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Full stack delivery focused software engineer with 10+ years in industry. Worked in London, UK and Cape Town, South Africa. I have good interpersonal and written skills and am passionate about making software. Customer focused and firm believer in creating high quality solutions by following sound technical and architectural practices. Strong experience in consulting, corporate settings and software houses. Available July 2016.

Work History


C# Technical Team Lead

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Hands on C# Technical team lead responsible for developing and designing multiple full stack applications in a SCRUM team. Dealt with a cross section of the business covering front to back office. Projects ranged from 2 - 5 developers with a maximum of 20 members including business, test and PMO. The team gained a reputation for producing quality products within a challenging high paced environment. I was responsible for hiring the best developers, overseeing quality technical practices, producing terse technical documentation and the coding, design and delivery of core banking products. Some of the more high profile projects.
Deal Tracker ~ Deal stage management platform for banks biggest income generator, structured finance. This tool used C# MVC with service injection through Autofac. The UI was predominantly written using the observer pattern with a large JSON payload stored in browser. We gradually replaced the observer with Angular.js. We used a SQL Server backend with NHIbernate. One of the technically cool things was the shear number of unit tests. This was made possible by using LINQ to construct instructions that were fed into virtual machine style unit tests (TestCaseSource). This was supported using a BDD style test notation. 10000+ unit tests places a massive amount of stress on the CI build process. Through parallel test execution we managed to reduce the overall integration test time from 1 hour to 10 minutes. The team received huge praise from management and the customer and was trumpeted as an example of how to build software.
CIMS ~ The bank commissioned a project to replace their creaking customer management platform. The system was primarily a customer information workflow system of Tariffs, Accounts and General Information. Written using C# MVC, NHIbernate, Sql Server. Much of the data came from the banks Oracle back ends. The idempotent workflows were loaded using a discriminator pattern with a polymorphic class structure to implicitly manage workflows.
CCRS ~ Developed a Compliance Control room system with Personal Account Dealing and Information Wall Management. Used MVP with C#, Sql Server and NHibernate. Fostered a very good relationship with the customer which contributed towards the success of the project. 
SCT, UKFP and BACS Charging ~ Built to capture customer and branch charging information with 3 phase approval process. Submission and Approval of Customer/Branch Charge Details. Single workflow process that can carry different payloads (SCT, UKFP, BACS). Exposure of calculation engine through WCF.
MRMD ~ Built a Market Risk Platform on top of a data warehouse Oracle system. This included kicking off various jobs, management of data and an approval process.


C# Developer in Portfolio Management

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Full stack development and design of a Greenfield Windows Forms multithreaded Risk calculation platform. Worked with two quants and a credit analyst. The platform was driven by the head of Portfolio Management. Consisted of a multi threaded high performance calculation engine, capabilities for searching banks facilities and obligators, running both simulation and actual calculations and integration APIs. A core features being the ability to drill down into the steps of the RWA and RAROC calculations. The platform was successfully delivered and received high praise.


Technical Consultant


Design and development of a technology platform for Health and well-being services provider vielife London to provide more targeted advice through behavior change programs and to enable more flexible interoperability with 3rd party health services applications. Including bespoke rules engine and content authoring tools to generate the required product behavior and personalization. Covering full life-cycle responsibility. Team consisted of around 10 developers working in a SCRUM environment.

20066 months

C# Software Engineer


Developed a pension simulation application in conjunction with Yellow Tail. Took on the reporting and calculation conversion function. Setup Nunit testing, MSI creation and Build Tasks.


C# Software Engineer


Digiata holds every member of their teams to an exceptionally high standard. Worked in an Agile Extreme Programming environment . A Hands on full stack development role. Worked on a number of companies flagship products. Helped build a rule and manual matching cashbook and bank statement system.  Built a client server report configuration and generation plarform.



MSc, Computer Engineering

Graduate School of Ajou University

Research focus around Agile, Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing.

Thesis: A Step-Wise Methodology using Semi-Supervised Topic Modelling to Recommend Contextual Relationships for an Ontology Engineer.

GPA > 4.0

B.Tech, Information Technology

University of South Africa

Honours & Awards

Jan 2015

Best Paper Award

Korea Conference on Software Engineering

Running a SCRUM project within a Document Driven Process.



Scrum Alliance: Scrum Master

Recent Projects

2014/2016 - Graduate School

  • MEAN stack work management application for Samsung's Tizen Operating System
  • Java EJB and Spring MVC payment system and settlement system
  • Knowledge Discovery system using an ontology, C# and R for topic modeling
  • Triaxial Accelerometer algorithm for walking and sleeping using R and kNN
  • Greenfield C# WPF image annotation application (Internship)

2015/2016 - Freelance while at Graduate School

  • Full stack development of content management system, customer facing search, reservation and approval features.
  • Greenfield full stack development of flight search and reservation system. Third party REST services for reservation and flight details.
  • Google analytics and facebook insights integration for a reporting dashboard

PHP, C#, JavaScript, CodeIgniter, Angular.js, REST, JSON, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Doctrine & Entity Framework, Jenkins, R, MEAN, MVC