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John Spitkovsky


Professional Experience

Feb 1996Present


MS Consulting Services, Inc.

Co-founded this successful business to support Enterprise-class IT Operational Environments for our customers.  Offering technical expertise across a diverse set of technologies to leverage growth and goals into the next stages of Operational Excellence, MS Consulting Services continues to provide cost-effective services to move customers toward business objectives.

  • Provide Continuity Assurance Program for Enterprise.  This program engages a senior-level engineer on a part-time basis, retaining 24x7 coverage, protects intellectual capital from leaving with key employees, and saves roughly 66% off the cost of an additional FTE to accomplish the same goals.
  • Bring experiences with best practices at hundreds of customers to bear as options for existing customers.
  • Protect VAX and Alpha legacy environments by implementing emulators.  This modernizes hardware, reduces points-of-failure, and lowers operational costs, typically resulting in paybacks well under 24 months.
  • Leveraging multi-vendor skills, guide customers through migrations to alternate and/or updated infrastructures.
  • Support cloud infrastructures by establishing and leveraging partnerships with cloud platform providers and infrastructure vendors such as Red Hat to provide appropriate on-premise/off-premise mix for individual customer needs.

Adjunct Faculty Member

Lewis University, Romeoville, IL

Taught evening courses in the Computer Science curriculum.


Field Application Engineer (Sales Engineer) / Interim Branch Manager

Arrow Electronics / MTI Systems Division, Itasca, IL

Provided Technical Sales Support to an end-user division of Arrow Electronics selling Sun, DEC, and HP Enterprise Products to customers.

  • 1 of 6 Engineers nationally that provided pre and post-sales technical requirement delivery.
  • Provide post-sales project management for customer projects.
    • Trained and certified with HP Openview Family Product Line
    • Sun Competency 2000 certified
  • Technically train, educate and support five salespeople to meet an annual $12 million budget.
  • Technically train, educate and support new and existing customers as the need arose.
  • Deliver presentations nationally in major venues to support organizational sales objectives.
  • Acted as Interim Branch Manager to gracefully shut down Chicago office when Arrow divested from the end-user business.

Project Manager

Harris Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago, IL

Supported the technology needs for the Investment Consulting and Analytics department as well as the Harris Investment Management department.

  • Performed responsibilities outlined in 'Consultant' heading below in an ongoing basis.



Successfully completed projects at various customer environments.

  • Harris Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago, IL (August, 1991 - March, 1992)

    • Installed, managed and maintained a twisted-pair Ethernet network consisting of VAXes and PCs networked via Digital Equipment's Pathworks network operating system.
    • Managed all programming personnel.
    • Programmed new and existing financial applications.

    Arrow Electronics, MTI Systems Division, Itasca, IL (July, 1991)

    • Along with a sales support engineer, installed a twisted-pair Ethernet based VAX and PC network supporting one department of Harris Trust & Savings Bank and Harris Investment Management.

    Charles Industries, Rolling Meadows, IL (March, 1991)

    • Led the design, planning and implementation of the multi-vendor network at the new Charles Industries facility in Rolling Meadows

Technical Staff Member I/II/III

Rockwell International, Downers Grove, IL

Provided technical expertise in various multi-vendor functions of increasing responsibility.  Work ranged from Systems Administration to Systems Programming, Applications Programming, Project Management and Group Leadership as required.

  • Switching System Division, 1990-1991
    • VAX/VMS System Analyst / Engineering Security Officer
      • Provided system-level programming as needed.
      • Provided user support, project leadership, PCSA (now Pathworks) network support, and SNA gateway support.
      • Provided System Management, Network Management and administrative duties.
      • Investigated and coordinated computer-related security issues both on-site and as connected to our LAN/WAN
  • Wescom Telephone Products Division 1984-1990
    • VAX/VMS Systems Administrator, 1987-1990
      • System managed a VAX Cluster. This included software installation, system tuning, implementation of system security, product evaluations, coordination of field service, user training, and implementation of network features, as well as day-to-day user assistance and administration.
      • Provided programming expertise writing system utilities, helping users with difficult software problems, administered the PCSA (now Pathworks) personal computer network as required, and wrote/modified application software as required.
    • DAISY System Administrator, 1986-1987
      • System managed twenty-two networked CAE stations for circuit design and simulation.
      • Solely responsible for user assistance and education, software installation and maintenance, investigation, purchase, and implementation of new hardware and software products, and coordination of any needed paperwork, including negotiation of a sizable maintenance contract.
    • Cooperative Education Student / Intern, 1984-1986
      • Performed miscellaneous jobs in the Computer Services Department.  This included system programming, system management, hardware installation, operational tasks, and documentation.



Master of Science - Computer Science

Illinois Institute of Technology

- GPA: 3.909- Specialization in Artificial Intelligence / Natural Language Processing- Publications: Spitkovsky, J. & Evens, M. (1993). Negative Acknowledgements in Natural Language Tutoring. Proceedings of MAICSS '93, Chesterton, Indiana, April 18-19. 41-45.


Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

Illinois Institute of Technology

- GPA: 3.492, in Major: 3.9