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I am a motivated and passionate Frontend Engineer with a solid background in QA, experienced in developing complex applications and services for over 9 years.

I'm looking for a more challenging role where I can help solve hard problems, strengthen my technical ability and work with a team to build a product that makes a difference in people's lives.


Programming Languages
  • Javascript
    • Client side - Backbone.js
    • Server side - Node using Express
    • Template tools - Handlebars and Mustache
    • Build tools - Grunt, Gulp and Webpack
    • Unit testing - Mocha, Sinon and PhantomJS
    • Experienced with new ES6 features
  • Ruby
    • Extensive experience using Ruby
    • Intermediate knowledge of Rails
    • Authored and released various gems
  • Python
    • Beginners knowledge
    Markup and Formats
    • HTML5, CSS3 and JSON
    • MySQL and PostgreSQL
    Development Processes and Tools
    • Agile Methodologies - Scrum
    • Continuous Integration - Jenkins, CircleCI and TravisCI
    • Cloud Infrastructure - Digitalocean and AWS
    • DRCS - Git
    • Software Development Tool - Jira
    • Automated Testing using Cucumber, Selenium Webdriver and Capybara
    • Manual Functional and Regression Testing


    express-api-kickstarter - A kickstarter Express API project which comes prebuilt with configuration, logging, routes, unit tests and linter.

    selenium-cucumber-ruby-kickstarter - A quick example of how to bring Selenium, Cucumber and Ruby together to automate a Google Search.

    bwapi - A Ruby wrapper for the Brandwatch API.

    Work experience

    Aug 2015Present

    Frontend Engineer

    Brandwatch - San Francisco

    Responsible for the design, implementation and delivery of new features for the Partnerships team. Integrated Salesforce into the Brandwatch Analytics application on both the client and server side, enabling clients to authenticate and make data-driven decisions from social media data. Currently working with our German based product team to overhaul query creation, a critical workflow component.

    Jan 2015Jul 2015

    QA Developer

    Brandwatch - San Francisco

    Responsible for functional and regression testing of all new features, including SAML and JWT integrations for 3 of America's largest banks. Implemented test automation coverage to monitor all features for each fortnightly release.  Proactively fixed over 50 bugs within Brandwatch's core product and services between projects.

    Oct 2012Dec 2014

    Test Automation Engineer

    Brandwatch - Brighton, UK

    Created foundations for all automation frameworks used within Brandwatch, including the roll out to all product teams and the subsequent training for all software testers within each team.  Helped increase automation coverage to 60% across the Brandwatch core product and API.

    Sep 2011Sep 2012

    Software Tester

    Brandwatch - Brighton, UK

    Relocated to Brighton to advance my career by working in a startup. Responsible for functional and regression testing of all new features for 6 product teams. Helped build and launch the next major version of the Brandwatch API.

    Apr 2007Aug 2011

    Test Analyst

    Landmark Information Group - Exeter, UK

    Working with the UK's leading supplier of land, property search information, environmental reports and digital mapping provider, tasked with testing their products which included, new reports, internal applications, customer portfolio offers and websites in line with the marketing strategy of Landmark Group Companies.


    Sep 2010Jul 2012

    Certificate in Web Applications Development

    The Open University

    This Certificate in Web Applications Development provides evidence of achievement of the entire application development process, from initial design, through scripting, database use, and system performance monitoring.

    Mar 2008Mar 2008

    Foundation in Software Testing


    Practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing.