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About me

Raised in a single-parent home as the oldest of three, I am well versed in the ways of responsibility and self-sacrifice. At first impression I may seem quiet, and even what some would call aloof. However, I can assure you that no one who knows me would describe me as either. In a brand new environment I am initially reserved, preferring to observe and take in the big picture. I am also laid-back, but only in the sense that I usually maintain a pleasant demeanor and that it takes a lot to rattle me.  If there was a TV channel that could accurately describe me it would probably be the DIY (Do It Yourself) Network. I love to manually fix and create things for others and myself. When I left home one of the biggest challenges my mother faced was not having a live-in handyman anymore. I enjoy the fact the people trust me to fix me everything from their ipads to their cars. It has always brought me immense satisfaction to apply my hands to things that are challenging. I draw and paint, cook, play the piano and saxophone, engage in photography, auto-mechanics, and have even been guilty of some crocheting. Almost anything that has to do with hand-eye coordination holds some interest to me.

I've known from a young age that I wanted to pursue surgery. It seemed to make the most sense for me. I love to fix, build, and create. I love caring for people and teaching others. I'm usually able to keep a calm demeanor and make level headed decisions in the midst of chaos. My surgical rotations have only reinforced my desires. Surgery brings me an indescribable satisfaction, because in it I feel the most useful and feel that it is the field of medicine in which I would do the most good. God has ordered my life experiences in such a way that has given me a grit, grind, and resolve making me an ideal candidate for surgical residency.  Of this I am sure and I am willing to do whatever is necessary to prove it.    


Meharry Medical College

Degree of Medicine


Oakwood University

B.S. in Biochemistry with Minor in Mathematics


Here's What I Can Do

why you should give me a shot

1. I work hard.

2. I am humble and easy to work with.

3. I am professional and have excellent bedside manner.

4. I won't be needlessly annoying at two in the morning.

5. I will take time to teach the medical students.

6. I will stick with and successfully complete your program.

Random stats

Years of Research - 8

Publications - 3

Poster Presentations - 3

Oral Presentations - 1

Research Grants - 1

IRB Approvals - 1

Mission Trips - 3

Volunteer Experiences - 19

Teaching Experiences - 8

Leadership Experiences - 20