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Jerry Zebor CSP (Ret.)

HSEQ Professional


Thank you for taking the time to visit my Curriculum Vitae website. Please review summary examples of  work in the panel to the right. Selected Letters of Recognition, Recommendation and Technical Presentations are referenced immediately below. A printable Curriculum Vitae in PDF format is available. Please visit for more information.

I am a seasoned, board certified professional with a broad background in both domestic and international environments. Experience in the Offshore Marine, Manufacturing, Construction, Service, Energy and Insurance and medical industries. Experience in safety engineering, industrial hygiene, quality assurance (ISO) and risk management. I have worked active combat zones and with third country nationals, as well as domestically with a broad range of client companies as a Risk Consultant and HSEQ professional.

I specialize in professional safety and environmental practice with a focus on the Behavior and People Based accident prevention models. Expert level HSEQ System Management skills. Emergency Management, Crisis Management, Hazardous Material Management, Vocational Training and Risk Management. I am an expert user with all major software and ISNetworld, OQVerify, VeriForce, PICS, and PEC.

Work experience

Mar 2007May 2016

HSEQ Director

Aqueos Corporation

Managed all aspects of a complex Behavior Based Health, Safety and Environment System for an offshore oilfield commercial diving company. Included comprehensive regulatory and client compliance processes, skill competency training, recordkeeping, proposal support, client interface and digital HSEQ Information Management Systems implementation. Managed personnel with operations on West Coast and Gulf of Mexico. Significant reduction in incident rate resulting in increased market share. Provided organizational leadership to obtain ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certifications. Sustained exceptional safety performance with many recognition awards. Including OSHA SHARP, ESH One of America's Safest Companies award, Louisiana Work Safe designation, National Safety Council Louisiana Chapter Award of Honor and finalist for National Safety Council's Green Cross Award in Safety Excellence. Effectively managed the HSEQ budget,  interfaced with auditors and client reps. Process Improvement Champion that developed many expense avoidance and cost reduction initiatives resulting in significant savings.

Jun 2005Mar 2007

HSE Officer, Instructor

Divers Institute of Technology

Manage organization's Safety and Environmental responsibilities. Write curriculum and develop external training proposal documents. Instruct Surface Air and Mixed Gas Commercial Diving with a specialty in Diving in Contaminated Environments (HAZWOPER) and Non Destructive Testing methods Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonics, Dye Penetrant and Visual Inspection techniques

Jan 2005Jul 2005

HSE Manager

Halliburton KBR

Manage Health, Safety and Environmental risk. This included Paramedic Clinics, Hazardous Waste Facilities and Vector Control functions in support of five military controlled Forward Operating Bases in Northern Iraq combat zone. Managed 12 personnel. Convoy Combat Medic responsibilities. Develop training, education and process development of various topics involving military, civilians, and third world nationals in multi lingual modalities. Designed and delivered a theater-wide Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) Handbook for KBR and subcontract personnel. Recognized by base Commander for Mass Casualty exercise design and execution.

Sep 2000Feb 2005

Vice President Risk Control

Sedgwick CMS

Manage national risk/loss control consultant team servicing Fortune 100 client companies in support of workers compensation and all-risk control. Manage 5 personnel. Consult, develop and deliver training programs. Responsible for $1.5M revenue stream. Recognized for several significant first ever contributions.

Mar 1990Sep 2000

ESH Manager

Johnson Controls, Inc.

I worked at 3 projects with JCI

Microsoft Corporation                                                                                             1997 -2000 

HSE and Emergency Manager (Outsourced to JCI)Managed Microsoft Corp. worldwide Safety, Hazardous Material Management and Emergency Response assets. Managed all HSE and Emergency Response related aspects of Redmond Campus and satellite operations worldwide.

Key Accomplishments:

·Designed and delivered a successful all risk Emergency Response Plan

·Designed and executed effective disaster response exercises

·Designed and implemented a compliant Hazardous Waste Management System

·Functioned as Emergency Manager during Y2K

Bangor USN Submarine Base                                                                              1992 – 1997 

ESH ManagerManaged a comprehensive ESH system, including Occupational Medical Clinic at US Naval Submarine Base Bangor with 1200 employees. I managed over 300 hazardous material waste streams, and the Industrial Waste Water Pre-Treatment Plant. I held a Secret Clearance.

Key Accomplishments:

·Obtained OSHA VPP Status for JCI, which was first in state

·Reduced Incident Rate by 30%

·Designed and implemented a self-instructional Safety Representative training course

·Successfully interfaced with various collective bargaining units and military client

USAKA Kwajalien Atoll, Marshall Islands                                                              1990 -1992

Sr. Safety Engineer I functioned as Community and Range Safety Engineer, Special Response Team Medic and Explosives Safety Officer. Supported ERIS Project. Secret Clearance.

Key Accomplishments:

·Completed a comprehensive evaluation report on workers compensation expenses

·Developed and trained a Special Response Team

Jan 1975Mar 1992



Inland, offshore and floating hull commercial diving in CA, OR, WA, and LA.

