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Arts Educator, Clown and aspiring super hero of Joy.

I have traveled around the world performing  and sharing circus wherever I may go to inspire smiles and joy.  My only wish is to continue to be a positive inspiration in this world. 

Performance Skills

Physical Comedy







Prop Manipulation

Fire Performance and Instruction


Arts Education


Work experience

Jpeace Love Circus


Arts educator, Performer, Clown, Juggler and Super hero of joy

A world traveling fire circus clown based in The Pacific Northwest USA dedicated to social circus and sharing joy where ever he may be through Circus and fire arts for all ages.

Clowns Without Borders


Social Circus Relief Clown

I have continually volunteered and donated my time towards one of the greatest gifts the world has ever seen. Clowns WIthout Borders. A Non Profit that provides smiles to at risk youth in places of dire need.

Through back stage help, performing, throwing my own fundraiser, I was lucky to have been asked to join a expedition that consisted of 4 clowns whom did 25 shows in 11 days for the Typhoon Hayian devastated Philippines during the holiday season of 2013. We were successful in our mission and I look forward to the next. 

Circus Cascadia

Nov 20102015

Arts Educator and Clown

Teacher and fun facilitator for the Portland, Oregon based Non Profit Circus Cascadia!

Our misson is to help participants of all ages build the skills and confidence necessary to unleash their creative potential thru teaching circus arts!

Afterschool and Summer Camp Circus instructor and Guest star. Teaching, Performing, and helping facilitating the children shows.



Clown and Juggling Flow Arts Instructor

I have been a special guest instructor at many Juggling and Flow Festivals around the Globe. Performing and teaching Clown based prop manipulation as well as Juggling, Dance and Stage Presence to many different age groups. Some recent Festivals include: Humbodlt Juggling Festival, Fire Drums, Madskills Prop Gathering,  Kinetic Fire Gathering, Pacific Fire Gathering and Ignight flow Festival.

Flamebuoyant Productions

Jun 20102015

Clown Fire Performer and Stilt Walker

A Clown, Fire Performer, Stilt walker, Juggler extraordinaire with the finest in circus-style entertainment!

Flamebuyant Productions! Flamebuoyant Productions presents the finest in circus-style entertainment suitable for any size group or venue. Founded in 2005 from a need to play with fire, walk on stilts, fly through the air and share the love of movement arts. Flamebuoyant Productions presents innovative, exciting performances that thrill and engage audiences of all ages. Whether on stage at your favorite venue or in your backyard for a special occasion.

Oregon Zoo, String Cheese Hornings Hideout, Nike, Southeast Alaska State Fair...

Oregon Fire Conclave


Leader and Choreographer

Leader, coordinator and performer  for a 50+ fire performance troop based in Oregon, USA

Pacific Fire Gathering


Workshop Coordinator

Coordinate and create a working circus arts workshop schedule for a 3 day festival highlighting local and international talent in a wide range of circus skills. Using spreadsheets, social media,  and team networking, Pacific Fire Gathering has a groundwork for workshops and has grown into a popular Northwest flow and circus retreat.

Circus Luminescence

May 20132015

Clown Juggler

Clown Juggler and Club Passer at Circus Luminescence! A collaborative ensamble project using Circus Arts and Juggling as a medium to shine! This innovative troupe specializes in LED Glow, Black-light, Fire and Daytime Circus Shows for all ages! An ultraviolet universe of infinite imagination!

Motion Magic


Circus Arts Educator

After school and summer kids camp circus arts educator. Leading workshops in clown and many other forms of circus fun. Performed in shows as well as choreographed acts for the children to perform.

Super Geek League


Big Event Specialty Performer

A high end Fire and Stilts performer for Seattle Area mega events such as Freaknight, Paradiso.  Professional grade costumed performance for big stage production circus shows.

References, Photos and More Information available upon request.

Education and Training


Dell Arte International School Of Physical Theatre

A Physically and emotionally demanding  theatre school that trains the actor, creator, poet in Commedia Dell arte, Dance, Melodrama, Clown and Physicality.


Workshops and Further Education

I have continued my training since graduating form Dell arte by researching, training and growing my skills. Attending intention based Juggling,  Circus and Flow festivals,  as well as taking numerous workshops from talented artists such as:

Angel Ocasio

Sarah Liane Foster

Micheal Oneil

Kevin Brookings

as well as many more.

Additional Skills Revelant to Position Offered

I have also worked service industry jobs as well as worked in Retail and Construction. Customer service is a strong point and I am familiar with handling fast paced work environments in the public's eye with great communication skills as well as able to listen effectively.  Some of my experience includes: Line Cook, Bar Back, Server, Hotel Supervisor, Sales, Tour Guide, Specialty Store Clerk, Warehouse Packager, and even a Mall Security Guard. I have management skills and know how to learn on the go all the while helping create a positive team based environment. I take pride in everything that I do and aim to do it well!

~References available upon request~