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John Mappin could be correctly identified as a dreamer of sorts, but he has fulfilled his dreams in a very big way and makes a lifetime goal out of sharing them with others. He is the owner of the Camelot Castle Hotel, which is a hotel that overlooks Tintagel, or the legendary place of King Arthur's birth. It was love at first sight when he saw the property and felt the spirtually charged atmosphere that emanates from the grounds and the views looking out to the Atlantic seacoast. Along with his wife Irina and the famous artist Ted Stourton, he bought the hotel, which was in dire need of refurbishment, and began to breathe life into it as he returned it to its former glory. With the legend of the Knights of the Round Table in his thoughts, he renovated and refurbished the property to fit in with the times. The times of King Arthur, that is. The hotel is complete with beautiful four poster beds in many of the bed rooms and of course its own Round Table. There are 65 bedrooms in the castle hotel and they command breathtaking views of the surroundings. The Camelot Castle Hotel has become an area attraction and a popular getaway for couples as well as artists, families and even business conferences.

John Mappin - Spiritual Environment

Being very spiritually oriented himself, John Mappin immediately saw and felt the mystical attraction to the hotel and wanted to find a way to share that feeling with guests. He finds great inspiration by being at the hotel and encourages artists and musicians to come and be inspired as well. He and his partners in the hotel have opened up an Artist in Residence programme to encourage artists who they see as being able to use art as a truthful form of communication to come and stay as their guests in the hotel. John Mappin is also a musician and promotes the hotel as a peaceful place of inspiration and restoration for musicians to come and rejuvenate their art.

John Mappin - Background and Other Interests

John Mappin has done many things in life, including selling silver balloons in London, where he enjoyed meeting people while earning pocket money. He has also worked in Hollywood in the film industry and in more recent years he has made himself known in the news media through his ownership of local newspapers. As a news media mogul, he made it his goal to change the face of the way news is presented by reporting positive news stories that were uplifting and encouraging. In contrast with mainstream media John decided to present information in a truthful and positive light rather than using the media to try to sway popular opinion. Whether it be through the news media or through his own castle hotel, it is the aim of John Mappin to encourage people to seek peace and tranquility in hopes of building a better future for the coming generations.

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