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Notable Projects

Enron Guilt Predictor

  • Python, SKLearn, Pickle, MatPlotLib.
  • Utilised Principle Component Analysis to reduce dimensions from 10 to 3.
  • Employed Random Forests to predict fraudulent employees with a precision of 0.76 and a recall of 0.40.

New York CitiBike Scheme Visualisation

  • Python, Pandas, Numpy, SQL, GitHub.
  • Wrangled and analysed data from 508 locations every minute for 24 hours, totalling 730,000 records.
  • Created interactive data visualisation on New York map using CartoDB.

Modelling the Shape of Galaxies

  • Sourced image data from SDSS API for 12 galaxies before using Fourier Analysis to compute value for their shapes. Collaborative project.

Linking Country GDP and Education Ages

  • Python, Pandas, BeautifulSoup, SQL, MatPlotLib, GitHub.
  • Utilised BeautifulSoup to wrangle data for 93 countries from UN web page.
  • Analysed positive correlation with Linear Regression, getting an R2 of 0.25.


May 2015Present

Data Science, Nanodegree

Sep 2008Jul 2011

B.Sc (Hons) Theoretical Physics - First Class

The University of Nottingham

Relevant modules include Linear Algebra and Computational Statistics. 

Sep 2006Jul 2008

A Levels: Maths, Physics & Chemistry - AAA

Chigwell School


Jan 2015Apr 2015

Team Leader - ICS Entrepreneur, Bangladesh

  • Managed, organised and time managed a team of 10 volunteers to start up a sustainable social enterprise to be run by local villagers.
  • Optimised strategy by selecting new products, reducing start up costs by 35% and minimising direct competition with local manufacturers.
  • Trained 30 local production workers, exceeding the initial target of 12.
  • Led presentations to management and stakeholders biweekly.
Sep 2012Apr 2014

Financial Accountant - Kingston Smith LLP

  • Analysed financial documents of 2-4 clients a month for discrepancies.
  • Communicated findings to clients on a daily basis, offering solutions to accounting  problems and ensuring accounts suitable for publishing.
Oct 2011Jul 2012

Rotation Scheme Internship - Ronacrete Ltd

  • Experienced numerous functions including Finance, Sales & Production.