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Military Service

  • 1995 - 1996: Compulsory service in the Nahal Brigade
  • 1997 - today: Reserve duty in the Ministry of Defence (volunteer since 2015), Population Behaviour Officer
  • Security clearance - Top Secret

Work experience


Founder and Director

UK Toremet Limited

UK Toremet Ltd is a British Charitable Company

  • Management of philanthropic portfolios and Charitable Accounts
  • Facilitation of international philanthropic giving
  • Annual Conference: Amuta21C - Tools, Trends and Opportunities for Amutot in the 21st Century
  • - Blog

Member of City Council (volunteer)

Modiin-Macabbim-Reut City Council
  • Portfolios: Religious Affairs, External Relatons
  • Member of Executive Committee
  • Member of Finance Committee
  • Member of the Committee for the Rights of the Child
  • Deputy Chair of Municipal Arts and Theatre Association
  • Chair of Comptroller Committee, Municipal Community Association

Executive Director

The Israeli Fund for UNICEF (UNICEF Israel)

The presence of UNICEF in a developed country has two roles - the cultivation and management of Israeli investment in the global projects of UNICEF, and lobby and advocacy for the rights of the child in Israel.

  • Overall responsibility for all activity in Israel
  • Staff of 15 (including staff, volunteers, interns, national service, etc)
  • Board relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Resource Development
  • Programmatic implementation
  • Policy promotion and implementation
  • Work with private, public and social sectors
  • PR and marketing

Director of Marketing and Resource Development


Yeladim - The Council for the Child in Placement

Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center


Executive Director

Winnipeg Zionist Initiative
  • Senior Jewish Agency emissary in Western Canada




Mati Jerusalem


Gishur Yisrael

HR Management


Memberships and Associations


Koby Huberman

“Jonny and myself serve on the board of Israel2020, a non profit organization. I am the chairman and Jonny is a board member who deals with all governance issues, control and policy. Jonny is a very solid, methodical and astute manager who has a quick grasp of complexity and is able to offer quick and practical solutions. I enjoy working with him a lot and he provides the organization a sense of stability and focus.”

Joel Solish

“Jonny is a pleasure to work with as a partner, and as Sales and Marketing Manager for EL AL I had a number of occasions to work with him during his tenure in Winnipeg. Always with attention to detail, and a focus on relationship management he is above all else a consummate professional. I would gladly endorse Jonny for any position. He is a stand up individual, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him.”

Arieh Rosenblum

“During the short time I worked with Jonny, I was struck by his passionate and articulate nature. He is a versatile communicator, knowledgable about his area of work and expertise. I highly recommend him.”

Rabbi Eric Lankin

“I was invited by Ma'ayanei HaYeshua Medical Center to review their resource development materials and plans that had been developed by Jonny. Although the campaign is unfolding, I was very impressed by Jonny's organizational skills, his deep and abiding understanding of the fundraising process; and the quality of the collaterals that were developed under his leadership. He is an excellent professional and because of his skills, energy and leadership, I have every confidence that the medical center's campaign will be successful.”

Adam Daum

“Jonny was intstrumental in the advancement of WUJS during the time he spent as its Executive Director. With his extensive background in student-initiated programming, Jonny was able to help guide the leaders of WUJS during one of its strongest times, while also playing a key role in ushering in the American Union of Jewish Students. In addition, Jonny is a brilliant manager and garners the respect and admiration of his co-workers. His approachable and easy-going demeanor make him ideal to have around during high-stress situations. His leadership skills would be an asset to any organization.”

Mika Sullivan

“Jonny is hardworking, fun to work with and above all, committed to the cause he works for. At WUJS he managed to reach that difficult balance of boss and friend, managing everything while creating an enjoyable atmosphere where work was accomplished in good spirits.”