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Published Books

Published Books, Client List Show, Gallery History

Jan 1985Present
Julie Ann Stricklin Graphic Design / Illustration / Fine Art

The resume of a creative is a little different from other resumes. It is not as important for me to list "what I can do" as it is to see "what I have created". I like my work to speak for itself. I am listing my published book list, Client list as well as Show and gallery list. Please Google my name to see affiliations, news and events. No project is too small or too large for me to discuss. Let me know what you have in mind. The resume of a creative is a little different from other resumes. It is not as important for me to list “what I can do” as it is to see “what I have created”. I like my work to speak for itself. I am listing my published book list, client list as well as show and gallery list.Please Google my name, Julie Ann Stricklin to see affiliations, news and events.

No project is too small or too large.   Let me know what you have in mind.

Illustrator/Graphic Designer


Published WorkNational and International:

2014 True tails from the Dog park, Dog ear Publishing,

ISBN 978-1-4575-3268-9

2013-Dustin C. Sutton, Natalie Goes To Grandmas, *self published

ISBN  978-1-62847-606-4 2013

Esther Zufelt, Tell Me Your Truth,Tate Publishing,

ISBN 978-1-62902-107-2

2012-Erin Fox, A Butterfly’s Dream, Trafford Publishing,

ISBN 978-1-46692-064-4

2011-Gordon Ettie, Power Plug-In,Hard Cover & Kindle,

ISBN 9781618427229

2010-Frank Iszak,“Free For all – To Freedom”, San Diego, CA

ISBN 978-176414641-8 2010

Passionate Soul, San Diego, CA

ISBN 978-1-4276-4826-6

Passionate Soul, 2010-Margitsa Valaskantjis, San Diego, CA

ISBN 978-0-557-83068-8 2010

Managing Your Medication,WA. DC Metro Transit BookletCorp/Gvt

2009-The Grocery Store Diet, Edita Kaye

Tots To Teens, A Parent Guide to Virtual Worlds, The Wave Group E-Book2009-

A Home for Tater Jill Fager, Carbondale, Il ISBN2008

'How to Change Your Life By Sitting On Your Butt’, Steve Ring


 El Nuevo Herald, Miami, author-Mucha2006-Livshälsa Nr 2/2006, Huvudlöss-understanding discussion, råd om vård, Linda Ring, Katrineholm2006

International Broadband Library,MCR Group, long run ads 20072006-

San Diego Magazine, Dr. Sardo, Jan. issue, 20072006

Creating Wealth through Real Estate, Creative Solutions Express,


Communications Technology, Nov 2006 MCR Group2006

The Mysterious Missing Pixie Pond, Trafford Publishing


Madison Square Press Latest Graphic PublicationShow Casing: Bon CaCa Spice Package Design, Blue Marble Logo and package Design, Coffee Logo2002-

YOUTH CONNECT, Grades K-2 Journal2002-YOUTH CONNECT Teachers Curriculum2000

Those Ooey Gooey Winky Blinky but…Invisible Pink Eye Germs – Red Leaf press ISBN-1-884834-89-20002

All New American, LogosMadison Square PressShow casing: Defender Films Logo, Environmental Perspectives Logo,American Family Film Foundation logo


Those Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Not So Nice Lice,Red Leaf Press


The Newest Logos from California, Madison Square Press


Those Icky, Sticky, Smelly Cavity Causing but invisible Germs,Red Leaf Press


Down Turtle Trail, Teach the Children Publishing


LONDON CALLING, Media and Travel Publications


Julie Ann StricklinAuthor Judith Anne Rice Those Ooey Gooey Winky Blinky but...Invisible Pinkeye Germs Book Illustrations by Julie Ann StricklinAuthor David Lawrence Parker Book Cover Design By Julie Ann StricklinAuthor- Gordon Ettie A Butterfly's Dream-Written by Erin Fox Illustrated by Julie Ann Stricklin

Book Cover By Julie Ann StricklinAuthor- Frank Iszak- AMAZING book!....Movie treatment /script just book recorded in Vegas..Frank is working hard to get his story out there! Book Illustration/Production by Julie Ann Stricklin Author-Steve Ring

