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I'm a translator and proofreader with almost 10 years of experience of working with international and regional clients across different sectors, including the broadcast, media, public relations, medical and IT industries, to name a few. Coming from a literary and artistic background, I've always believed that effective translation is less about rigid structure and literal rendering, and more about the organic flow of words, conveying a desired message in the unique syntax and cadence of the chosen language. This brand of translation ensures that the translated text preserves the essence of the original material in terms of meaning and feel, while being linguistically sound and easy to understand.

I consider translation as part of my creative endeavors as a prognostic writer, improvising painter and wood sculptor. Not only am I passionate about it, but I also happen to be speedy, punctual and focused on the quality of my deliverables.

Work experience


Freelance Translator

I've been working since 2008 with several regional translation
services agencies and media production companies that deal
with specialized TV channels (National Geographic Abu Dhabi -
Aljazeera Documentary - Aljazeera Children - MBC Group), in
addition to hundreds of freelance jobs translating technical,
industrial, medical and other types of manuals and materials.

Recurrent Clients:

  • Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders Organization – Dubai, UAE (reports and healthcare-related materials)
  • Tania Production Company – Beirut, Lebanon (Translating and molding documentaries and drama series for dubbing in both formal and colloquial dialects)
  • Ar Riham Production Company – Beirut, Lebanon (Documentaries where each episode is between 7,000-9,000 words, with topics covering physics, math, space and science, among others)
  • AGP Europe GmbH – Bochum, Germany (bullet-proof glass manuals) 
  • Bidaya Corporate Communications – Amman, Jordan (press releases, corporate literature, marketing collateral, and other PR-related content)


  • The Department of Translation: Worked almost in all domains of translation, especially documentaries, drama series and cinema movies from English to Arabic and vice versa.
  • The Department of News: Worked as the main translator in the Division of News Supervision, where I translated news bulletins, political interviews and newspaper articles.


  • News Supervision Department: Translated news bulletins from Reuters and Associated Press.
  • The Department of Foreign Media: Translated political and cultural programs and interviews.