Heavy Salvage

Inspection, inlcuding Hull Surveys

Cable Lay

Pipeline Identification

PIie Removal

Propeller Removal

Publications and Papers

HSE Handbook for Supervisors - 2009

Aqueos Technical Reference Guide

Rationale for Using 24 Hour Exposure Base - Offshore Manhours OSHA Reporting - 2009

Aqueos Internal Reference White Paper

Comparative Analysis of Surface HAZWOPER to Diving in Contaminated Environments - 2006

Jerry Zebor's blog

Diving in Contaminated Environments - 2006

Divers Institute of Technology; Commercial Diving Text Book Chapter

Risk Management Through System Safety Practice - 1987

Client Resource; SAIF Corporation

Dynamic Safety Survey Technique- 1986

Client Resource; SAIF Corporation

The Tragedy of the Allatar - 1979

Skin Diver Magazine; I Learned Diving from That


My professional interest remains with developing methodologies that support growing a safety positive culture leveraging  the synergy of Compliance Based, Behavior Based and People Based safety management systems and developing Predictive Accident Prevention tools using leading indicators.

Personally, my current passion is hobby machining. But I temper this passion with meditation practice and reading books. I enjoy  playing musical instruments, but they are more of a credit to me then the other way around. I collect and make art in various mediums, including art knives, digital 3D modeling and traditional media.

Endorsements and Presentations

I have been a Board Certified Safety professional since 1991. An active member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and Association of Contingency Planners.


Line Supervisor Education


Root Cause Analysis 2010


Continuous Process Improvement. I have much experience developing solid procedures, policies and plans.


Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management need to be realistic, exercised and built into the fabric of the organization to be optimum.


Training and skill competency support incident prevention.


System Management is Process Management


Apr 1992Jun 1993

Bachelor of Science Degree

Southern Illinois University
Apr 1990Jan 1991

Associates Degree

University of Maryland


General Skills

Relationship, interpersonal and team building skills Microsoft products, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Visio, Publisher, SharePoint Presentation Skills including  written processes, unsupported oral or PowerPoint supported public speaking Consulting Skills both internal and external, including national multi-site Fortune 100 companies Project Planning and Implementation Skills, including Strategic Planning Budget Management Skills - Consistently within +/- 5%  predicted expense. Managed $1.5M Contract Administration Skills - Implemented several HSEQ information management systems - Providing leadership to obtain ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certifications - Trained Internal Auditor 14001 - Manage offshore emergency events - Provide expert testimony - Know how to support marketing and contract success General Business Skills- Managed several small businesses. Understand structure and strategy Human Resources Skills - Trained in what to do, and what not to do Commercial Diving Skills - 19 years experience inland and offshore diving Certified  Dive Helmet Inspector Skills - Certified on KBM and Gorsky dive helmets I have worked Line Supervisor, Manager, Director and Vice President positions  

Emergency Management
Severe Weather Response Planning Offshore Emergency Action Planning Crisis Management Planning Contingency Planning Disaster Preparedness Hazardous Material Emergency Response - Incidental Spill - Trainer and Responder Hazardous Material Emergency Response - First Responder Operational Hazardous Material Emergency Response - Incident Command Systems Hazardous Material Emergency Response - Disaster Hazardous Material Wilderness Search and Rescue Rescue and Recovery Diving ATC-20 Post Earthquake Building Evaluation ATC-21 Rapid Visual Screening Damage Assessment Low Angel High Angel Technical Rescue Disaster Exercise Design Airport Crash Fire Rescue
Hazardous Material Re-Utilization and Re-Cycling Strategies Hazardous Material Substitution Strategies Hazardous Waste Site Supervisor Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Transportation Regulatory Environmental Compliance, including California Statutes HAZWOPER Instructor - Diving in Contaminated Environments Indoor Air Quality Evaluation and Biological Monitoring including Mold Remediation Anderson Sampler Octave Band Analyzer Noise Dosimeter Sound Level Meter Acoustic Engineering Startegies Electro Magnetic and Electrical Field (EMF) Evaluation and Strategic Mitagation  Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Development and Implementation, Including California Air Quality Pollution Control Regulatory Compliance, including Washington and California Radiation Safety - Ionizing and non-ionizing, including NDT Radiography and other Gamma Energy Sources Ammo C-25-OS Explosives Safety including Special Munitions Initiator Control, US Army AHERA Project Designer  Refrigerant Management Theromlumindescent  Dosimeter (TLD)  RM-3 Ratemeter E-14ON Ratemeter AN/PSR-56 Ratemeter MK 15 Model O Otto Fuel Vapor Detector
Safety and Accident Prevention
HSE Management System Development, Implementation and Sustainment  Behavior and People Based Safety Program Design, Development, Implementation and Sustainment Complex Training Management System Design, Development, Implementation and Sustainment Strategic Planning and Initiative Implementation Tactical Solution Design and Implementation Cross Functional Relationship Team Building Policy, Standard, Procedure, Process and Guideline Development and Implementation   Risk Management, including Workers Comp (LSHW, Jones Act, DBA, State Fund) and all lines   Loss Control Consultant and Client Services Management   Regulatory Compliance Protection and Audit Assurance Strategies Advanced Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Biological Index Monitoring and Medical Surveillance Management Process Safety Management Physical Asset Security Plan Development, Implementationn and Sustainment Accident Investigation Methods and Techniques, including various Root Cause Analysis models Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Countermeasures, including HAZWOPER Management Oversight Risk Tree Analysis Team Leader Ziller-Miller Management Skills Course Facilitator McGraw-Hill Fundamental Skills of Managing People Facilitator


Jul 1990Present

Certificate in Safety Management

American Society of Safety Engineers
Oct 2010Present

Executive Program Safety Management

American Society of Safety Engineers
Dec 1991Jan 2017

Certified Safety Professional

Board of Certified Safety Professionals