passenger Ship Terminal, and Red Hook Container Terminal, increasing cargo volumes by nearly 100 percent





B.A. Economics

University of Colorado

M.A. Economics

New School for Social Research


Columbia University


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