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  • A go-getter Program Manager that anticipates employer needs without being asked that can develop, implement, and manage staffing and recruitment plus job sustainability for person(s) with disabilities in Washington, D.C.
  • Adaptability, action-driven and resourcefulness are just some of my strengths.

Work experience

Employment Specialist & Job Coach Manager

RCM of Washington
Aug 2013Present
  • Provides customized employment plans, placement and on-going supports for jobseekers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Administers and handles intakes, background checks, and person-centered employment plans. 
  • Markets employment services to potential vendors, businesses and investors. 
  • Point person of monthly, quarterly and annual reports to both Department of Disability, RSA and DDA Vocational Counselors. 
  • Conducts workforce development by analyzing employment trends in the district and forecasted business growth by industry. 
  • Part-takes in DSP's, ISP's and PCEP meetings if work related goals have been identified. 
  • Evaluates contracts and billing authorizations for supported employment services while administering or terminating contracts referrals.
  • Provides job coaching support when job coaches are unavailable.
  • Directed technical expertise by training job coaches and new employment specialists joining the team.
  • Maintains professional distance between myself and job coach’s.
  • Sets clear expectations for job coaches when reporting and direct service reports, which I gather for quarterly reporting and annual billing.
  • Resolves human conflicts when situations and/or miscommunication occurs between job coaches and program participants.
  • Provides direction to job coaches when questions or duties need clarification of job site visits, employment services provided and the overall department/ program protocol.
  • Monitors job coaches providing services to recently hired jobseekers.
  • Collects data when making and supporting decisions.
  • Executes job development strategies and recruitment while performing motivational interviewing .
  • Achieves program goals such as job sustainability outcomes through delegating duties and responsibilities of job coaches.
  • In process of starting a Mentorship Program for the department. 


Maryland Transit Administration
May 2013Aug 2013
  • Researched and investigated compliance accidents in the four divisions of Maryland Transit Administration.
  • Conducted and documented workplace investigations by observing collected evidential support secured from buses, trains, and facilities.
  • Provided memorandums informing worker eligibility requested by claim adjusters.
  • Maintained and tracked claim material for top-level executives involving operational function within the division.
  • Assisted the Director when performing in-house division audits and compliance checks.

Community Integration Specialist

Mosaic Community Services - Chesapeake COnnections
Aug 2010Apr 2013
  • Started and managed a volunteer program named the Helping Hands of Chesapeake Connections. 
  • Coordinated personalized outreach techniques to ensure that all program participants received information regarding inclusive community volunteer opportunities in the surrounding community.
  • Recruited and provided motivational supports and encouragement for those individuals who tended to isolate themselves.
  • Created, planned and executed program fundraisers for the department. 
  • Managed and provided monthly reports to the Program Director regarding psychosocial functioning and achievement measures of all program clients.
  • Participated in staff and community meetings, the day-to-day operations of the worksite, and the general operations of the program.
  • Collected, monitored and tracked data of program participants and their community integration plan goals.
  • Lead the continuous quality improvement committee which consisted of nine associates who met monthly in the collaboration of 


Masters of Public Administration

University of Baltimore University

Bachelor of Arts

Adelphi University
Sep 2005Jun 2009