Recent Freelance Graphic Project and Client List

-Zhivi Saxon, Leading By Example, Charlotte, NC

-Mitchell Naftel, Nova Scope, Alpharetta,GA

-Harry & Patty McDean, Del Mar, CA

-Linda Bergen, Encinitas,CA

-Amanda St.Clair, American Expat Tax Services, Singapore

- Dustin C. Sutton, La Jolla , CA

-Dream Walls, Dan Donoghue, San Diego, CA

-ALRIGHT! TV, Tracey Edmonds,  Los Angeles, CA

-Len & Eileen Herman-Custom Cartoon Life Map-La Jolla, CA

·Defending SportsLand, Chuck Hellman, Palm Deseret, CA

·CASA DE LUZ, Catherine Faller, Solana beach, CA

·The Veg Headz, Scotty Gertler, Monroe TWP, NJ

· SHEAR FASHION, Rochel Dingman,  Sacramento,CA

· Alright TV, Tracey Edmonds, Los Angeles, CA

· SportsLand, Chuck Hellman,Palm Desert CA

· Fit Kids 4 Life, Ria Benton, El Cajon, CA

· Cool Kids Entertainment, Michael MCQuarn, Los Angeles, CA

· MobilePhoto Booth, Francisco Chairez , Carlsbad, CA

· Full Moon Poets Society, Danny Salzhandler, Encinitas,CA

· Secure Wireless, Scott Matlock, Carlsbad,CA

· EXCLAIM Inc.,Noel VanEynde, Palatine, Il

· SAVE-A-LOT food stores, Cleo Ball | Director ,Earth City, MO

· Frank Iszak, San Diego, CA, Silver Age Yoga

· David Fowler, Carlsbad, CA

· Parrot, April Adcock, Solana Beach, CA

·WA. DC Metro Transit Booklet, Managing Your Medication, Transit Authority·Prisma Advantage,Pro-Lift, Dallas TX

·Margitsa Valaskantjis, San Diego, CA, Passionate Soul

·IMPAK, Mt. Olive, Brentwood, TN

·JBREW,LLC, Sayville, NY·SHELVING INC. Auburn Hills, MI


·, Gig Harbor, WA

·Wicked Goodies, San Diego, CA

· Pioneer Wireline, Broussard, LA

·, Mike Callie,Las Vegas,NV

·From The Pew Publication-Ralph Benware, San Diego, CA


· Daniel Velasco, Landscaping & Sprinkler Co., San Diego, CA

·Top Line Uniforms, Indianapolis, Indiana

· Passion Driven, Charlotte, NC·The Wave Group, Chicago, Il

·Health wise Strategies, Austin, TX

·Nordic Touch, Del Mar, CA

·M. Publications, Dallas Texas

·Olivio Landscaping, Encinitas, CA

·Liquid Brands, Inc. San Diego, CA

·Del Mar Dentistry Center, Dr. Roksar Eizadi,Del Mar, CA

·Steve Ring, Century 21, La Jolla, CA

·Karen Kripilani, Photography, Encinitas, CA

·Alex Musser, Actor, Del Mar, CA & New York,NY

·Scripps Community Health, Terry Newman, Encinitas, CA

·Dolphin Bay Fund Raising, Bonnie Beeson, Tulsa, OK

·Resist Apparel, Bonnie Beeson, Tulsa, OK

·Shelley Waite, How’s My Kid Driving, Anchorage, AK

·Wayne Dixon, Great Idea LLC, Chapel Hill, NC

·Peter Doyle, MMC Productions, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC

·Spellbinders, Peoria, AZ

·The Part Time Bride, Kimberly Albano, Hills Borough, NJ

·Maya Roseman, Panorama City, CA·Deb Tarkington, Clayton, NC

·VetWorkers, Inc, Pembroke Pines, FL

·Chalmers, Collins, Alwell Inc., Lafayette, LA

·Home Network Depot, Pembroke Pines, Fla·Wabisabe, Solana Beach, CA ·Horizon Phoenix Group, Tim Duggins, Montreal, Canada

