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Work History

Sep 2013Present

General IT and Programming Services

Technical Assistence and Consulting

Over the years I have put my experience in technology to work directly by operating independently and providing IT services on a contract basis for individuals and small businesses; including teaching basic computing skills at a free or reduced rate at senior living establishments. 

I have had success operating as an independent contractor through word of mouth between clients of many years, internet marketing, offering free technical training to the elderly and even simple cold contacts of people in new housing developments offering security reviews. In this way I have been able to work on IT projects and learn to use technologies outside what I may have experienced in a typical role.

By far the largest portion of my work in this area is providing simple tech support and troubleshooting. This is generally accomplished over the phone or by using a VNC connection to the user such that I can show them how I am fixing whatever issue they may have, if the work can not be solved over the phone I visit them personally. The second most common contract I receive is the installation of small office computing and network hardware - building the workstations myself if possible, then maintaining a working support relationship with the customer down the road. Custom web development, and simple site design to establish a web presence, especially for tradespeople is a less common, but significant portion of my independent work. 

I've worked as the primary IT services agent for WattsanWater going on four years. They are an electrical engineering services group focusing on hydroelectric power and water distribution services for many water districts throughout the world.

While I enjoy this type of work ultimately I am seeking more stable, consistent, and challenging work. 

2015Aug 2016

Assembler P3


Worked on the Trima Accel production flow for TerumoBCT in an advanced cGMP medical assembly environment.

This work was challenging and rewarding: the product produced in any given role has to be absolutely perfect, this is a device that will be used to keep someone alive and there is simply no room for mistakes. While I thrived in the fast-paced, quality-focused environment the extremely limited possibility of vertical assent within the company ultimately left me seeking work elsewhere.  

Dec 2010Aug 2013

Software Developer and IT Support

Performance Software Solutions

Worked as a .NET developer for a custom software development consultancy. 

Primary focus was on a custom application for a federal government organization. The development objective was to provide a Windows application that allowed employees and contractors from different states within the department to quickly access, manipulate and update data from a central MSSQL database. A second objective was the creation of software for mobile devices to allow for employees in the field to enter new information easily - this was eventually implemented using Windows Mobile devices replacing an earlier custom embedded system unit with an ARM processor.

The need for constant availability and the sheer volume of data being carried into the new application required an amount of compute power that would be uneconomical to maintain after the initial migration, so another approach was needed. Ultimately this led us to use a cloud based deployment for the application, providing me with experience deploying enterprise software to systems such as Amazon Web Services and to a lesser degree Microsoft Azure.

Development was conducted using Visual Studio and Microsoft's source control solution. I have experience programming in C# (or really any .NET language), C++, Ruby, and Python. 

Web development was completed using ASP.NET in C#.

Left the company following completion of that project.

Aug 2009Sep 2010

Network Administration - Testing

Sun Microsystems

Worked primarily in the data center at Sun Microsystems in Broomfield configuring networks to match those of common and large customer networks in order to test software patches for all types of Sun hardware, software and new products.

Because tests required specific metrics, when a project was delivered to our team we would recreate the specified test environment in the data center. This required knowledge of all commonly used operating systems (and lesser ones like Solaris), server software stacks, working knowledge of network, transport and link layer communications, server and workstation hardware and virtualization technologies.

In particular, skills I was able to hone while working at Sun include:

Operating and configuring thin client based networks for security and ease of deployment.
Managing work tasks though the use of a ticketing system and communicating effectively through email and text chat to solve problems without having to make a physical trip.
Administration of networks, servers, and data storage solutions utilizing multiple protocols such as Ethernet (copper or fiber), Fiber Channel (copper or fiber), Infiniband and wireless solutions.
Use of penetration testing tools and techniques for profiling networks from remote, local and physical vectors efficiently with automated tools in addition to conventional methodologies.
Software testing and quality assurance, especially in virtual environments.
Large scale data storage utilizing enterprise tape storage devices, especially those of StorageTek.

May 2008Sep 2008

Analytical Chemist and Lab Tech

Hazen Research
Returned to my prior position during summer break to assist with a particularly heavy sample volume.

May 2006Sep 2007

Analytical Chemist and Lab Tech

Hazen Research

Performed a wide variety of analyses on samples received by our lab as well as researching and testing the viability of new analytical methods for the analysis of atypical samples. Similarly, I participated in the R&D of new projects at their earliest stages, conducting bench-top scale tests and reporting the findings to the managing engineers. 

Primary duties involved the reception and cataloging of samples, then generating reports of the analytical findings requested.
During my time there I became expertly proficient with typical analytical laboratory  procedures, safety protocols (also given a 30 hour OSHA Outreach training through the company) and the following devices and methods.


Sep 2007May 2009


Colorado University Boulder
Aug 2005May 2006


Colorado University Boulder