·Total Airport Services, Harry Hoge, CT

·Citizens to Protect the Ranch (CPR),Dick Chandler, Rancho Santa fe

·Planet Zone, LaShone Williams, San Leandro, CA

·Jørgen Holst-Rasmussen-Senior Clerk fuldmægtig, Fredensborg Public Library, Jernbanegade 3,1

. sal, 3480 Fredensborg, Denmark·LivsHälsa, Linda Ring- råd om vård-Nr 2/06, page 36, Sweden

·Lofts of Novi, Katherine Demetre, Novi,MI

·Drilling Fluids TechnologyInc., Booker, TX, Mustang, OK

·Hydro Foam, Terry Fagan, PERKINS, OK

·Radiant Health Care, Willamena Gale, Solana Beach, CA

·Woodward Place of Birmingham, MI

·Mandala Spa, Encinitas ,CA

·Richard Chandler, CPR, Rancho Santa fe, CA

·Chemical Marketing Company, Inc. Mustang, OK

·Agelé Organic Cosmetic, Oakland, CA

·Jugs N Jiggers, Refugio, Texas

·David Lawrence, Author, Sherman Oaks, CA·MCR Group, Inc. Manufacturing Component Resource, Sunrise Fla.

·Plaster and Wald, Mustang, OK

·Jim Sherman, Creative Solutions Express, San Diego, CA·

Pam Knight, PLH and Associates ,Inc., Irvine, CA

·T & S Duggins, A Couple on the Go, Toronto, Ontario, CAN

·Sarah Ohara Designs, Pacific Beach, CA

·Pam Knight, PLH and Associates ,Inc., Irvine, CA

·Sound Imaging Inc, Sorrento Valley, CA·Dr. Sardo, Center for Beauty, La Jolla, CA

·Nani TM, San Leodro, CA

·Chia TM, San Leodro, CA

·Intercede Consulting Firm, San Francisco, CA

·Damian Woody (NFL) ‘Woody’s Kids’,Macomb, MI

·The Lomatones, Point Loma, CA

·Designer Fitness Solutions Inc., Miami, Fla

·QLN/Quantum Learning Network, Oceanside, CA

·Get to Give, San Diego, CA

·InternationalCosmos Films, MX City

·Computerized Machining Concepts, New Iberia, LA

·Red Lizard Creative, San Diego, CA·US Postal Service, San Diego, CA

·Dingman Printing Company, Marina Del Rey, CA

·Lily Productions,NorthLake, Wisconsin

·The Printing Agency, Inc., La Mesa, CA

·JCDecauxNA, Kenmore, WA·Suki Saks, Albuquerque, New Mexico·Mortgage Options Financial, Inc., San Diego, CA

·The Film Making Co., Solana Beach, CA

·Big Trees Inc. Snohomish, WA

·Ross Watkins Fine Art Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

·Coast To Coast Plastic Fabrication, Stanton, CA

·Circus Remedy, Polson Montana·Balloon Cuts, Encinitas, CA

·The B Team, Culver City, CA·NMay Art, La Costa, CA

·Global Custom Machine Manufacturing, Inc, Stanton, CA

·Hi-Way Haven, Leucadia, CA 92014

·SWAND/C Plastic Fabrication, Inc., Stanton, CA

·The Rosemary A. Hockney Foundation, Macomb, MI2014

·Unique Brushes, Baltimore, Maryland

·Royal Security Solutions, Broussard, LA

·Copy Net, New Iberia, LA·Winters Edge, Ft Wayne In

·Gorilla Grip, San Clemente CA·Cyber Brew, Mission Valley, CA


Julie Ann StricklinExhibitions / Galleries / Shops

2015 ArtBeat on Main Street, Vista, CA

2015 First Street Gallery , Encinitas ,CA

2015 Pangaea Outpost, Del Mar, CA

2015 Arts Alive Banner Program

2014 Arts Alive Banner Program

2013 Arts Alive Banner Program,

101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2012 Arts Alive Banner Program,

101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2011 The "My Best Friend" Portrait Juried Art Exhibit, Encinitas, CA

2011 Arts Alive Banner Program, 101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2010 Arts Alive Banner Program, 101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2009 Arts Alive Banner Program, 101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2008 Arts Alive Banner Program, 101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2007 Arts Alive Banner Program, 101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2006 Arts Alive Banner Program, 101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2005 Arts Alive Banner Program, 101 Artist Colony,Encinitas Main Street Association

2005 August, Sept, Dec- Oysters and Chocolate, Denver, Colorado

2005 Dec.- Artist Colony 101 Christmas Show,Encinitas,CA

2005 Nov. FreeForm ‘The Look Good Naked’ Opening, Pacific Beach CA

2005 October - 101 Artist Colony ‘Catch the Colony’ show - Encinitas, CA 2005September Hansen / Machado Surf Classic, Cardiff by the Sea

2005 June 1st Annual Petite Pleasures of the Palate, Encinitas,CA

2005May-Free Form Fitness & Café, Pacific Beach, CA

2005DEMA Down town Encinitas Merchants association-

Arts Alive 2004November

 Ross Watkins Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2004November- Grounded-Encinitas, CA

2004 Nov.-Dec-Les Petit Tableaux-

Synergy Arts Foundation, Solana Beach, CA

2004 October-E Street Café Gallery-Pacific Coast Art, Encinitas, CA

2004 September-Hansen / Machado Surf Classic, Cardiff by the Sea

2004 August- Bird Rock Gallery, La Jolla, CA Grand Opening

2004 August- Nofufi Gallery-Lions &Tigers & Bears Exhibition

2004 August- La Costa Resort and Spa-Art in the Plaza

2004 July- La Costa Resort and Spa Artist Invitation Show Plaza

2004 July- Hi-Way Haven- Star Pond Series-Leucadia, CA

2004 July - August Lions,Tigers and Bears Show, Nofufi, Solana Beach, CA

2004 July 23 - Wild Bogs and Leaping Frogs -Quail Gardens Encinitas, CA

2004 June - July-La Costa Resort and Spa Artist Invitation Show Plaza

2004 July - MoJoe Café-La Jolla, CA

2004 July - Off Track Gallery-Small Image Show

2004 July - Grand Opening, Jaffe Arts Center, Norfolk, VA

2004 June - La Costa Resort and Spa Artist Invitaion show in Plaza

2004 April - July Del Mar Fair Exhibition of Art Class 4 Oil

2004 April - American Association Of ZooKeepers Silent Auction,15thBowling forRhinos

2004 April - July- Nofufi Gallery, Solana Beach, Garden Show

2004 May - Off Track Gallery- Study-Pacific Patriot2004 April - Nmay Gallery Exhibition, Taste of Leucadia, Leucadia, CA

2004 April - American Association of Zookeepers Charity AuctionWine Steals, Hillcrest, CA

2004 March - Off Track Gallery, Leucadia, CA2004 - Embellishments, Leucadia, CA (Art products stocked)

2003 -NOFUFI GALLERY Figure show, Encinitas, CA

2002 - Burlingame’s 32nd Annual Art in the Park

2002 -Art in The Redwoods, Gualala, CAJudges Choice Awardfor ‘Victorian Girl’ Giclee

2002 - Earth Song, Del Mar, CA

2000 - Nicolas, Del Mar (art plaques)1997 - Envirogentle, Encinitas (Children’s books)

1996 - Esmeralda Books and Coffee- (children’s books)

1990 - Playboy Playmate Video - art rented for set design

1989 - Allegro - Hollywood, CA (One woman show)

1989 - Revolver - Hollywood, CA (One woman show)

1989 - Biachina - Hollywood, CA (One woman show)

1988 - 1989 12 Washington - Marina Del Rey, CA (One woman show)

1981 - Texas State Finals - Lettered in Art

1980 - Longview Museum of Art 

Illustrator/Graphic Designer



High School

PineTree High School

I transferred from La Canada, CA school district to East Texas school district. I am still friends with my La Canada class mates, so I did not want to ignore my time in La Canada!! GO TROJANS!! J

Digital Graphics Certificate

Jan 19971997
The Advertising Arts College

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